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  1. hello,if Zen is still available please send me an invoice to Edmond Dragut  (edmonddragut@yahoo.com) Thank you  

  2. hello, i am interested on your zen,still available ?

  3. hello i found this post from you  "So recently acquired a stack of rev ii's ,8 in the stack what is the recommendations on line sets and handle sizes""  This stack is beyond my skill set does anyone have interest in buying it will post pictures later"

    you still have the stack ? if yes i am interested 

    Thank you 

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    2. Edmond Dragut

      Edmond Dragut

      i am in Chicago,60660 zip.

      i will prefer you to give me a price. i am actually interested in one,two or max three Rev II 

      Thank you

    3. drdemonx


      I don't want to break the stack there custom colors 

    4. Edmond Dragut

      Edmond Dragut

      is ok, what do you want for ?

  4. Hi Mark, finally i receive the kite so any time after
    4 PM am i willing to meet you.
    mi cell phone is 8479121089,please let me know when you have time for me.
    distance and location is not a problem how long is a good spot to make the
    tests for kite.
    Thank you

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