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  1. Exult

    SS Great Britain

    Thank you very much for that offer! However the time for that is not now. First doing would be needed to make the necessary mistakes, identifying the difficulties, by practice making it vivid enough to remember the answers well and getting a good enough reference to fit the answers into and last to come up with the good questions addressing (as close as possible) the cores of the difficulties.
  2. Exult

    SS Great Britain

    I have played this video many times with and without music to try to figure out the various parts of what is happening. One of the things I've looked for is when the feet are not moving much to figure out how to low wind pilot as economically as possible. It seems to coincide with having the kite in a close to horizontal gliding position. I have also looked for the same thing in: https://kitelife.com/forum/topic/9011-rev-footage-by-drone/ As @SHBKF says, this is a highly inspirational video for trying really short lines in no/low wind. Ohh, did I happen to say that last sentence? What are the excuses now not to make a ~4m line set (hardly the cost of the line material) and leave the house early in a windless morning heading for a no witness forest glade and try to do a first QLK 360deg? Yes finally, the "SS Great Britain" video made me think of the Fred Astaire dance with the hat/coat rack, just replace the rack with a QLK in the first half of the below video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFD1nky4QTI
  3. Exult

    K'Tesh's Kite Log...

    Your kite loss pain and frustration is evident. Perhaps some "I've lost my kite" notes if possible to put up in public? Losing kites is something of a paranoia of mine. It has happened on the subway that I panicked for a second after getting off only to realize that I never brought my kite bag that day. I always finish a session by checking around for forgotten items and even then I almost missed a Rev once lying flat on the ground behind a bump. Except when traveling for several hours on a train or bus I put an arm through a handle or lean the bag/sleeves against me. The principle is that I should not be able to leave without noticing the bag. If I find a good long key ring yo-yo (rolls up the string by itself if not under load) I'd fit a small carabiner to it so that I'd be physically attached to the bag. Best Luck with getting your kite back!
  4. Exult


    Due to the many details of the kite, before seeing the picture with the kite on the ground, without a size reference I completely misjudged the size of the kite - I imagined something of the size of a two storey building. Hope that the 14 pin (if I got it right) assembly time is not to long - now I sound totally envious (which I am btw).
  5. Exult

    Ten stack

    Do you happen to have any pictures on how they are connected or where to do the tuning (tilting the top one back a bit?)? Planning on ("one day") to do a minimal stack of two at least.
  6. Exult


    What is this?? A quad line kite it appears, that looks like an arty and intricate SLK. How does it fly?
  7. Exult

    Jam Session by HQ Kites/Dodd Gross

    Hmm.. I already started doing the disintegration here during the end of the nineties mostly (including two of the LE-connectors)... However the LE connectors that survived the nineties, also survived my kite hibernation period ending 2016. Btw, 540ies are and look nice on this kite - it is still the kite I do them best on.
  8. Exult

    Vented Jam Session by HQ Kites/Dodd Gross

    Never seen a vented one. This is an OPK I'd like to see and try.
  9. Exult

    Jam Session by HQ Kites/Dodd Gross

    A Jam Session was first serious DLK and main kite (among few at the time) during 1997-2000. This looks like the same model, just like mine minus all repairs. Those were the days...
  10. Exult

    Danish Quad Clinic (Sep 8-9, 2018)

    I had no intention to miss out on this quad clinic as I did on the previous one in Denmark. Nonetheless I believe it was a boost for my QLK-skills then anyhow since I was determined to compensate for the missed training event. This time however I'll use the prior practice time to be prepared so that I can get as much as possible out of the (real) clinic.
  11. Exult

    NKM - Nordic Kite Meeting 2018

    Thank you ...and thank you for: 1. Showing serious DLK-tricking that I otherwise only see on Youtube/Vimeo, but now in real life instead. 2. Being a good driver of the "kite-mobile". 3. Demonstrating that spoken Norwegian is not that difficult to understand for a Swede. Regarding the QLK piloting image, when showing it to my family their "family warm"/honest verdicts were: "You look like a monster", "Horrible", etc... However I don't think that I, in the beginning of summer/end of spring, would have lasted for four full days on the shadeless sunny beach otherwise.
  12. Exult

    Exult's Photos

  13. Exult

    Thumbs up for the aviator day!

    Well my plan for this kite is (by occasional use) more like to take the control as far as I can do. But yes, also to feel the pull without worrying for the kite. So far I have only been flying it on 40 kg lines, but received a set of 4x40m 75kg lines the day before yesterday so I can commit to a higher degree when "fighting the kite" (pulling hard) in non low wind situations.
  14. Exult


    You managed to get so much into one photo that I want. First, my B-series mid vent is purple while my std and full vent is lime/yellow like your mid vent here (thus a no match if making a stack). Second, you got tabs along the LE vent -> B-series Pro.? Third, you got a good photo assistant. I almost forgot to say - A beautifully composed photo!!
  15. Exult

    Quad Count (they all count)

    Any chance to hear anything (like feel and differences from a more revlike kite) about this later? I have been considering a Skyknife for a long time, but got my B-series in the mean time. Talking about Korvokites - didn't know that they did "penguin-revs" also. And most certainly not from the north either. Besides you got one more quad than I do even when I include a power kite when counting: 3 B-series (std/mid/full). 1 Spiderkites Smithi Pro (much controllable foil). 1 Peter Lynn 5m^2 Peel (power foil)