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  1. Edmond Dragut

    50# short line lengths ?

    Paul give you a good store (http://www.flyingsmileskites.com/wordpress/our-store/) and if you call them they will make any length lines on strength you pick if they not have them already.
  2. Edmond Dragut

    50# short line lengths ?

    you may use 50# lines on 120 if you use 2 wraps frame on 1.5 if the wind is not harder then 4-5 mph ore on B-Pro mid at 7-10 mph. at the first sign of medium pull go back to 90#
  3. Edmond Dragut

    Beginner Expectations

    mi bad, fast reading and not paying attention
  4. Edmond Dragut

    Beginner Expectations

    what means short lines to you ? to cut the frustration start learning on 80- 120 lines and when you do not crash but land give a try to 20-50. on long linea you have more chances to correct and stop a crush especially if the wind is strong 15-20
  5. french bridle and home made vents
  6. Edmond Dragut

    My first Quad and its a Rev

    is normal, input take 120 with some belly to react. you will become use with
  7. Edmond Dragut

    Are the lines still good ?

    what kind of kites you have? all three sets seams to be dual lines IMO for 75-80$ i will throw them and buy new ones especially if you want to start fresh.new lines are much better than any you have
  8. Edmond Dragut

    Pro Kites USA?

    is not 27 yet, give them the time they ask before you worry
  9. Edmond Dragut

    Drop Kick by Elliot

    nah, the frame is the problem. is way to ridgid, is like you fly a piece of plywood. the only "belly" is on the sail by stretch not because the frame is flexing. that is making at the edge of window when the wind is catching the back of kite to flip the outside spare and bowtie. also because the frame is not stay flexed and fast respond (of the frame) to fly leading edge up is making the kite to start vibrate. i will try at one point to use a more flexible leading edge and see if the fly is improving, till then i do not recommend this kite not even like a novelty
  10. Edmond Dragut

    Drop Kick by Elliot

    i made the change with a 1.5 bridle and maked some testes. almost no forward input. lift just on reverse or in really hard wind. guess what? i forgot to add 4 inch extension on the bottom bridle. more testing tomorrow
  11. Edmond Dragut

    Drop Kick by Elliot

    you read my mind, this is what i did today but no different results. i will add end caps and modify a 1.5 bridle because spares are 40 inches and leading edge 80. kite is flying nice in middle of the window when the sail is full loaded but is becoming twitchy on the edges. Rev bridle i hope to keep the sail more "load" especially if is at the ends of the sail not in.
  12. Edmond Dragut

    Drop Kick by Elliot

    i tried Mark, in any leaders setup is doing the same thing at the edge of the window. i think is because of the shape and from the bridle witch is not at the end of the spare, is somvere at 5-6 inches inside of the sail
  13. Edmond Dragut

    Drop Kick by Elliot

    Hello, any advice for adjustments and modifications for this Drop Kick ? is having very bad reverse and at the edge of the window is bowtie no matter what i do. Thank you
  14. Edmond Dragut

    Welcome Andrewinsa

    smaller is faster but also less pull and need a bit more wind to fly.
  15. Edmond Dragut

    First Time Out With Rev

    that Jedi channeling was cool 😎!