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  1. I should (talking is always easy...) challenge myself here. Short line quad piloting is something I do in no/low wind on a sheltered parking or in clean non-turbulent wind on a small jetty. There are no corresponding turbulent wind sessions in medium (or high) wind in in my repertoire. Well, at least the challenge/I-also-want-to-be-able-to-do-that method has worked before. This “provoking” video, https://kitelife.com/forum/topic/8859-progress-so-far/?_rid=10687 (*), was an inspiration to start practising 90-deg wing tip pivots with sudden start/stops. The quick 90-deg wing tip pivots a
  2. “Limestone pavement”? - I had imagined some street kiting in a historical environment. I like the rising axels at 00:48 and 02:08. Are they something you actively achieve or is it more a consequence of the wind speed? The multi rotor camera video looked nice, adding the feeling of extra volume to the sky. However, being focused on the kite it took me several seconds to realize that the camera was moving.
  3. Yes, there was also some mess 12-13 years ago about the originally green colour of “Kung-Fu Pandas” eyes, green being somewhat malicious: https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/news/panda-film-is-a-national-insult-say-chinese-871869.html
  4. Not directly an answer to your question of why there are many green shades, but more a comment of when and where green is considered to be bad luck. A Chinese former college at work informed me that green was a colour for being deceived by one's wife and, I believe it was, also not knowing about it and then something about a hat? So I had a look at Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_in_Chinese_culture#Blue_/_Azure_/_Green There green, infidelity and hats are mentioned in the same Wikipedia sentience: "Separately, green hats are associated with infidelity and used as
  5. You are a kind fellow kiter. When it comes to lending kites out to beginners, I have only done it with DLKs (in light winds) and the Smithi Pro (being a foil) quad. When I comes to framed quads I think that I still have too little redundancy to lend them out to beginners.
  6. Cheating children (not that you did) isn’t generally a good thing to do (except when it comes to the Tooth fairy, the Easter bunny and Santa Claus). I was instead thinking of a grown-up neighbour's reaction here a few months ago when I was out on the parking with the Rev Indoor. She asked: ”How is it being propelled?” I thought and : ”It is electrically powered and is propelled by an ion drive (like e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-r-p2iHoDA ). You see the lines are not only lines. They are also thin insulated high voltages wires. Being high voltage only a very small cross
  7. An ”Outdoor Book for Boys” from 1907 on Gutenberg got a chapter about kites: Harper’s Outdoor Book For Boys, Joseph H. Adams, 1907 https://www.gutenberg.org/files/53705/53705-h/53705-h.htm#chapter_viii Perhaps a kite builder could find any inspiration from the detailed figures (in clarity often outperforming many modern photos IMO): About these 13 - 15 ft Maui kites: ”It would glide about in graceful curves or dart suddenly towards the ground only to soar upward just as suddenly”. The text didn’t say if they were fighter kites or not though. Also, very easy to relate to:
  8. Didn’t notice any ”lateral slack” in the connectors. But perhaps I’m a kite pilot brute? 🦍 Nope, I have never broken a vertical tube including the 2PT ones. I have heard that the verticals should be sensitive, so of course I switch to other downspars if it is windy and light downspars are no longer needed. Use them 50% of the time in the midvent though. I remeber having seen a picture in an old KL post somewhere where a downspar had snapped in three pieces. At the time I ordered them I hadn’t seen any recommendations – I just wanted a light downspar. After receiving the 2PTs I
  9. Weights? – didn’t know that there were any. I never got any that I can remember when buying my set of B-series. Yes, axels are possible to do without them as we know, but I find the Fulcrum more forgiving especially when learning axels and the bridleless Rev Indoor more naturally prone to do (flat) axels (not that the Rev Indoor otherwise would be a beginner friendly kite). I most often use 2PT as downspars on my B-series std and midvent. Just out of habit I have the thick side of these light tapered spars closest to the LE. Perhaps I instead should have the narrow side closest to the
  10. Thanks for the info @Caller Stephen! Link in English (Google Translate): https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=de&tl=en&u=https://kinetic-art-kites.jimdofree.com/deutsch/onlineshop/vierleiner/ The pictures of the manual/assembly instruction give a quite clear idea of the details of the design.
  11. I don’t know anything about this video/kite, but I sure know that I have not seen any quad like this:
  12. Thank you for this genuinely interesting story though it obviously got a very sad element. Initially I was a bit confused how a 40 inch kite could lift a man before I realized that the unit was foot and that the kite was large (and the lifting surface was large squared). Welcome to the forum!
  13. Don’t ruin my sleep with horror stories like this 🙂. Though we haven’t got USPS over here there is always room for worrying (have had some delivery problems when buying stuff, but haven't lost anything though). I have for the first time, ordered custom made kites that should be shipped by end of February (about now). Not one QLK, but two to add to my lo/no wind quad armada (now limited (as in numbers!) to a Rev Indoor and a B-series std). My anticipation has now been replaced with unease and fear. 😬😨😱 Tough conditions! Hope it gets resolved in some way!
  14. Wing pivot circle + 180 deg team/down turn – repeat, repeat, repeat... A figure to learn by cycling through it again and again... The Pre-drill - Just Going Back and Forth Left to Right... A “pre-drill” is just to go horizontally left-right-left and turning by doing 180 deg down turns ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SD1JAGY06ZE&feature=youtu.be ). Not so horizontal straight paths? - Just keep going! Happened to come close the limit of the available area (edge of the “field” or parking or a wall)? - Adjust the length of the horizontal paths/and position of the 180de
  15. Learning to control the powered state by light wind The “powered control” during “pulsed mode forward flight” tugging (as discussed in the previous post) on the lines can also be approached from a different direction. As a believer in approaching learning from many directions, contexts, conditions and kites I can see a value in piloting the Rev Indoor also in (quite) light wind, making it just slightly over powered (giving a lump-of-butter-in-the-frying-pan feeling of little-input-in-much-output-out, but still hopefully in control). You can then get used to this powered state of the Rev I
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