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    my boy's been flying since he was about 12, hes 23 now
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    Hi, I'm not the flyer its my boy who flies, but he doesn't post so I help him out, maintain his kites, spectate etc.

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  1. As the saying goes if at first you don't succeed,,, I bought some blue 8-10 wall anchors ( looks just like the ones in reefrunners photo, and some #10 ss shoulder screws as Wayne calls them, really nice btw, dremiled the inside of the tube nice and smooth, inserted the anchor, noticed it was a little loose, put the screw in, tied on the line and pulled, guess what it slipped part way out. I ended up wrapping some gorilla clear tape 5-6 times around the anchor for a snug fit, Installed the screws and it was much better. I then put some superglue in the two holes for the rings and let dry. Pulled with about fifty pounds of pull and no slip. I guess not all anchor brands are the same. Next time maybe leave the burrs on the inside of the handle.
  2. What's the question mark by the name for?
  3. True, true, that's what happened at Greyland last month, wasn't supposed to rain left raingear at home and we get on the beach and its drizzling. didnt even show up on radar but no less wet.😂 it went away around 10:30 so all was well, weather channel is down to 30% now, probably will change again, must be all the positive vibes ...yeah that's it.
  4. Uh oh, looks like showers on wednesday, 50% or so says the weather channel, grabbin the raingear.
  5. Success, the 3 ring, trrs headset worked. It appears to be the standard for the newer radios. To bad they don't tell you what type is required on the package or instructions or even online. Alls well Amazon refunded the unneeded items.
  6. Hey Wayne, thanks again, your unidens must be the smaller 16m range version, they had that at Freddie's as well, I chose the larger one with aa's for longer run time and I am going to use them for other purposes besides the kite festivals. I live in an area of thick forest much of the time and I can use them at the ski slope to talk to the boy as well so more power should help I have enough aa's and only a few aaa rechargeables so that factored in as well. I'm getting a handle on the 2 ring 3 ring thing or trs and trrs as their called. Too techy no? Problem is the manufacturer doesn't tell you which one to use anywhere. On my way to pick up the 3 ring 2.5 headset in a few. The Midland's John suggested looks to be a old school 1 ring or ts connector which is a mono connector no mic capability. That's ok, btw t stand for tip r is ring and s is shank. The extra ring in trrs is for the mic. My head is starting to spin now, I'm heading out to pick up the 3 ring headset at the locker, confused much? Sorry for the novel here, I just retired a week ago because I ramble too much. Lol. Looking forward to seeing all at the fest, should be a real hoot getting 100+ quads on the air at once.😄
  7. Yes know that on the mic. I have two earbuds, one w mic the other without dont know what's gonna work yet but Both the uniden and the onn can shut off vox so that may work.
  8. Hi there dtill, you may be able to shack up with us, were camping at pacific holiday a little north of long beach. It won't be free though, in not sure what they charge for extra vehicle and or tent but I can find out. I paid 30$ per night for my boy and I. Your welcome to join us but it wont be free sorry just can't but I can call them tommorrow if your interested. Or if you hurry maybe you can get a spot of your own. Be aware there's no tables there just a grassy area but you can hear the surf. Will check back here tommorrow good luck
  9. Hey Wayne and John, thanks for the replies. No headsets/w mic around here, I did find out the two I did get wont work with std 2 ring headsets. I did order a 3 ring headset that may work from amazon, will be here tomorrow. I also took John's advice and ordered the Midlands he recommended w/ the mono adapter. If plan a works then Amazon will take the Midland and adapter back. I like the onn and or the uniden as they both use aa's which I prefer and have 23m range the uniden were 50$ and the walmart onn were 30$.I really had to get the bazooka out on this one ha,ha. Somethings gotta work.
  10. Greetings, it's been a long time since I've been here. The reason is, I'm in walkie talkie hell. Decided to go to wsikf on short notice and had to scramble to get talkies. Problem is the two brands they sell locally only have the 2.5 jack and I can't get any thing to work onn and uniden are the models. Tried an 2.5 mm mono to 3.5 stereo adapter ,no good, tried an universal 2.5 mm headset that should have worked on the onn (walmart) no good. Have an 2.5.mm stereo to 3.5 stereo adapter on order and a even a 3 ring headset as well. Both should be here tomorrow but I have doubts they will work either. Last resort, buy the Midland John listed. I have only two 3.5 mm earbuds at this time (returned the 2.5 one back to walmart) argh. Any advice?
  11. A less elegant option than adding another hole but probably just as effective might be to use some tape to cover the leach line. I use a special cloth tape used in sound stages to tape all sorts of stuff down called gaffers tape. It's similar to the common cloth tape found in hardware stores. The difference is you can remove the tape even years later and it won't leave any residue. You have to order it as it is a specialty item not found in most hardware stores as far as I could find. It's a little pricey but a 1 in x 60 yds is about 13$ on amazon. I use it on my boys kite in select spots like the wing tips, nose, it comes in very handy. a roll that size is enough for a lifetime of kite use. Maybe covering the leech line with something before you put the tape over it would be a good idea. other tapes could probably be used but the results will vary off course.
  12. yes just like your except as noted in my post above the hole in mine is about an inch higher than yours. I don't know if that's cause for concern but I would wait till I heard from flying wings. I wouldn't even fly it, maybe you'll get lucky and they will send you a new kite. Sorry for the delay, I had to go to town, we are leaving tomorrow for the kite festival in long beach, wa. I won't be able to post anything for about a week. good luck. yes leave it the way it is at least for now.
  13. my boys 2.5 has one hole in the Velcro with the line running up the outside to the bungie. It looks like your picture above in the ninth post but the hole in mine is about an inch higher than yours. I don't see two holes in your Velcro only one. I'm a little confused there. btw, it's my understanding that spectra line should never come in contact with the hook and loop side of Velcro, that's why they have it running up the outside so it doesn't touch the hook and loop on the inside. Other manufactures techniques vary. You should not run the line back inside the Velcro and contact the hook and loop. big no-no
  14. Why don't we go to chat? you could be right, no way to know, I would keep an eagle on it though.
  15. Perhaps you could leave the bungie the way it is but the standard way is to loosen the leach line and slide it up or down depending on preference. That way you don't have a piece of bungie hanging down for no reason. no I was wrong about the leach line being under the Velcro, on this kite it has a hole in the strap to go through just like yours shows. The hole just looks too low to me but maybe that's the way yours is supposed to be. Right on the bottom of the kite looks like it could be damaged on landings or something. Maybe they moved the hole up some when they designed the 2.5 I don't recall having talked to their customer service so I can't speak about that but I believe there is a number to call on the fw website. I'd be very careful about the leach line being so close to the bottom, you don't want anything to happen to that.
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