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  1. Winner is: @Mike Klaiber
  2. You beat me to it Johnny B! I'll be running the random generator at approximately 8pm MST today
  3. Just a couple more days to get in on this Karma Draw!
  4. Looking at a Brand-new 5- piece, 2-wrap frameset for a Revolution 1.5. This frame has never been installed or flown, in original Rev packaging. 2 Wrap rods are the lightest and most fragile rods for outdoor use. These rods have a similar stiffness to the 3-wrap and 4-wrap rods. These rods are best suited for low wind. 2-wrap rods are identified by their label with 2 feathers, the words “Professional Use ” with an internal diameter of 1/4 inch. Drawing will take place in the evening (Mountain-Standard time) of January 5, 2018. To enter, reply here with "I'm in." Numbers will
  5. So excited! Thank you! Looking forward to see it live - pic looks great. Can't wait to give'er a go on the prairie breezes.
  6. A Level One kite is a terrible thing to waste! I will give it a nice home
  7. Congrats on your win! It sounds like you may have caught the bug already! If you have the cash, the B-Series is a great step in. In my opinion, getting a full sail B meets you where you are at, and will keep you challenged - lots of room to grow into. The B's also come with 2/3wrap or 3/4wrap LE and handles with extended leaders - these are great features and add value to a great kite. The next buy might be a vented or mid vent and then complete the set! I have found that I prefer the B's and that is what I grab first. Mike
  8. Nice looking pics. As a prairie boy I am jealous of you beach flyers and your smooth wind!
  9. Before I had one of Walt's stakes I simply said to my kid "Here, hold this!" Walt's stakes work way better!
  10. Too cool for sure! I might strut a little if I could fly like that!
  11. Amazing wind here in Southern Alberta, Canada today! :)

  12. Hey Stunt Kiteman! Did you ever find your 10ft wingspan stunt Kite? What about HQ's Devil Wing 3.2?
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