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  1. I also just realized I havent updated this thread with any of my buggying videos. The dangers of power kites. Respect the wind!
  2. So i got some new kites. The 2 HQ Beebops and the skydog I got all 3 for 10bux off of a guy on offer up. I also got 2 Prism neutrino's with a 3rd stacker on the way. The lil chineese kite I got for .99cents at the thrift store. Chineese .99cent kite in the front HQ Beebop fire stunt kite Beebop Prisma stunt kite Skydog little wing rainbow Prism Neutrino. I have 2 so far.
  3. I have a primere addiction. It is on the larger side but not as large as 9ft.
  4. a little buggying yesterday. i got to ride a little yesterday.
  5. So I couldnt resist going out today as well. Had really good success. Definately got to ride a bunch with the little space i had. Here are some videos. Enjoy. I did ! Heeheehee. https://youtu.be/sGCL_LzWVbE here is another. https://youtu.be/Tzy_AyfE0qA I cant wait to get the kitebuggy rolling. Stay tuned. Lol
  6. Well I did a little learning today with the power kite and the mountainboard. Windy but turbulent and unpredictablefirst success https://youtu.be/D6q7QkFl9e4.
  7. Thanks John. I Love and respect your advise ! Also. Lookie what I just got today. This whole sport has really taken off for me. Pun intended. Lol
  8. Roughly 10 - 20 hours I would say. Alot of watching videos also
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