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  1. Edmond Dragut

    beach flying and room needed, water question

    when the people approach mi fly zone usually i do some low passes left /right/left to show them what area mi lines are covering. Some will stop and avoid some will not but at least they are aware something is there and they look after. on the same time i avoid them how i show you on previous post
  2. Edmond Dragut

    beach flying and room needed, water question

    best is to have free of people the line length and some more but this is the ideal situation. If people come in the fly zone you have three choices. one is to land the kite far from them, second is to go on opposite wind edge and keep the kite there how long they pass and three is to go straight up and keep the kite there. landing on water is not a problem to almost any modern kites how long you are not landing in to a RIP current. you recover the kite and continue to fly i the wind is good enough. when fly sesion is done do not pack the kite just take out the tension from bungees and home give him a good wash with cold water
  3. Edmond Dragut

    Wind Range??

    T in WI if the question is for John or Wayne the discussion is about Dijnn which have more flexibility of the wind range than Revolution. Any way a REV full vent in how you say "capable hands" may cover some wind range of mid-vent and extra-vent.that capable hands must be readed and i think all will agree like "experienced". Most of us will never have the "capable hands" of John but through experience we do good enough
  4. Edmond Dragut


    Wayne is right ! best tool is you if you have minimal equipment for low winds. what you fly? dual or quads ?
  5. Edmond Dragut

    Wind Range??

    right kite, steady wind and setup is making the difference. have fun !
  6. Edmond Dragut

    Wind Range??

    flyit but consider the risks, stretch will be the worst, breaking spares will be the easy fix
  7. Edmond Dragut

    help buying first kite for me and my son

    try to find a kite club on your area or some fliers close to you. they will let you try theirs kites and on that moment you will have a better idea of what you will want. theoretically we may give you here another year time all kind of informations what you may use or not, technical data about anything you will ask but reality is a lot different when you drive a kite so...go out in the field and try
  8. Edmond Dragut

    help buying first kite for me and my son

    smaller foil require more wind to launch but on the same time less pull on higher winds. take the buying decision depending of the winds on your area. if you have the low in 0-3 mph buy 2.0-2.2 if is 4+ mph 1.5 is good. Where are you located?
  9. Edmond Dragut

    help buying first kite for me and my son

    i am sure are attached and YES is convenient
  10. Edmond Dragut

    help buying first kite for me and my son

    yes you will be the anchor on second set. best to drop a kite is to release a line but if you fly in tandem with your son be sure he is out from the first set of straps. best way to drop a foil is to go at the edge of wind window on left or right and the kite will drop himself the speed difference is not essential on most of foils and your son will learn to adjust to that extra speed.
  11. Edmond Dragut

    help buying first kite for me and my son

    for a 9 year i will start with a small 1.5 and double straps on the lines to give him the liberty to control the kite but the adult from the second set to anchor the kite in case the wind become to powerful. foils are fun but they have a lot of power even at small wingspan . second set of straps may be attached with a 2-3 fits of lines from the first set. how long the connection is made from the towing points of the first one and are equals you are good. tied lines give you the liberty to change the length and strength of the lines at your desire depending of the space you fly and wind speed. is not a good idea to grab the lines and try to control the kite directly from them how long the kite is unpacked and in wind pressure. nasty burns are expected and in some rare cases cuts on the flesh. if a finger is caught in and that line is slack a sudden wind gust may do a real damage
  12. Edmond Dragut

    Hq Symphony Pro vs. Prism Synapse. And130 vs 170

    go at 2.5-3 you will feel the difference in fly quality and wind range
  13. Edmond Dragut

    Bridle Line Material

    100 to 200 # from your old lines depending of the kite. you do not need them to be stiff
  14. Edmond Dragut

    Hq Symphony Pro vs. Prism Synapse. And130 vs 170

    wow, one of the most complete answer i ever see. Good job frob. i will add this, for the parafoil you have you need minimum 4-5 mph wind to fly and you will do that till around 30. with a 2.5-3 kite you will launch in 2-3 mph but because of pull be careful when the wind reach around 10-12. not all the time bigger is better and that depending of you weight and wind speed. at 200 Lbs i have for static fly i never go bigger than 5 on low winds dual or quad
  15. Edmond Dragut

    Handle mods (snagless)

    just enough to not have the leaders direct on handles. 150#