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  1. Announcement at their homepage.. https://www.gombergkites.com/
  2. Sent you a PM regarding this issue. Will help with the image and will work with John to correct interface if there is an issue there.
  3. You are probably better positioned to answer that one.. I honestly don't know.
  4. Rev changed their tubes to make them intentionally not interchangeable with older Revs and similar offerings from other manufacturers. Your situation is based on their business decision that everyone needs springs. Weight was not the consideration. A Rod with a spring was their decision point.
  5. @TaylorSent you a private message regarding this kite. I have one I might be willing to part with..
  6. I would evenly space the tabs across the bottom.. This doesn't replace the front bridles though so you will need to find the spot you untied and repair that to fix the "hump" As for what to use, use the line quality closest to the front bridles that you can find. Since you are in the Detroit Area, I'd suggest tracking down Brett. He has one of my converted kites still and can share it with you. And thanks for bringing back one of my favorite topics..
  7. @Paul LaMasters We are actually in agreement but for the sake of this particular topic Eliot stayed with Revolution for a while after the fallout. He and @Cath did indeed pioneer new ground for Rev and have continued to do so since that parting. Bazzer and OSK were blazing the ground non-Rev very early after the fallout, even while Eliot was still sewing the Rev Brand on his Masterpieces. Eliot is still the master of all things Icarex and I owe the vast majority of my kite building skills to his tutelage. Eliots Flying Smiles Mesh's and @John Barresi's Djinn are both extremely important to the final mix but neither of them were doing their own brand yet during the Phoenix and Freilein timeframe. Like Bazzer with the "quarter vents", Eliot is doing things now that Rev would not let him do. The Djinn mixed JB's original concepts with Pro reinforcements and his innovation with the Sync bridle. Innovation has (and is still) happening but it is spread across several people now and not exclusive to Revolution.
  8. One other thing to keep in mind is what is your sail made of?? If it's Icarex or RipStop poly you will be fine for the most part. If it's Ripstop Nylon (RSN), then you need to be concerned with coatings and absorbancy. Icarex generally repels water pretty well. Depending on the coatings, RSN has a tendency to absorb water and get very heavy very quickly. My advice, if flying in the rain, Fly your Poly/Icarex and keep the RSN dry to prevent stretching and ruining your kite.
  9. I'll stick with my original opinion for balanced venting.. regardless of how much or how little, the balance of the venting is the key for me now..
  10. Your research is probably valid as to the dates. Without getting down into the weeds, Revolution had (and still has) a large loyal following and they defended the design against all comers aggressively. Anything not having the Rev brand was label a knock-off or copy and in many many ways that is an accurate assessment. Short version is once the floodgates were opened, it took a bit of time for something of quality to overcome the "cheap copy" that had prevailed.. OSK's Freilein and Bazzer's Phoenix are the ones that really made the difference early.
  11. I don't compete because it brings out the worst in me. I fly to have fun and increase my skills. Club 38 is a promotion for Revolution kites that measure skills according to their way of doing things. I won't say it's right or wrong. I will say it's not consistent with what the general quad community flies by. That being said, your motivation for kite flying should be, at its core, to enjoy the kite, the wind and your time. Failure to do any of these requires adjustments in how you enjoy your hobby. If you aren't having fun, you aren't doing it right..
  12. And it packs nicely in under 3 minutes.
  13. It still needs to be tuned a bit but first flight was great!!
  14. Finally got the chance for first flight!!!
  15. And the rest of today's stills
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