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  1. I want to build a foil that looks and flies like the mini mock foil, but bigger. Maybe around 80 square feet. I know the mock foil has more cells and bigger, but can the mini mock plan be scaled beyond the mock foil? Do the keel or rib profile change per the size? Does anyone have any experience in this or have done this before? Thanks!
  2. I received 5 yards of the 1/3 oz. polyester fabric from OSK to make a Genki. I found on the straight grain it doesn't stretch it suddenly fails under stress. On the diagonal bias, it stretches significantly IMHO. About the same force applied to both scraps in the picture. Unfortunately I can't compare against Icarex, but this was pretty good effort to break it or stretch it this significantly. But I think this shows pretty well over time it will stretch on the diagonal. For my use it was great, however on a quad line, I think it could stretch.
  3. Gomberg offers 45 foot long fully hemmed "Skywriter Tails". I'm not sure how wide they are but it's worth a shot. 16 bucks each in all colors.
  4. Oh yeah... That's the stuff. Nice video editing Brett.
  5. Looks great! The appliqué is really unique, I like it!
  6. I sure do love my diamonds, and it's always nice to have some spares. Sure would enjoy some KL merch too...
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