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  1. Great information here! I will go and check your video out. Thanks for the input my friend, it is greatly appreciated! Best Regards!
  2. Thanks for the information RobB! Any suggestions on how I could mount a keychain camera without a rig? Also, when taking pictures/videos, do you have any issues with the camera not staying steady? If so, any suggestions on how to keep the camera as steady as possible? Appreciate any insight you can provide. I thank you in advance my friend!
  3. Need some ideas, suggestions and help here please. I am considering making a Sled kite and am thinking about using a keychain camera with it. My question is, What is the smallest size Sled kite I could make that would support/carry a keychain camera? I would like to make a picavet mount for it as well. Would this be a good idea or could I just mount it to the kite some other way? Would a smaller Sled kite be as stable as a larger Sled kite? Or are their flying characteristics the same? The reason I want it to be as small as possible is because I like the idea I could just l
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