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  1. Welcome to the fam!!! I actually just moved up to Orange County so I don't think I can make it 😕 But Lolly from revolution will be there and you gotta meet her and the rev fam, they are awesome. Cass and Carol pitman are also amazing people and well connected in the kite industry and they usually demo that event. No matter what, you will have an awesome time with your family flying, watching and maybe even making some kites. Also the San Diego kite club meets the second Saturday of each month at tecolote shore in mission bay. That is also a great time to connect with others and get more time in the air. Great place to bring your family. Hope this was some help, hope to fly with you soon!!
  2. The only rev I got is fading away, keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!!
  3. Would really love to add this to my flock!
  4. Busted the same spar the same way on the same day. Luckily I had my backups.
  5. a horrible 75 degree December Blessed to call this place my homelove the reflection on this pic.
  6. Definitely going to test this out, thanks!!
  7. Hey everyone!! Finally getting the opportunity to sit down and say hi, sorry for the late response. My name is Andy Cato, from San Diego and I am very excited to be a part of the family. Already I have had a blast soaking up all the great reads and wisdom kite life has to offer. So thank you!!!!! Along with my obvious love for flying, I love my friends and family. I have a daughter who is a year and a half old and she's already flying her rev. From rev's to my team hawaiin, i love em all. Excited to glean and contribute all that I can to this family. If you're ever in San Diego, make sure to contact me and I will make it your best trip ever!! Thanks again John and the crew for all you guys do, you inspire and encourage more than you know!! Blessings, Andy
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