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    Want a REV!
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    Montevideo - José Ignacio
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    New on kite flying. Have a dual stunt and a little Prism parafoil. Would like to buy a quad kite.
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  1. Folks!! I am so exited! Last Friday I talked to Lolly from Rev and I believe will receive my first brand new 1.5 next week!!! I can describe with english words what I am feeling !! A very good friend of mine is in NYC and will bring it to me... I am in Montevideo URUGUAY. bs rgds!! and Happy Sunday to all of you
  2. Welcome to the forums CACOUY, please send me a PM if you have any questions and please consider supporting our website as an official subscriber by signing up at http://join.kitelife.com - thanks! :)

  3. My name is Carlos (aka CACO) and I am 46 y/o from Montevideo UY .. I am new in this kite world! Last year I bought one dual line stunt kite and a stowaway parafoil and I have a lot of fun flying them. I usually fly in Punta del Este and José ignacio beaches, average winds 10knots Now I want to upgrade to a quad Rev! Pls feel free to give me tips or suggestions. best regards to all caco
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