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    vintage stunt kites, new stunt kites, fighter kites, power kites,single line lifters, fun line laundry, unique single lines!
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    I grasped the passion to catch the wind!
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    Indialantic, Florida
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    United States
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    I want people to celebrate kiting, along
    with the history of it. I encourage everyone I meet to share the gift of flying a kite with everyone they meet, young or old, It passes down smiles, generation after generation. To get outdoors and throw your cares to wind is one of the greatest things you can share with someone. I love to set up single line kite displays, show others how to fly stunt kites, and show off my knowledge of the history of classic, vintage kites, that I learned from my mentor, Sid Tibble,. Whom handed me down my beloved knowledge .That is where it all began and what it has now become today, One of the best past times I have ever experienced in my life.I love telling people everyday to "GO FLY A KITE"!!
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  1. I can't help it I have an old soul, one of my fav kites is still my 74 skynasaur, I be a nerd for life
  2. I have held onto my ancient knowlege , hahaha, need to expand my brain, darn I'm only 39
  3. I not sure if I seen black race rods, what year are they
  4. All my revs still are gold and I can't seem to part with any extra gold rods, .... I feel like a pack rat, I have a passion for the classics
  5. I kinda got the feeling the classics held up better
  6. I do know about his new outer venture kinda, I think it's awesome
  7. Sadly all I am familiar with are gold labels on wrapped rods by rev, am I dork? Hahaha
  8. Thank you , Phoenix ash is made by who, I have mostly knowledge of classics
  9. I don't want to sound dumb but I think I might've missed what kite you specifically needed them for....,,, greenies?
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