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  1. Edmond Dragut

    Buying large swivels

    Petzl is word known for cliffhanging gear. nothing from theirs catalog is not rated under 300 LBS not even the head lights. low weight for the gear is also another must be counting on the amount of different "tools" must be carried for a successful climbing
  2. Edmond Dragut

    A beginners laundry rigging set up

    i forget to mention something important. each inflatable will have his own pull so.... kite line must to have the strength for kite plus the laundry pull. almost for sure that is the reason you see it (on your opinion) to big kite lines used by flyers.
  3. Edmond Dragut

    kite line selection

    on 6 by 5 foot at 6-7 mph you have enough pull for all your flags. by testing you will find out witch laundry is working and in what wind will have the best effect.
  4. Edmond Dragut

    A beginners laundry rigging set up

    if the lifter kite is have enough pull you may add more then one laundry
  5. Edmond Dragut

    Buying large swivels

    you do not need swivels, use the Larks head knot
  6. Edmond Dragut

    kite line selection

    "The Kevlar line won't stretch as much as the hemp. I wouldn't fly a kite on hemp line. I would not use Kevlar as a kite line when flying around other people, as it has a tendency to be proficient at cutting through other kite line materials" i read and...is just a statement about "I" not a definitively NO. is also about cutting other lines nothing about people witch i think are just a little bit more important then a kite but hey i make mistakes to
  7. Edmond Dragut

    kite line selection

    IMO bad choice Kansas Flier. Kevlar lines should not be used at all if is another kite in air and under any circumstances for laundry. at most of the festivals people using Kevlar lines are reported and are some actions against them.i hope Kevlar line is broad in discussion just for comparative purpose. best choices is braided line no mater how big or small is the strength and never use twisted lines (if you want to be a serious kilter) . the strongest kite point should be the anchor follow up by the line and like on fishing kite is the weakest. if the line break try to imagine what happen to the people caught in drag of a louse kite at just 10 mph, not to nice to see and trust me your insurance will not be happy HedgerowPete about what "large kites" you ask ? delta, power sled, box ,winged box ?
  8. Edmond Dragut

    kite line selection

    the pull of the kite dictate the line strength. may be a small kite with a high pull and a large one with small pull. Manufacturer usually give the recommendation for line strength and for security purposes is good to up that. some of the sled out there are required up to 1500 Lbs (680 kg) so....check and follow the manufacturer recommendations . kite pull and line strength are also connected with the anchor you need for different kites so...do not forgot to use the proper one to do not have bad surprises. Better safe then sorry
  9. Edmond Dragut

    Replacement Parts

    this is from Prism but parts name is applying for any other brand
  10. Edmond Dragut

    Brand spankin new/ What to buy?

    if your daughter is a tomboy for sure will enjoy 170 and some pull and adrenaline rush. best move to learn is release a line when you feel is to much power
  11. Edmond Dragut


    it seams they are of from bottom caps. is similar with power series, upper side connected and independent bridle for each side on bottom. is worth to try
  12. Edmond Dragut

    Pigtails (tuning your quad with knotted leaders)

    this is because to much break applied and your case from a to sudden and longer movement of hands then necessary. is normal at the beginning. try to do not become scared by the fact the kite start to fall and keep the hands move smooth. is like driving a car, make small adjustments on front of a single big one
  13. Edmond Dragut

    Pigtails (tuning your quad with knotted leaders)

    try a knot out on upper lines.that will take out the possibility to over control the break from a to large hand movement
  14. Edmond Dragut

    Pigtails (tuning your quad with knotted leaders)

    check your lines to be equal. If they are use the forward knot from handles on bottom and also on top. try to launch. if is not happening move a knot in on top lines and try again till the kite is launching. that is the best setup
  15. Edmond Dragut

    Pigtails (tuning your quad with knotted leaders)

    if you do not use JB leaders or something like them your break will be slack because of normal position of hands and handles. longer leaders on top lines correct this. if you do not want to order new once you may build your ones. top around 9-10 inches with 6-7 knots at 1/2 inches distance ,bottom 4-5 inches long with 3-4 knots at 1/4 distance. you will see a big improvement