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  1. Materdaddy

    Help Identifying Kite

    Well, I have an interesting mix of spars and such, but still no clear way to assemble the kite. I'll do some more counts of the spars, connectors, ferrules, etc. at some point, but there are 4 of each color of sail, so it looks like it should be a 16-cell Sierpinski Tetrahedral kite. Basically four 4-cell tetrahedral sections together.
  2. Materdaddy

    Help Identifying Kite

    Wow, thanks for the detailed reply. I'll try to get some time this weekend to make some stacks of parts and see if I can get something going, take some pictures, etc. based on your help. Thank you! This made me laugh, thanks for that, too! I don't think it's a stack of mini-deltas.
  3. Materdaddy

    Help Identifying Kite

  4. Materdaddy

    Help Identifying Kite

    I purchased a large TRLBY stack a couple years ago, and when visiting the seller's house, he nearly gave this kite to me not knowing what it was. I also didn't know, but was curious so I bought it. I haven't had time to research the kite, but I'm assuming it's some sort of tetrahedral kite based on the shape of the pieces. Does anybody recognize this, have any links that might help me figure out what it is, how to assemble it, value, etc.? Thanks!
  5. Materdaddy

    Karma:choices (3/25/18)

    I'm in!
  6. I'm in!
  7. Materdaddy

    KiteLife and AKA memberships! (4/26/17)

    I'm in!
  8. Materdaddy

    Karma REV QUAD KITE 11/16/2016

    I'm in!
  9. Materdaddy

    Welcome Brettgrant99

    Welcome to KiteLife! Sounds like you have a lot of experience in kiting already. I'm still a newb, but I have a thing for TRLBY kites because of nostalgia. Based on where you've traveled/lived, are you in the tech industry?
  10. Materdaddy

    KARMA Prism Red 4D (10-3-16)

    Congrats @Paramedic!
  11. Materdaddy

    Welcome Immortal

    Welcome to KiteLife! You're from just up the road. I'm pretty much a newbie too! If you ever come to North County SD, hit me up!
  12. Materdaddy

    Kite Festival on Google Earth

    That's awesome! Here's a link for your browser:
  13. Materdaddy

    Welcome captainkite

    Welcome captain!
  14. Materdaddy

    KARMA Prism Red 4D (10-3-16)

    Wow, thanks for a great opportunity! I've bid on a couple of these (and 3Ds) on eBay, but I'm too cheap and I lose.... just like I'll probably lose this drawing, but I'm going to go for it anyways! I'm in!
  15. Materdaddy

    Welcome FluoCampg

    Awesome pictures, welcome to KiteLife!