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  1. Kites and lines no problem (Depending on size restrictions. Stakes will cause issues and should be checked (or buy a cheap screwdriver when you arrive) Quad Handles MAY bear further inspection due to the weapon-like shape.. Short version. Most things OK but check or leave the stake behind.
  2. Been a while.  Made a fulcrum sort of. All sown but have not framed yet. Sky Burner has the spar information on 3 wind ranges. Thinking about the ultra light frame. I am unfamiliar flying quads, just tried once and couldn't get it down. I'm just a mediocre stunt flier. Micron is my favorite in crazy strong winds. Have a Baby Tana, Stormy Pete, and 2  8 ft home made ones. Hypnotist and Mirage or similar sort of. Both pretty sensitive and light wind frames so lots of fun. Both multiple bridle arrangements. Turbo to normal with many lenght adjustable points. Will frame up Fulcrum next and start to learn flying quads. What's up with you lately? Just had Chattanooga Festival and couldn't have been more fun. Mostly flew my 7 inch tiny fighter kites.

  3. I love inverted flight.. All of the kites I make now have a bit of a bias for inverted flight..
  4. My Sudoku hobby also has that effect.
  5. riffclown

    Riffclown's Homemades

    Photos of my home made kites and accessories. Early ones made from Gomberg Kite tails.
  6. When winding your lines after flying in a sandy environment, it's a good idea to take a very thin slightly damp cloth and run the lines through that as you wind. it will get rid of dirt particles that could rub and cause damage. Using a thin cloth to do this you will feel anything that may be trapped in the weave of your lines.
  7. I split this off to a separate topic.
  8. Wishing everyone the merriest of holidays with whatever tradition you observe.
  9. CA Glue does not flex and is generally not good for non rigid surfaces.. Does something attach to this Velcro or is it just a protective wear spot?
  10. Good to be back behind the machine.. Planning to experiment with a few frames.. We will see what works best..
  11. Looking forward to it..
  12. It wouldn't be the first thing that flew there for the first time..
  13. Kite # 92 in final stages..
  14. Bring them to the Rogallo.. I'll help you any way i can..
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