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  1. Hi Rob. I can put my fingernail in it and pull the rod in 2 . Goes about 4 inches long. I thought maybe because it goes into the ferrule that would hold it together? Whats the worse thing that could happen? Another question. I live in Vancouver and hard to get parts. Seen how i bought the kite used should i replace all the rods on the kite and use the old ones as back up?
  2. After taking my kite apart after flying today, I noticed there was a split in the rod that attaches to the connecter on the leading edge.As the split goes into the connector ,is it alright to still fly the kite as i wait to get new part? thanks in advance.
  3. the bigp

    First Flight

    Got it. Does moving it that little bit really make much of a difference?
  4. the bigp

    First Flight

    Connect what to the knot?There is two marking high wind and low wind on the bridle.
  5. the bigp

    First Flight

    It is tunable Rob. Just didn't want to fiddle with it. Don't know how.
  6. the bigp

    First Flight

    Just got back . Too much wind one day, not enough today. G ot it up a few times then the wind would stop and it would float back to the ground. Way more time to relax and enjoy when it was up today. could do some figure 8s and little patterns . Way more time to react. Learned how to bring it to the edge of the window and land in position to take off again : ) Yesterday it seemed almost violent. The kite was moving so quick and the sound was like formula one race car whipping by. I thought I was in over my head.Now I know how to set kite up , lay out my lines, launch solo , land to take off again and disassemble kite and wind up my lines. Remember my name. You will be seeing me on the pro circuit in about two years : ) Lots to learn and I look forward to every minute of it.
  7. the bigp

    First Flight

    Thanks Sparkierob. Why when I was flying my kite did it seem like the kite was flying right overhead of me?Wouldn't the wind have pulled the kite away from me?When keeping it in one spot, the lines and kite went straight up from where i stood. Normal?Now I just have to learn how to land the kite softly.
  8. the bigp

    First Flight

    Having got the knot out of my line , I have been trying to get my kite in the air over the last two weeks. Living in Vancouver Canada, with its wet weather i have had no luck.Today the kite gods smiled down on me. Never having flown a kite before , and armed with as much knowledge i could glean from the net, i went to the beach. 25 miles an hour wind. Took the Prism Quantum out of the bag and assembled. Lines rolled out. Nose up . pulled back on lines and up she shot. Holy cow. The pull of the kite scared me and 3 seconds later nose plant. Reset everything, tried to remember what I read and up she went again. I was not prepared for how hard it pulled but loved it. After about 10 minutes I felt in control. Flew the kite for 50 mins and put away. What a blast. Virgin no more. Going tomorrow. Can't wait. The quantum took the crashes like a champ.
  9. Just got back from taking my kite out for first time. Unfortunately there was not enough wind to get it up in the air. Happy to report I was able to get the knot out of the kite. Thanks everyone for all your hints and tips. They worked like a charm. Best thing that happened today? Met a bunch of guys flying all types of kites and was able to get a ton of info and tips. They bent over backwards answering all my questions . A good day.
  10. Resleeve? I can barely tie my own shoes : ) I have a lot of learning to do .Would it be crazy to fly it with the knot in it, or will that just make it harder to get out?
  11. Is there such a thing as a knot that won't come out?
  12. Thanks BrianS . Much appreciated.
  13. I'm as new as you can get. I'm 51 and have never even flown a kite before in my life. Thought i would try kite flying so looked on craigslist for a used kite. Bought a brand new prism nexus still with tags on it. Paid 50 canadian for it. Then 2 days later the Quantum showed up on Craigslist used mint condition. Paid 40 for it. Two kites for 90 dollars and they are both sitting there looking at me : ) It has been raining in Vancouver for the last week , so i'm bitting at the bit to take them out .Fly the Nexus first or the Quantum?
  14. Thanks for the info. New to the kite world. The knot is on the 85 foot line that is on the winder. i m worried that I am fraying the line when i pick at it. It's as tight as can be. Living in Vancouver I have no idea where to get new lines for it. Are lines sold by the pair ? Sorry about all the questions ?
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