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  1. yes riff is something like that with a twist, for some time a 8 years kid is flying a 1.4 Synapse on the top of the wind window, all good and nice but at one point after a turn is dropping in the power window and on that moment is swiped. I am totally agree with you previous post "COMMON SENS" must to prevail, better to be safe than sorry
  2. maybe this help https://www.chicagokite.com/product-page/high-wind
  3. check this https://www.facebook.com/alfred.leong.94/videos/3423997400943933/ how long the kite is up in the wind window seams to be ok but pay attention at the last seconds of the video when the kite start to come on the power zone
  4. i suggested fist straps not wrist just for safety reasons and same is apply for bar. Let say is releasing the bar in full wind window the safety what is on the bar tided to the wrist will remain connected and for the all space covered by the kite before to collapse the person will be dragged by a single hand. that is not a good option for nobody, you lose your footing being dragged side way, you may sprinkle or worst the wrist, arm, elbow ore humerus. human reflex is not to let go the bar rather to cringe to and if that is happening you are already down. if the kite ordered is having a bar is an easy fix but you will need some extra to buy to make some adaptations. first you will need 2 pairs of straps, second will be a 6-7 fits of line same like the lines of the kite is coming to. now will be easy to take of the bar and mount the straps instead right? good, now make another two equal lines 2-3 fits long for the second pair of straps and connect them to first pair. you see where i am going ? you will have on the lines two right and two left straps, closer to the kite will be the kid and in his back you ore another person who will test and control the pulling by weight, on the same time the kite will be controlled and take of from the kid a lot of frustration what is coming with crashes at the beginning. at any moment you may let your lines slacked and just the kid will have the control and feel the full pull of the kite. on this way both of you will have fun, one learning and the other teaching
  5. if is a link in the post i usually fallow to see the connection
  6. not the driving part is bad trust me, is the wind. the only way to kite boarding on Michigan lake on west shores is to have N-NW ore S-SW winds anything else will not work to come back to shore except if you want to visit Michigan state in to a wet suit. how hard the wind is less important because if you are a serious kite surfer you will have on your quiver probably anything from 20 to 6 M to cover all wind condition but you must to have something more...a licence. some city's require a kite boarding licence
  7. all the kites classified like "trainer" usually are just smaller dimensions and from here smaller pull but that dose mean they are not really bad for a light person. kites are not for "AGE GROUPS" are for WEIGHT and how long that weight is less then half of kite pull really bad things may happen. forget about TRAINING in kites name, find something about pull characteristics and match that to the weight. lines rating will give you an insight of that preferably to learn first to control the kite before to feel the full rage of personally for a 8 years old at around 60 Lbs (26 kg) i will not use ANY kite with bridle and lines rated more than 75 Lbs (35 kg) I meet good kite-surfers at 175-200 lbs and more being pulled and face-plant down by a 3 M Beamer so..... give the kid the pleasure to fly not the pain of being pulled around. may be fun when motor skills and bones will be ready for some 10-15 fits jumps but for that first must to know how to launch and especially how to land and all this means knowledge to control the body and the tool, in this case the kite. start small, really small and progress from there depending of the conditions is my opinion PS i forget to add, also on my opinion, preferably start with straps and keep them on the fists not wrapped around wrist. that will make a safety release more convenient
  8. my knees, if i will started this 10-15 years ago probably now i will have enough experience to lower the pressure on the knees but at 51 to start i find out is not to much time to perfect the fly and position. i was extremely tired after 15-20 minutes making the traveling and preparation time to not wort to be spend
  9. probably nobody overthink to much like you do and just by experience with all kind of kites shapes and models generally recommend 90 Kg lines. For sure also is a safety issue here, better to fly the kite with a ticker line than to lose it in the first gust. Yon may agree the wind speed is different at 50 m then at 100 m. Also is the kite line production on the play witch is having less weight options then the fishing line and the main focus is on anti friction and elongation more then in sock strength . Again is mi opinion not a scientific fact
  10. for a single line kite i think you calculation is a bit off, is no way at the surface you present in to a 24 m/s wind the pressure to be just 4 kg. I may agree with that 4 kg just if the wings are having possibility to flex back allowing the wind to pass without to encounter opposition (something like an geometrical adjustment wing on planes) and may be also correct for launch and cruse position but you may count the hole process in this. at one point your kite will pass troth the power of the wind window trying to stay on the wind direction when the wind is shifting. Math and chemistry are give you the absolute numbers because are suppose to by on ideal conditions My opinion thou
  11. i do not know to much about 2 line but if you want to start quads forget about EXP and go straight to an used 1.5, B or B-Pro. Soon after an EXP you will want more for sure and that will mean another kite so...jump to better ones. You may also want to take a look at at Djinn, Phoenix Freilen
  12. Edmond Dragut

    Covid 19

    from the past 2 months i go every weekend on Busse Woods on Schaumburg and after i launch my new Scintillation on 200' line i have plenty of space around and except some dogs and small kids everybody keep that boundary. i hope soon some of the guys from neighborhoods to show up
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