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  1. Hey, ATLkiteluvr! Are you talking about the Atlanta World Kite Festival? I'm down in Warner Robins, and my daughter and I have been planning to go to the festival.
  2. Java

    Polyester lines?

    That's a good point, Rob. I'm actually a couple of hours south of Atlanta, and the geography is much flatter down here. We probably don't have much more wind than Atlanta, but I should be able to find a field that has "clearer" wind. As I type this, it's blowing about 10 mph in my yard. I know I can't count on that every day, but the family tries to spend a couple of weeks a year down at the beach, so if all else fails, at least I'll have that. There is apparently a kite club up in Atlanta.They don't seem to have any kind of web-presence, but I'm working on tracking them down. Once I actually have a kite in my hands I'll probably PM CaptnBob.
  3. Java

    Polyester lines?

    To answer a couple of the questions that have come up; Nearly all of the dual line beginners kites in the 5 foot ($40-$75) price range come with "100 lb. low stretch polyester lines". (whatever that means). From my research, there are no kite shops within 4 or 5 hours of Atlanta. The discussion I had was in a chat window on the website of one of our forum sponsors. He said the Nexus was not listed on their site in the beginners category, and that I would be better off starting out with the Jazz, which has polyester lines and is listed in the beginners category on their site. He said the stretchier lines would make the kite more forgiving. It sounds to me like the Nexus is the way to go. It's the one I really liked the looks of in the first place. I appreciate all the responses I've gotten. I realize most of the responders probably haven't flown a kite with the lines that came with it for a really long time. The ones that come with my first will be the only lines I have, so I want to get it right.
  4. Java

    Polyester lines?

    Hyzakite; I'm certain he was telling me that it was the Spectra lines that made the Nexus more responsive, and that it would make a better second kite. I hadn't noticed that the Nexus comes with much shorter line, though. Again, I know nothing, but I assume that would make the kite respond quicker, and make the window much smaller? Am I just over thinking this? Is this a case of "Just buy any of them and get out there?"
  5. Hey, all. I'm shopping for my first 2 line kite. Right now I have to stay with something in the 5' range (Jazz/Nexus/Vision/Osprey/Scout kind of stuff). I was really leaning toward the Nexus, mostly because I think it's prettiest. Someone at a kite shop told me I should wait for a while on the Nexus because the Spectra lines it comes with would make it much more responsive than the others. I am an old dog learning new tricks, so that did make me stop and think. I've not heard anything bad about any of the "big name" kites in this class, so I'm hoping to find a local kite shop that I can support, and buy whichever one they stock. (Atlanta area?) BUT if polyester lines would be easier for me to learn on, that will affect my decision. What do y'all think?
  6. Thanks for the welcome, John! There's not much to tell about me, kite wise. I've always wanted to have a nice kite (or 3) but I've never gotten around to getting started. I've gotten my youngest daughter completely hooked on the little $5-$10 "single use" kites from Wal-Mart, so now is my chance. I joined here to learn as much as I can can, and choose my first 2 line kite, I look forward to spending way too much time here...........
  7. Java


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