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  1. you may build your own, you need just a glass marble from eBay from 3 to 120 $ , a stainless steel road, a round cabinet handle, a 1/4 diamante bit and an universal glue from Home Depot. some time, some imagination probably a bit more expensive then a purchased one  but will be "home made" and for sure you will be more pride with.

    i build for myself two, one black with white mix for grass and one red with gold insertions for sand.

    all the best

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  2. wowww

    hello to all,

    I was impressed by a video of you flying a Rev 1 (the one I see you sold some time ago) and by first impulse I purchased “something”. On to another forum Wayne Dowler (lucky me) estimate to be something close to a Blast from Power Series.

    I do not have the kite yet (long way from china) to confirm or to infirm that expertise based on to a picture and dimensions but soon I will find out if I fly the kite or the kite is flying me (that will not be fun)

    Mi experience is resuming at fly and build single line kites all kind of shapes and now I jumped directly to quad (all or nothing)  and I hope to have good time with or mi Chinese if I an heavy enough or with an authentic Rev




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