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  1. Also, a bit late, I’d like to thank @drdante and @Louise for the related arrangements.
  2. Exult

    Votes Please

    I have been in a green preferring kite period but now it looks like I might enter a blue one perhaps. I really like to be helpful and specific... (You can't go wrong!)
  3. Exult

    Out of the blue

    You see “Out of the blue” is just the beginning then it becomes “and into the black”, i.e. fully into the dark side (well occasionally DLKs then…). “You pay for this but they give you that” must quite literally correspond to your KL-subscription and the B-series you just won. The following two lines “And once you're gone, you can't come back; When you're out of the blue and into the black” is just to emphasize that there is really no way of out of QLKing. Have you figured out what I’m taking about?: Once more the tune “ƃuno⅄ lᴉǝN ʎq ʎW ʎW 'ʎǝH ʎǝH” has proven to be applicable to kiting. 🙂
  4. Exult

    Turtling 🐢

    Found a video where the turtle type of “fade” was presented quite clearly and besides could be performed indoors. See at 2:20 :
  5. Exult

    Turtling 🐢

    I don’t think it looks like a fade in the video. It looks like it ends on its back with the LE being away from the pilot (i.e. a turtle) after a quick tug on on the bottom lines, I think. See if this will trigger a new “is the dress white or blue”-like discussion ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_dress ).
  6. I very much gladly would, but I would need a spectacular telescope for seeing that field. In fact, I would also need it to see any decent pilot from over/around here... If the surrounding kite flyers insist on hiding (because of them being non existent e.g.) I can only recommend some occasional travelling to some kiting event – one can live a long time on such an event (perhaps by actively keeping notes of observations and what has been learned). Another way is to find a kite video of someone about your skill level or slightly better and set that as a goal (or quietly surpass that video). Myself I appreciate not only those who share the “impossible” perfect video, but also intermediate stuff that is easier to relate to.
  7. Perhaps there still could be a tiny bit of something more to get out of the PD?🙂: https://kitelife.com/forum/topic/8173-favorite-sul/?do=findComment&comment=65913
  8. Exult

    Travel Frames

    Hmm… imagine being out on a cafe close to a nice open surrounding, conversation going in a somewhat boring direction. With this in your “city sized” bag/back pack, how tempting would it be to make a poor excuse for sneaking away? This must be the kite-o-holic’s equivalent of a hip bottle. Photo by Tomasz G. Sienicki ( https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Piersiówka_ubt.jpeg )
  9. Don’t forget the slowing down and stall practice. The ground (when doing belly landings e.g.) tends to be difficult to negotiate with. Would any thought of Neil Young be very far fetched (“My my, hey hey … It is better to burn out than to fade away”… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cawk2cMTnGo 🙂). But it if the destructive crash thing would happen once more @Gladders , well again welcome to the KL community of occasional kite crashers.
  10. Exult

    Kite buying tips

    Yes one could do one of them only. One could also eat plums as the only fruit and refuse all kiwis from right from the start until the end of time with no exception. That being said I have been doing mostly HWKing (Hadziki wing kiting, yes Rev like QLKing i.e.) lately, because locally (well in the Nordic countries – you can’t be too picky when defining “locally here”) HWKing has offered some kind of surrounding sport kiting activities (which is a luxury). When returning to DLKing I hope that I’ll make some use of the (this sounds fluffy) the QLK way of feeling the presence of the kite. When doing DLKing, have I 100% left the harder with too little feedback (from the feel through the lines) from the days of learning a long time ago or can something be added from QLKing? Another thing I’ll try to transfer to DLKing is more methodical way of learning with more repetition that I’ve applied since starting to learn QLKs (1.3 years ago).
  11. I take this is a very polite way(/example of) of encouraging checking of kite gear/kite that otherwise could be a contributing source of the frustration.
  12. Low (mostly) and low wind. After a successful belly landing the bridle side is on the ground and the nose is pointing away from you. See also: http://fracturedaxel.co.uk/wiki9/tiki-index.php?page=Pancake http://www.idemployee.id.tue.nl/p.j.f.peters/kites/basics/Duallinetricks.Landings.html#bellylanding
  13. I assume the sport kite is a two line delta kite for tricks and/or precision? Do you know the model and brand of this kite? What do you find frustrating and which tricks (if that is what you are aiming for) are closest to be within reach? AND Welcome here @Gladders!! Ahh, I saw from https://kitelife.com/forum/topic/9281-kite-buying-tips/ that that you have an HQ Limbo kite. Also saw from that topic that crash avoidance and stall/tricks practice was a thing. I think that you should not wait for a new kite to learn - use the time until you get one. Wait for a day of low wind (which should be beneficial for the survival of your kite) and you can practice stalls and powering the kite on and off which also is useful when giving to the kite before a crash. A kite in the non-powered "falling leaf" mode will not break on impact with the ground. To get free from the idea (and learn you hands to do it as well) that the kite must constantly rush forward do "barely flying": start the kite, let it reach about 40cm and let it sink back (nose still pointing upwards). Repeat with 80cm, 1.60m etc... Try to hold it a few seconds (yes, this would be a stall) at the "highest" point. Then start and fly to the top of the wind window (backing might be required), turn so that the nose points downwards. Walk towards the kite and try to gain ground (moving downwinds) while the kite is going downwards. Landing normally is now an option. Another way is to extend your arms just above the ground (fight the urge to pull the lines to steer away from the ground!) to do a belly landing. It should not be destructive even if the belly landing fails since you are extending your arms (that is moving them from you - not keeping the arms extended). Then try launching from the belly landed position by a quick tug on one of the lines. Good luck!!
  14. When I think of your video in https://kitelife.com/forum/topic/8859-progress-so-far/ the irony is very clear. Your video still serves as my two year goal next summer (though it now looks like I need to put a lot of effort in it and certainly not take any winter break). A toast for all inspirational material shared!!! 🍾🍷
  15. Well, we only live once and don't want to miss out, do we? If we check out the Aerialis site to get the videos in order - I'm sure most of us would envy the progress rate.
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