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  1. FWIW, The Sewing Machine I've used for the big majority of these kites is a cheap Brother SM2700 that I only use to sew kites.. Very pleased with the results for a $100 sewing machine..
  2. I use the Refractive properties of the fabric to control how the panels flash.. These first two videos are using offset directions so the individual panels flash is a sequence. This kite is made of both Ripstop and poly.. Notice the Shimmer effect. And this is what happens when you align everything. The Whole panel flashes at the same time..
  3. From Experience, Alignment of Fabric bias is only "not an issue" until it is.. For Fabrics like Icarex, it's much less of an issue but when Ripstop (RSN) gets wet and starts stretching, those alignments matter because the stretch is uneven along the biases. It doesn't take too long to get the bias of the fabric aligned in most cases so IMO it's worth it in the long run. At a minimum, your bias alignment should match on the mirrored panels so when stretching does occur, it does so somewhat evenly. FWIW, I've probably played with the bias and mismatching of fabrics as much as anyone (more for refractive purposes than stretch) and I'll take the extra time to align the biases every time. I've also never used a walking foot but that's a different conversation..
  4. riffclown


    One of my puzzles got the Christmas Day feature from Cracking the Cryptic.. The Largest Sudoku Youtube Channel with over 400K Subscribers..
  5. @miketx I can personally vouch for @Ejay's 3d Print capability and quality. I use his T-connector design on my kites now.
  6. The Quality of the thread is huge here.. A high quality bonded thread is paramount. The gumminess of the adhesives will make lesser threads start skipping stitches very quickly. The fuzzier the thread the faster you will encounter issues. I clean needle, sewing foot and platform every bobbin. I disassemble and clean the whole assembly every other kite. (Some residue seems to gather ion the bottom of the platform sometimes.)
  7. Thank you. I would suggest aligning the reinforced threads along the lower corner as stated. The leading edge itself will control the stretch along that direction. FWIW, with extremely low wind designs, stretch should be by definition less of an issue.
  8. FWIW, I've done over 90 kites on a $100 Brother machine. I don't use a walking foot but the 3 step zizag is vital.
  9. If you look at a Rev, Freilein, Djinn or Shook The direction of fabric is pretty consistent. This kite has the stress directions pretty well aligned with the strips.
  10. Very Cool. Those colors do pop in the crowd for sure
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