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  1. 10 hours ago, Reved said:

    It was blowing about 10-15 mph.

    UNBELIEVABLE !!! ... the vertical section ... is it double fabric sleeve where you put a rod inside of that sleeve ?

    I was thinking of 40+ mph ... do you mind to show us the video of it (flying) ?

  2. it's a wheel barrow handles with some treated wood and some pine wood ... I could use it as a lounge chair :)

    the 2nd attempt $20 wooden kite buggy ... the tiny wheels in the back that you can actually slide it (by accident), but it's a very rough riding ... which is why I upgraded it into bigger wheel with traction threads and lower center gravity comfortable seat ... it works great !!!


    p.s. oh, no !!! not the asphalt, if you thinking that way :P 

  3. I just tried them today ... guess what I did try to snag it alot ... not once got snagged ...

    ... SUCCEED and quite impressed with it !!! 

    Now I understand what you saying about handles are too long or somewhat imbalance pulling ... I will cut the handles like it used to be ... Thanks !!!

  4. When I saw this view while my father flying the Rhombus Anum 7.2m ... so beautiful ... I got to take a picture immediately ... 8th shot is perfect

    :) and now my mother, my aunt/uncle and my father wants that picture, so I sent them to their phone :) 

    We had a good time flying kites as a family this afternoon.

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