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  1. if the test is just about the rods is perfect documented but i find this on your conclusions  "Hopefully this information is useful to you and can inspire further discussions regarding frame preferences and sail choice in the forum" and i assumed is about hole kite,frame plus sail, for that i states mi opinion and i introduce friction and tension on discussion. 

    great job

  2. your test is great but (from mi technical experience) not applicable to chose the frame for different kite sails, at least for 95% of flyers.

    Why ? you actually tested the resonance of the roads at 5" impulse. is a great input for manufacturer to detect eventually defects but in kites are another two things you don't count

    one is friction. roads are all the time in some friction with the sail or the leading edge slave.that make the response time and frequency (vibration) to be much lower.

    second uncounted factor is tension. at any moment the roads are under some tension except when you make a sudden release of a line. that happening only on short lines ( under 30 fits) when you execute acrobatics movements. on 75,80 and 120 fits the drag of lines will maintain a certain tension 

    for 5% renaming flyers your test is great because is show the stress and how much vibrations a certain road may sustain at aggressive moves before to break

    i may be wrong,  "mea culpa "  

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