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  1. Kite found its new home today.
  2. Kite found its new home today.
  3. Now here is an unexpected source you might like. Old MiniBlind cord will often have a core that can be removed and make a nice while sleeve for your coloring preferences..
  4. Actually it does not have a core but has a nice weave and works with a sleeving tool very well.. (I also use it when converting Symphony kites to 4 lines.) I will also repeat that this is a bit thicker than normal sleeving and works great for power kites but might be too much for Stunt kite preferences..
  5. riffclown

    Riffclown's Homemades

    Photos of my home made kites and accessories. Early ones made from Gomberg Kite tails.
  6. Personally I DO use sleeving, but I like for it to be pretty tight. Removing the core from white Bridle line works best for me. I then color code as needed with marker.. I've also used Muzzy extreme bowfishing line with good results but it's a bit thicker than I like for this use.
  7. Needs wind but this will be a fun kite. 72" P300/P200 Framing
  8. Where can I find sleeving with color coded thread?

    1. riffclown


      @John Sullivan I have no idea.. Wish I knew because I'd be all over that. Perhaps post your question the open forum.


      You'll get more folks responding there. It will only be seen here if someone looks at my profile ;)

    2. Paul LaMasters

      Paul LaMasters

      Why bother,it is just another tangle point that you have elected to apply to your kite and handles or straps.

      you do NOT need it!  I haven’t used sleeving in two decades, flying on 50#, 90 or 100# and 175# spectra (skybond & LPG) on quads.

      tie figure of eight knots instead of overhand

      make a larger loop size, since adjusting lengths is one way (shorter!)

      Tie a  “stopper knot”into the single strand BEFORE making the loop


  9. Decided to just add a small strip to the Edges to get my dimensions.. Just need to do the trailing edge and the sewing will be done. With Framing and Bridling remaining, this kite will likely be finished today..
  10. riffclown


    Congratulations @John Barresi
  11. riffclown


    Just noticed that this will be Topic 9000 for KiteLife. Yet another milestone has been reached.
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