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  1. that is true ... I couldn't fly my first revolution kite until 3rd day (approximate 15 hours battle) ... once I got it flying and stay in the air ... WHOOOOOOT HOOOOOOT !!!! few days later and able to do this ... (laughing) then someone told me that vertical rods suppose to be on the back side of the kite ... I switched it ... ahhh ... much better ... (laughing) ...
  2. DeafThunder

    Custom build

    UNBELIEVABLE !!! ... the vertical section ... is it double fabric sleeve where you put a rod inside of that sleeve ? I was thinking of 40+ mph ... do you mind to show us the video of it (flying) ?
  3. DeafThunder

    Custom build

    I had to zoomed in big time ... g-thong kite ?, because it looks like there is no mesh on it, correct ? (laughing) ... what is the wind speed to fly that one ?
  4. 4m or smaller power kite in 14 mph is not strong enough to pick up 185 lbs human being, but it may dragging you like a ragging doll Published on Nov 15, 2015 Just jumping around until "DIVE" jump (I wasn't pay attention) ... whoops ... (laughing) Wind Speed : 14 mph (W) Gust Speed : 21 mph (W) Max Wind Speed 18 mph (NNW)
  5. this bold line ... (bolded) **500 lb. test only for light wind that is quite strong single line for 6 mph wind ... that's all.
  6. funny thing is that i noticed ... look at the spelling of each color ... how many letters does each color have ... that is the size of the kite (not always) but close enough the green one is probably 5m ... 5 letters blue & green is probably 4.5m ... will you let me know if that is correct ? if the kite is thin (narrow) ... it's more for racing kite and speed kite (quick steering) if the kite is fat ... it's traction kite (slower steering) what about CobraKites.com ?
  7. DANG ... the bold line ... just for a light wind ? ... dang !!! Killip Foil Kite 90 - Rainbow Orbit Item: 12791 Size W x L: 102 in. x 126 in. / 8 ft. 6 in. x 10 ft. 6 in. / 2.6 m. x 3.2 m.> Tail W x L: 97 in. x 984 in. / 8 ft. 1 in. x 82 ft. / 2.46 m. x 25 m. Wind range: 6* to 20 mph Recommended line: 500** to 1,250 lb test *6 mph only with no tail and light line **500 lb. test only for light wind
  8. first question is ... what is your average wind speed of where you flying your kite ? I understand that you looking into kite boarding on the water, instead of inland, correct ? Well, this is my inland power kiting experience and what I know ... I weight just a tad more than you, 46.5 years old here and profound deaf (hard of hearing) ... Just started flying quad lines in March 2015 I believe that 4 lines 2 handles is much safer than doing 4 lines into 3 lines control/turbo bar, because if you panic and not knowing how to control it ... then you will more likely to pull the bar
  9. (From 2'46'') ... it's very different ... I am hard of hearing and I can hear it, but not like hearing people can hear it clearly ... ... it sounds like warning siren or war battle trumpet/flute
  10. got a video of what it sounds like ?
  11. at first, all the way back like a bridge ? ... nope ... it's vertical antenna or something ... GREAT picture !!! I just found out after reading some posts ... it's stack of FLUTES !!!
  12. before that "dogstaking" ... I know what dogstaking is ... read the comments before "Yes! dog staking!" & "is this a riddle ?" ...then finally someone yelled, "Yes! dog staking!" ... so I asked ... ok, ok, ok ... let me rephrase it ... was that a riddle ? it won't be if you switch the handles
  13. line snagged behind the endcap ?
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