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  1. 13 hours ago, Mikelp3586 said:

    Enjoy man it's all a learning process! You'll suck at first then it becomes addicting to where all you'll think about is bigger kites all day!

    that is true ... I couldn't fly my first revolution kite until 3rd day (approximate 15 hours battle) ... once I got it flying and stay in the air ... WHOOOOOOT HOOOOOOT !!!!


    few days later and able to do this ... (laughing) then someone told me that vertical rods suppose to be on the back side of the kite ... I switched it ... ahhh ... much better ... (laughing) ... :ani_wallbash:


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  2. 4m or smaller power kite in 14 mph is not strong enough to pick up 185 lbs human being, but it may dragging you like a ragging doll 

    Published on Nov 15, 2015

    Just jumping around until "DIVE" jump (I wasn't pay attention) ... whoops ... (laughing)

    Wind Speed : 14 mph (W)
    Gust Speed : 21 mph (W)
    Max Wind Speed 18 mph (NNW) 



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  3. 4 hours ago, Ritlee said:

    wait wait, what's the difference between the Red/Grey 4m Peter Lynn and the Lime Green? I'm assuming model years and due to availability the lime green one is the newest... but performance wise is there a noticeable difference?


    funny thing is that i noticed ... look at the spelling of each color ... how many letters does each color have ... that is the size of the kite (not always) but close enough

    the green one is probably 5m ... 5 letters

    blue & green is probably 4.5m ... will you let me know if that is correct ?

    if the kite is thin (narrow) ... it's more for racing kite and speed kite (quick steering)

    if the kite is fat ... it's traction kite (slower steering)

    what about CobraKites.com ?


  4. 9 hours ago, GammoRay said:

    I have a Tony Killip 90 (Premier) that is a great showpiece and a monster lifter! I've had it a year and I am thrilled— it pulls like a truck and is as stable as a rock! Image1467313292.274957.jpg

    DANG ... the bold line ... just for a light wind ? ... dang !!!

    Killip Foil Kite 90 - Rainbow Orbit

    Item: 12791

    Size W x L: 102 in. x 126 in. / 8 ft. 6 in. x 10 ft. 6 in. / 2.6 m. x 3.2 m.>
    Tail W x L: 97 in. x 984 in. / 8 ft. 1 in. x 82 ft. / 2.46 m. x 25 m.
    Wind range: 6* to 20 mph
    Recommended line: 500** to 1,250 lb test

    *6 mph only with no tail and light line
    **500 lb. test only for light wind

  5. first question is ... what is your average wind speed of where you flying your kite ?

    I understand that you looking into kite boarding on the water, instead of inland, correct ?

    Well, this is my inland power kiting experience and what I know ... I weight just a tad more than you, 46.5 years old here and profound deaf (hard of hearing) ... Just started flying quad lines in March 2015

    I believe that 4 lines 2 handles is much safer than doing 4 lines into 3 lines control/turbo bar, because if you panic and not knowing how to control it ... then you will more likely to pull the bar down harder to hold on tightly which will pull you harder or get lifted ... but it may never happens on 2m, but 5m for first timer ? You can decide and put safety first.

    My Uncle's close friend bought 7.2m with control/turbo bar for the first time ... just starting off ... kite is going crazy and he tried to hold on by pulling the bar and hurt his back badly. 

    oZone 3m, 4 lines, 2 handles is what I started off and turned out too easy after in couple months and I can control that kite up to 24 mph wind which I did tested it myself to see if I can control my kite ... it was very rough, really rough (laughing)

    I fly several quad lines kite inland and ride a couple of homemade buggy (wooden style & bike style)

    For the last 6 month or so ... I got Rhombus 7.2m, 4 lines, 2 handles and it's amazing at 6 mph light wind while standing/pulling, but at 12 mph is very easy to jump and riding a buggy at 12 - 17 mph is like flying 3m power kite because the buggy is in motion.

    Flying 7.2m on 114 feet lines will have much more pulling (kinda like g-force) than on 75 feet lines ...

    I helped my other Uncle to get his first power kite, Flexifoil 3.5m (quad lines, 2 handles) is very awesome at 10 mph, but it will pull board/buggy better at 12 mph or more.

    what RobBkevmort & Mikelp3586 said is very good to start off with ... I believe you can start of at 3m, maybe not 5m in a high wind like 12 mph for that size, it's very strong if you are not riding on board or buggy ... but you can always ask someone who has one and see if you can handling it good before you buy the kite the one you looking for.

    the best lesson is learn how to control the power kite which is your BRAKES ... learn how to use BRAKES a lot like a good habit and don't let the kite control you ... then you will know what to do next when the kite have gone crazy 

    at last, safety first ... then may the fun begins ... wish you the best.

  6. 10 hours ago, SparkieRob said:

    Dogstaking is where the kite lines are run around or through something so you face into the wind to fly. Usually the kite is in front of you.

    Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app

    before that "dogstaking" ... I know what dogstaking is ... read the comments before "Yes! dog staking!" & "is this a riddle ?" ...then finally someone yelled, "Yes! dog staking!" ... so I asked ... ok, ok, ok ... let me rephrase it ... was that a riddle ?

    1 hour ago, makatakam said:

    . . . . and from this point of view will be spinning counterclockwise.

    it won't be if you switch the handles


  7. On 6/20/2016 at 3:48 PM, John Barresi said:

    The Rev is a flat platform, it would have to be *obviously* uneven during sail manufacturing to create such an issue, or possibly a mid-tied bridle... All good troubleshooting starts with squaring off the lines, clearing the bridle loops, making sure bridle is evenly ties and matches others (1.5 bridle are all same spec)... Also maybe try folding the sail in half to make sure the wings are symmetrical. ;)

    this troubleshooting is what I made my Rev 1 to love me more ... 

    Before troubleshooting begins, Rev 1 hate me and I was about to throw it to eBay, because I can not steer/control Rev 1 for at least a month and I had it on "for sale" in here for few days then "BAM" found out that the bridle was the major problem ... I thought that factory settings (normally) should be ready to fly as normal ... those troubleshooting made my Rev 1 to love me with its own heart and I love Rev 1, too, more ... no longer for sale :)

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  8. when in doubt flying any kites at 20+ mph wind ... replace rev rods with steel pipes in it :ani_punk:

    I guaranteed you won't break those rods ... and maybe you won't get it off the ground, too. :blink:

    (laughing) sorry that I had to let my sarcastic steam out


  9. 15 hours ago, Exult said:

    Sorry, no intention of being difficult. I merely wanted to state that the lift from a helium filled carbon fibre tube is not enough to lift a standard dual line kite and also show why I think so. The latter part is just a brief speculation on what a helium filled sail kite's properties could be and also how such a kite could be implemented.

    (laughing) ... it was ... umm ... quite deep ... (laughing) ... it's all good ... it will takes time for me to absorb those information ... I do get the idea, though.

    14 hours ago, Exult said:

    Two suggestions for handling this:
    1. Seal the seams with some rubber like goo (as little as possible not to increase mass).
    2. Inside the double sail use a thin plastic film (like the reflective type in toy-balloons) as a wing shaped balloon for containing the gas. This would relax the requirements on the sail as well.

    or get a hotdog balloon ... tuck the balloon tube into the sleeve ... blow it up with helium ... it might stretch the seam/hem/stitch :)

  10. 14 hours ago, Wayne Dowler said:

    Looking closer at the pix - you have effectively made your handles about an inch longer using those screws/connectors.  Try moving your bottom lines closer to the handle and try the top lines as far out as you can go. Try launching - no go, let the bottoms out OR the tops in, but not both at once. You should find a happy place sooner or later.


    I saw you tried another leader combo and were going to cut down the handles - Nice!!

    it's still the same handles ... only shorter ... hence, I modified it again ... there is no "another"

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  11. 20 minutes ago, Wayne Dowler said:

    Snag the cap? Never did that in many years of using the modified handles! Plus many of us fly with our thumbs either behind the top or on top of the handle and the vinyl acts as a cushion!

    I am referring to the bottom cap ... thumb cap is ok :)


    p.s. ... left over bubble gum doesn't help ? :P

  12. there are some suggestions & few questions ...

    ... hopefully all of these are very useful ideas and quick references


    The only thing to watch for with tubes is to make sure it doesn't roll, ie, square off a corner.


    allow you to place the tube ON TOP of existing luggage in the overhead - zero impact to fellow passengers and crew.


    a light weight PVC tube with end caps. 36"L x 4" with end caps.


    might want to read your airline's travel rules before you fly.


    Big kites go in a compression sack


    Rods are pulled out of the Revs and put into a fly rod case ... that becomes the "personal" item that's carried on the plane.


    bubble wrap for extra padding.


    All of the above is airline "legal" so, with a printout of the airline rules, you'll receive no hassle at boarding. The rolled up Rev size bag is technically too big for carry on status. Thus, you'll be stopped once in awhile and asked to gate check ... or be charged as a second bag.


    water pipe insulation


     the bag i use now is an old beach chair bag but it holds 20 revs nicely.. will that work as a carry on??? 


    plastic tube inside with a chair bag as carry-on


    use a strong telescopic architectural document/artist/plans drawing tube available from most good art shops

  13. There are links about TSA and kites etc ... but extremely outdated ...

    ... 9/11, ISIS, etc etc has increased the security SO TIGHT ...

    I don't want to lose my kites and have them keep them forever !!! 


    We may be going to Kite Festival and stay in that area for a week at the end of June 2016 ... I can't wait to fly it at the beach.

    ... is all kites & accessories legally safe thru airport to airport in the USA in the year of Spring/Summer 2016 ?

    Kites, Handles, Strings & Sleeves should be ok ? ... but no tools (like scissor, stakes. lighter etc are probably will be taken away at airport, will leave those at home)

    What if they say "no carbon fiber rods" on the aircraft ?

    I thought about using PVC, but it will definitely raise the heat, because it may looks like a "Airplane 2: The Sequel (7/10) Movie CLIP - Not A Buh, A Bomb (1982)"

    I like the clear tube better than solid tube as a carry-on bag ... so, it won't looks like a Buh ...


    Is it much better and much safer to mailing those kites to hotel and send it back home for lesser price (not breaking the rods and signature) ?

    What do I need to know about flying kites at the beach ? ... I don't want to break the rules

    I would like to know the "whole nine yards" about all those ... Thanks.

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