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  1. If you are curious about Vietnamese kites, looking for Vietnam kite festival news etc., here's the link: It's the Vietnam Flute Kite forum. Though all members post articles and comments in Vietnamese, you may use Google Translation to understand their meanings. Have fun with kites world-wide!
  2. Let's enjoy the most interesting shoots about kite flying... ... coming from Vietnam Kite community! The best video of kites ever, do you think so?
  3. Link here, on YouTube:
  4. vnkite

    Dieu Sao in the countryside

    Its magical sounds here:
  5. Trilobite kite is in the video:
  6. Here you are: (From 2'46''). Or:
  7. vnkite


    Bamboo is very popular in Vietnam :D. Here we use bamboo to make kites and flutes. It is not related to the topic, but if you are interested in learning how to make Sao Dieu (kite flute), this is a forum for your reference (however, all is Vietnamese):
  8. Trilobite is a good choice as well :). It can lift very well.
  9. Here are kite photos that taken by fly-cam. They are "Dieu Sao", a Vietnamese traditional flute kite. Together with "Ao Dai", "Dieu Sao" is a word that not translated into English... Dieu Sao Bay (See more at DieuSao.Com)
  10. Let's watch how Dieu Sao (Vietnamese Flute Kite) flying above rice fields and villages!
  11. vnkite

    Dieu Sao

    Also called Flute Kite, Vietnam's traditional kite.