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  1. what you see is pilot skills, usually fighter kites have an unbalanced bridle make them to have a left right movement. all that crazy fly evolution is pilot input on the line depending where is the kite nose and in what direction pilot what to send him. the main reason for that is to cut other lines or to make other kites to fall on the ground
  2. hello, try this https://intothewind.com/kites/fighter-kites.html
  3. tape and stitches is the best option
  4. turning back to dual is any time possible but starting dual to eventually fly quads is wrong. dual and quad are compatible just because both need wind. Mechanics and fly them are totally different. at dual you use the arm length to turn at quads one of the bottom lines.
  5. bring her to, dark side is deeeeeep !!!!!
  6. 19,45 to 19.52 minutes actually. i was close to bet on Paul LeMasters knowing is his preferred flying spot
  7. agree with Paul LaMasters, Rev 1 and Zen are super in long lines. i made a 200 fits on 40 Lbs just for them and the wind window is huge
  8. i live in Chicago and i do not have any plans for 6-7 July so.. let's meet at the middle, Bloomington Maxwell Park let say and i will pass you some tricks showed to me 3 years ago, thank you makatakam.
  9. really good points exposed already Mojo and Volsk are out of question for a beginner and personal i will add Eliot. you have another cheap option what require a bit of work for you. Buy from EBay a Chinese quad, you will find 3-4 different models, after this buy a Revolution bridle or go beyond that and order a 1.5 French bridle. Chinese quad may come RTF , the handles are good but change the lines. do this and you will have a quad better then EXP really close then 1.5
  10. if i remember correctly they announced the closing of the site on top of every page starting with February or March. is sad to be closed a such great source of information end let's hope people from GWTW will migrate here
  11. i use a 2 wraps and a race set for Rev 1 in low winds.
  12. khsidekick on Iphone PDF is not accepted if you do not have a third party app installed ore downloaded on Ibooks . Try to see the attach on to an Android or PC
  13. Rev 1 will fly really good with a bit of foot work in 2-3 Mph. I enjoy flying Rev 1 in low wind and amaze the audience who do not feel any breeze
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