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  1. Hello everyone, Your community is one of the kindest... I was today at the closed airport of Berlin where I live. The airport was used by the nazis. Then closed in 2008 and reopened in 2010 on the day of the 60th anniversary of the capitulation of the 3rd Reich. It's now a beautiful odd looking park aka closed airports. (+ a refugee camp is in 3 hangars since a few months) Still some pieces of airplanes hanging here and there you can all imagine that it's a heaven for kites appreciators. it's in the city center, it's wide and flat. As makatakam advised me I tried to fly a kite I was like the refugees kids with their diamond kites : not really good at flying but still having a hell of a good time. Nice that a lady chimed in. I was thinking of making a kite. might check your blog. Link ? I like knowing that every week a kite related gang is hanging out. never apologise for being long-winded ! @John Barresi I checked your website ! First of all congratulations on your first child ! and congratulations on making your passion your full-time vocation. I realised through this thread, through the forum in general and through my today's experience that this community has a true sense of community. Today lots of smiles, applauses and thumbs up were exchanged. Now i understand that it has nothing to do with this human will of flying. It has to do with feeling united somehow. lots of you talk about their loved ones or the community, encounters. and this idea that the kites speak to your souls. Today I saw a bird flying on the same spot (they do this rarely). The bird was staring at the kites. He was flying in between them and starting flying WITH them. the flyer started laughing because I was laughing. There was a sense of unity. About the BMW. I live in BMW-country and one day at the lunch break I saw a man eating a sandwich in his bmw and crying alone. BMW doesn't do it all You seem on the right path. Thank you once again all for your replies and your honesty. It was great to research your community and your passion. Wish you the best. Rita
  2. @SHBKF Thank you so much for your sweet reply. I can see the 50's landscape of an american suburb with kites on roofs and phone lines :-) I'm glad you found a cool kite in a clearance store. You're both mentioning souls I understand what you mean by joining the birds, one could go a step further and may be replace birds by the world. The few times I flied a kite, I felt a unity that I personally struggle finding in everyday life. The playmate of the clouds looks amazing ! @Wayne Dowler Wow ! I thank you too for sharing this with me. Do you feel connected to the object when it flies ? Do you feel the movement ? Does your wife still fly kites ? I'm happy that you were flying kites before your stroke because it seems it gave you a good reason to challenge your physical limitations. How does it feel to fly indoor ? Not being out there in the sky ? /// Do you know that the talibans banned kiting in Afghanistan ? In Afghanistan, they don't play football or any spot, they fly kites on the holy day of Friday and flying a kite became somehow political and dangerous. Do you all feel a sense of a community ? Rita
  3. Hello everyone, My name is Rita and I'm studying anthropology. I'm writing a paper on technics and I picked kiting. I don't want to bother your community on this forum but would be extremely thankful if some of you could tell me why you started flying, how did you come to it at the first place and what does it mean to you now ? I find this utterly beautiful that humans persist kiting for centuries. Do you all link flying a kite with flying ? Thank you for your time and good flights Rita
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