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  1. Hi, In my view you can look into to main opposition: 1st option -high-end builders and designers Mugen kites (https://mugenkites.com/), Benson kites (http://bensonkites.com/), CKD kites (https://www.canvaskitedesigns.com/), Level one kites and others. 2nd option - Open Source high end kites Choose one of the extremely well designed open source kite (plans that were donated for free use by to top designers). Go to the Karel Oh website for details (https://www.kareloh.com/) You can build by yourself or ask me or other builders to build for you a full kite or just a sail (you can frame it yourself). We all build as a pure hobby and at material cost. If you need more details as to any of the options please feel welcome to PM me. Daniel
  2. Hi Best option is to try and buy a good 2nd hand stunt that will meet your budget. It's very hard to learn how to trick with mass production kites. PM if you want some specific recommendations
  3. You by a widow NG by Prinier. PM me if you want a more specific advice
  4. Congratulations 🙃. Enjoy it 🤩
  5. It was my first stunt. Small, hard to do tricks with but very light and will stay in the air when a lot of other SULs will not. I think that I might still have my old one. PM if you want me to check. DSz
  6. HQ stratus can.do.the work
  7. You are welcome. Randy's tutorials are fantastic.
  8. For the second yoyo you can just do a 2 pop yoyo.
  9. You should check the specs of your frame and then normally you can order the needed carbon tube/rod from a variety of kite stores
  10. Normally people use super ultra ligh(SUL), ultra light (UL) and standard (STD) stunts outdoors, depending on the wind speed. In slack line tricking matching the right kite to the wind condition and speed is important, to my view especially when you start learning. Many slack line kite models are available in the SUL / UL / STD versions (built with slightly different materials and frames) Choosing the right model is also critical and it depends on your skill level, personal preferences and external conditions. The best way to choose "the right" kite/s is to try other people's kites 🙂.
  11. What is the relevant wind range speed for you? To my view you should be looking for an SUL or UL. Some good open source or boutique options are out there. The price for a new kite (you can choose the color layout) will be around 220-240 euros. You can look for used ones here and on the fractured axel or on facebook (kites for sale group). A Benson DeepSpace UL can be ideal for you. Easy to fly, very forgiving and has a cool wind range. You can PM for more specific info.
  12. Hi, Another option (as an alternative to branded kites) is to order from a builder an open source kite. I can recommend the Vortex UL that is my favorite UL and SUL (as of today 😁) - see pic attached
  13. In fast winds the Widow NG is noisy. The noise is caused by the sail's vibrations. This is one of the ways to slow down stumt kites in order to allow the pilot better control and easier tricking. I had one (and loved it) but I can not remember if the leech line's tension can be adjusted in order to reduce the noise. I hope this helps 🙃
  14. View Advert Mohawk STD An extremely fun kite to fly and to trick with ☺️ The kite is in a great condition. Frame: LE – Skyshark P200 / P300 US – carbon 5mm LS – Skyshark 5PT Spine – Skyshark P200 Roll bars – carbon 3mm Tail Weight – brass rod 20g Shipping - 15 USD Advertiser szobelda Date 08/20/2019 Price $185.00 Category Kites (Dual Line) Brand Model mohawk
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