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  1. Great to always learn new things .. thank you
  2. I can't help it I have an old soul, one of my fav kites is still my 74 skynasaur, I be a nerd for life
  3. I have held onto my ancient knowlege , hahaha, need to expand my brain, darn I'm only 39
  4. I not sure if I seen black race rods, what year are they
  5. All my revs still are gold and I can't seem to part with any extra gold rods, .... I feel like a pack rat, I have a passion for the classics
  6. I kinda got the feeling the classics held up better
  7. I not have classic revs from 1990 to mid 2000
  8. I do know about his new outer venture kinda, I think it's awesome
  9. Sadly all I am familiar with are gold labels on wrapped rods by rev, am I dork? Hahaha
  10. Thank you , Phoenix ash is made by who, I have mostly knowledge of classics
  11. I don't want to sound dumb but I think I might've missed what kite you specifically needed them for....,,, greenies?
  12. Believe me, There is a reason spars have gone from wood to fiberglass, to carbon , then wrapped carbon and so on
  13. I don't think impacts on the wood would last, interesting though,? I wonder how bamboo inner Ferrells with carbon would hold up? Hey that's my idea
  14. I would only say, that's why certain kites are made for certain winds , and that's why experimenting within their families teaches you a lot about the different wind ranges, kite attitudes , or personalities, frame functions, wing and sail designs and precision , but remember.. each flyer is different, and each kite loves to make their own impact on that flyer... gotta love it!
  15. I would love to have any kite enthusiasts join my community for a fun filled day , April 7th, for a kite fest. We will have kite flying, kite building, boomerangs, hula dancers ,music, food, kite demos. I would love for any one with any great ideas to add to agenda to bring recommendations!!!! Come show off your collections and skills in the sky. It will be at the south beaches park in south Melbourne beach. Please call 3217258336 or email lbernard0@hotmail.com for more info or any questions. let's fill the east coast skies and share our passion of kiting with others, young and old😍
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