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  1. Hi, Another option (as an alternative to branded kites) is to order from a builder an open source kite. I can recommend the Vortex UL that is my favorite UL and SUL (as of today 😁) - see pic attached
  2. In fast winds the Widow NG is noisy. The noise is caused by the sail's vibrations. This is one of the ways to slow down stumt kites in order to allow the pilot better control and easier tricking. I had one (and loved it) but I can not remember if the leech line's tension can be adjusted in order to reduce the noise. I hope this helps 🙃
  3. View Advert Mohawk STD An extremely fun kite to fly and to trick with ☺️ The kite is in a great condition. Frame: LE – Skyshark P200 / P300 US – carbon 5mm LS – Skyshark 5PT Spine – Skyshark P200 Roll bars – carbon 3mm Tail Weight – brass rod 20g Shipping - 15 USD Advertiser szobelda Date 08/20/2019 Price $185.00 Category Kites (Dual Line) Brand Model mohawk

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    An extremely fun kite to fly and to trick with ☺️ The kite is in a great condition. Frame: LE – Skyshark P200 / P300 US – carbon 5mm LS – Skyshark 5PT Spine – Skyshark P200 Roll bars – carbon 3mm Tail Weight – brass rod 20g Shipping - 15 USD


    - IL

  5. To my view most of the tension force is bring absorbed by the dacron/spinnaker leading edge and not by icarex parts of the sail that are more sensitive. When stored for a long time I release the tensioner line and separate the LE parts (ULE from LLE). For shorter periods I do not. Also note that all hand made high end kite sleeves are long - allowing you to fold it w/o separating the LE. Another important point to my view is that sails do not last for ever anyways..... no point in trying to force it, an old sail with long air time (i.e someone had a great time with it 😉) will eventually deform 🙃
  6. Dear cjay, The widow NG is a kite with good slack line trick abilities. the noise in high speeds is normal for this kite (a way to lower the kite's speed in order to better preform the tricks). Same goes to the different behavior at the external parts of the wind window - the sail is designed to generate less pressure (pull) in order to make tricking easier, therefore it might feel less responsive/forgiving at the window edges. This is also very typical to stunts with tricking abilities. I hope this helps, Daniel
  7. the T15 weight is 15g. at the "kites and fun things" website you can find the skyshark equivalent
  8. A good way to avoid the ferrule from moving is to glue it with epoxy glue (not superglue) that will fill the gaps between the inter diameter of the tube and the ferrule. For C-rings I use superglue. I actually cut rings from old end caps and make my own thin and elegant c-rings. I use an end cap that has a smaller diameter than the tube for extra hold. I made my own bridles and I never use the 3-4 knots bridle angle adjustment system. I always take a STD, a UL and a SUL so I can cover a large wind speed range. I hope this helps 🙂
  9. Hi, 1. If it is an adjustable bridle check the setup and locate the upper out-haul loop around the middle knot. 2. In general check the bridle measurements, it sounds like something is off there. you can contact Primier's customer service. Daniel
  10. szobelda

    Time of year

    The key element is having enough wind for the kite that you want to fly. For as long as the weather allow it and you can stand outdoors you can fly kite 365 days per year 😍 (some people even fly indoors w/o wind).
  11. Adding to Lisa I will just say that weight and length are both factors of the kite, wind speed and especially personal preferences. It is all about experiencing it by yourself. There is no one ""current"" set of lines. Most advanced kites are sold w/o lines or straps. I normally fly 25m lines for UL and STD kites and 20m lines for my SUL. As to weight ~50 kg for the UL and STD and 25 kg for the SUL. I buy LazerPro or Climax protec lines only.
  12. From my limited experience SULs are fragile and quite hard to trick without too much experience. Typically those are not the best kites to start with and learn new tricks. Slack is granted but generating enough momentum comes with a lot of practice I would go with a wide range UL/LW and after sometime start thinking about an SUL look at the swap markets - you can find excellent high-end ULs in your price range. Daniel
  13. szobelda

    Ah ha moment.

    Congratulations 😃
  14. so...just relax, it gets very easy once you get it and the SilverFox is a great kite to have. I hope that the pictures below help: Daniel
  15. Vortex 107%. Will fly and trick outdoors with almost no wind. Big kite [emoji171] Sent from my SM-G935F using KiteLife mobile app
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