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  1. Except for DeRooy at the first WSIKF!
  2. Not true ;-) The initial iQuad days involved Rev1s for the first couple of months, but they were not loaded with SLEs. We did move fairly quickly to 1.5s and those didn't have SLEs in them either.
  3. She also had her very first CANADIAN birthday too! We treated her well!
  4. While there certainly is some hope in an article like this, my worry is what they are negotiating is simply music vidoes by the artists themselves over where other people use music for other purposes. But, it's bear watching close and thanks for the update.
  5. heh as Bazzer and I sort of my screaming radio go crazy
  6. Yes, I do believe the vents increase the wind range although I think the placement on the ultra keeps the wing tips from rattling in the higher winds. I don't think they affect doing quad stuff. I am surprised how well it handles the higher winds since it's not a very heavy kite, but it will still hang in there in a lighter wind. Thanks again:) Please feel free to ask as many questions as you wish:). In fact, they DO affect the quad performance, they make a reverse flight a little smoother.
  7. It's very definitely a flyable kite and unique in its experience. I should dust mine off again sometime soon just to see what it was like again.
  8. I know that the times I've "babysat" the forums while John has been jetting around, I've been stunned with the sheer volume of mostly obvious spammers that try to get onto boards. It's most definitely increased over the past years. For others reading this thread, the reason why that these people continually try centers around Google rankings. The more their URL shows up in stats on Google, the better those spam sites will do.
  9. My first quad was in fact a pair of TC Ultras, back when they were hand made by TC himself. Fun kites, I still have the SUL one but it rarely comes out these days.
  10. Ok, I added in the Pacrim festival. Can't wait!
  11. until
    Pacific Rim Kite Festival Vancouver, BC Vanier Park (home of Ray Bethel!) Held by the BCKA
  12. The proper technical term for this anomaly is... PEBCAK
  13. Have a great birthday tristan!
  14. I'm fine as well. But, I stole your cookies.
  15. if you are nice, I may show it to you on my Mac that can run windows ;-)
  16. what a punk. Seriosuly, great job with the flying. It's funny, the very first rev I saw flown indoors was a II, nice to see someone using one indoors again! Nice looking kite too!
  17. Would it be possible for anyone to share some stories about David and some pictures so we could run an Empty Spaces piece in the next Kitelife issue? Muchly appreciated, thanks! He'll be missed.
  18. Aw shucks, thanks! I had a lot of fun doing it this time around and I'm really glad people enjoy them, that makes it all the more worthwhile! Missed you at Nationals Donna!
  19. The only real quirk is it's simply not a Revolution. Its a neat kite and flys really well, but, its sole comparision to a rev is being controlled by 4 lines. I bet its a pile of fun to fly.
  20. I like how I'm about to sit on purple's head!
  21. LOL! That's great... except you never see it happen to THEM! I've seen it firsthand! But, when ya fly the tailgun, you don't miss much action. Ideally, I get to stop before piling into a mess.
  22. Indeed. I'm hoping all goes well and I'll see you two at Summer Heat as well. :-)
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