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    Hi, I'm not the flyer its my boy who flies, but he doesn't post so I help him out, maintain his kites, spectate etc.

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  1. A less elegant option than adding another hole but probably just as effective might be to use some tape to cover the leach line. I use a special cloth tape used in sound stages to tape all sorts of stuff down called gaffers tape. It's similar to the common cloth tape found in hardware stores. The difference is you can remove the tape even years later and it won't leave any residue. You have to order it as it is a specialty item not found in most hardware stores as far as I could find. It's a little pricey but a 1 in x 60 yds is about 13$ on amazon. I use it on my boys kite in select spots like the wing tips, nose, it comes in very handy. a roll that size is enough for a lifetime of kite use. Maybe covering the leech line with something before you put the tape over it would be a good idea. other tapes could probably be used but the results will vary off course.
  2. yes just like your except as noted in my post above the hole in mine is about an inch higher than yours. I don't know if that's cause for concern but I would wait till I heard from flying wings. I wouldn't even fly it, maybe you'll get lucky and they will send you a new kite. Sorry for the delay, I had to go to town, we are leaving tomorrow for the kite festival in long beach, wa. I won't be able to post anything for about a week. good luck. yes leave it the way it is at least for now.
  3. my boys 2.5 has one hole in the Velcro with the line running up the outside to the bungie. It looks like your picture above in the ninth post but the hole in mine is about an inch higher than yours. I don't see two holes in your Velcro only one. I'm a little confused there. btw, it's my understanding that spectra line should never come in contact with the hook and loop side of Velcro, that's why they have it running up the outside so it doesn't touch the hook and loop on the inside. Other manufactures techniques vary. You should not run the line back inside the Velcro and contact the hook and loop. big no-no
  4. Why don't we go to chat? you could be right, no way to know, I would keep an eagle on it though.
  5. Perhaps you could leave the bungie the way it is but the standard way is to loosen the leach line and slide it up or down depending on preference. That way you don't have a piece of bungie hanging down for no reason. no I was wrong about the leach line being under the Velcro, on this kite it has a hole in the strap to go through just like yours shows. The hole just looks too low to me but maybe that's the way yours is supposed to be. Right on the bottom of the kite looks like it could be damaged on landings or something. Maybe they moved the hole up some when they designed the 2.5 I don't recall having talked to their customer service so I can't speak about that but I believe there is a number to call on the fw website. I'd be very careful about the leach line being so close to the bottom, you don't want anything to happen to that.
  6. I just checked my boys silver fox and on his there is a small hole in the Velcro about an inch up from the bottom of the Velcro and the leach line goes through that up to the bungie. Something is wrong looking at the picture of the Velcro strap, it doesn't look like mine, the hole on mine is higher up and where it folds over the tailweight is closer the the trailing edge of the kite. something amiss here, the spine too long, tailweight not all the way up into the spine, I can't tell. I could be wrong about this but it sure don't look like mine. I can barely see the hole in the strap on your kite where the leach line goes through but on mine its higher up. you sure don't want anything to happen to the leach line. maybe you should call flying wings about this.
  7. Not right, the bungie should have been left the way it was, instead you loosen the white leach line attached to the bungie and slide it up the bungie. also the white leach line should not be running over the Velcro strap It should be underneath the Velcro so it's not exposed where it can become damaged, that will cut the line and ruin your kite. I don't know how it got that way but definitely don't fly it like that. I don't have any pics but I can say for sure the leach line should be under the Velcro not on the outside exposed. Your on the right track, you just need to modify what you did a little. Maybe someone else who can explain it better will help.
  8. If you look on the spine there should be a bungie cord running up about 6-8 in. with the ends of the leach line attached- looped around the bungie. You can loosen the loops and slide the white leach line up and that will tension the leach line. The sail tension should be tight as in pic 1. The leach line is adjustable so that when you tighten up on it, the kite will make less buzzing noise at speed. If you loosen it some it will make more noise. Most of the better kites have this feature but not all. sorry I don't have any pics. The leach line will look as in pic 3 If your kite has no bungie, I'd say something is missing but we have the 2.5 so I can't be 100% sure. Maybe take some pics of the spine will help if your stil having trouble. The buzzing noise is the trailing edge of the kite flapping very rapidly making the noise, its also helps slow the kite down a little when you accelerate. I don't much care for the noise but my boy thinks it's cool, scares birds and stuff, unruly dogs, kite grabbing kiddies ,,the lot.
  9. Oh yes, one other thing you might do, shirillz731 is maybe give Andy at Ocean shores Kites a call. He knows just about every kite there is. He's a store owner but most on this forum will give him credit for being an all round joe. he's never steared us wrong. There's other kite stores like the kite shoppe, I don't know them, but they could be of some help.
  10. My boys widowmaker pro sul will fly in 2 mph without moving your feet. Very little pumping and milking the wind with arm movement only. 1 mph if you step back a little as in one step every 3-4 seconds.But that's what 313$ will buy you. another is the fw zero, not a full size kite but fly's in the same wind as the wm. 0-7 mph for about 100$ or so. Its also an indoor kite as well.There's also the into the wind swift for around 100$ or so, his first low wind kite.pretty fragile stuff those kites. fly's about the same wind as the zephyr but is not much for tricks. good luck with your new zephyr, it should serve you well. A nice robust ul kite. these should be accurate wind speeds as long as my wind meter didn't lie to me:}
  11. if you give your girlfriend a box of chocolates for Valentines day in a quad shaped box.
  12. actually as some may know or not know there is an island in the south pacific I think its santa catalina where the islanders use spider webs and a kite to catch needle fish. There's a youtube vid of it if your interested.
  13. for dually line 50# or less I found power pro super8 slick fishing line is a good choice. Yea I know it's not kite line but for a light dually line, so what, its a 8 strand spectra line made under compression like skybond and its even coated like skybond with a slick feel to it. It even comes in yellow. and its cheap, 150 yds cost 20$. I can make at least two sets for that price. I even made up a 20# line x 120' for 1-2 mph. I may make it shorter later, just wanted to start out long, see how that works. 100' might be better, I can always make it shorter. The Powerpro line is available from 10#- 80# in 10# increments. I would not use it for quads because I don't know how it works in team situations, I don't want to take a chance of damaging someone's line, but for a dually,, My boy's had a 50# line break once in flight, it was with his original light wind itw swift kite. The wind picked up just a little too much, snap and the kite went into a tailspin. No damage to the kite, we were lucky. you have to inspect the lines regularly. That was with the line that came with kite not the powerpro. I don't worry about the powerpro breaking so much because it's so cheap. But no problems so far, No breaks no bad spots, yet, fingers crossed.
  14. perhaps back in the day it was considered a great trickster but hands down its a Lam kite that takes that prize nowdays. it's not that there's something about the zephyr he doesn't like, it's more that he likes the atm and now his widowmaker more,--- like what Tony B has said just about says it all. A little hard for me to explain The atm has the same wind range and since he is in the learning stages of doing tricks it is more friendly for that than his zephyr. I know it's out of your price range but I can't say enough good about his new widomaker pro sul. It's speeding up his learning process for doing tricks because it will float in the air longer because of its light weight allowing him more time to figure out what is happening and what to do next. The kite Loves to go into a turtle and recovers very nicely from nearly any attitude. Its' a fragile little beauty so if you haven't mastered your ground game, you'll likely break something sooner than later. On the other hand the zephyr is a tougher kite that either the atm or the widow. A great place to start, I'll put it that way. And the skyshark spars are easier to get it you break something.
  15. I believe my boy would like to work a bit less to keep a lighter kite flying because he doesn't like to have to throw his heavy mass around. LOL> seriously though his zephyr is what I would call an ul kite. I believe the lowest wind range hes gotten it to fly is right about 3mph maybe a little less with the lulls We bought it about two seasons ago but he's bored with it now. He likes the lam hoac atm a lot better because of its trickabililty and has the new widomaker to fly at much lower wind. I am going to try to sell the zephyr along with an widow ng he doesn't use much. {likes the silver wings better} we also bought an silver wings zero kite which flys in very light wind but it's not a full size kite. The widowmaker sul wasn't available when we bought the zero last year, it was only about 100$ so we will probably keep the zero for a while longer. Someday I'd like to get Lam to build him one of his newer kites like the transformer or something. He's got to get better with the tricks before that happens. I bought the zephyr used for 100$. 3-7 mph is about right. We thought about the pro dancer too but decided to go with the widow, if the wind is sub 1mph he's going to sit it out. He wanted a kite with more trickability than the prodancer. Sub 1 mph is basically indoor flying, he's not into that right now. I guess I'd take 100 or so for the zephyr and about 60 for the ng. the zephyr is red btw inferno?
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