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  1. riffclown

    New Project - New Mix

    A few closeup details of the lower profile attachment points for the vertical spars.. Front and back. Bridles are not trimmed yet due to this being an odd sized kite and I need to tune them a bit.
  2. riffclown

    New Project - New Mix

    Took yesterday off from kite making. Completed the kite today.. There is one spot I need to tweak sail tension a small bit but it should be quite fixable. This is my first attempt at hidden knots on the verticals,. Will flight test first though.. Will have to wait until the weather clears a bit.
  3. riffclown

    The Pattern Emerges

    Another more recent build.
  4. riffclown

    Sewing machine

    Gutermann thread gets highly recommended by many kite makers.. I use Gutermann Toldi-Lock a lot.. Regardless of brand, use 100% polyester thread.. Cotton content in the thread will encourage breakage and dry rot over time and exposure to the elements..
  5. The type of string (Manja) involved in these incidents typically has Glass dust embedded and was used for kite fighting.. The line itself has been banned in many of those countries.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manja_(kite) https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-37103668 https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/aug/17/delhi-india-glass-coated-kite-string-kills-three-people-independence-day @CaCondorI moved your topic over to the open topic section since it isn't quad line specific..
  6. riffclown

    New Project - New Mix

    White Leading Edge and single stitch on the edge binding is done. Second stitch is added with the framing and endcaps reinforcements.. Decided to use white thread for the LE stay with it for the Edge Binding . Getting Close!!
  7. riffclown

    New Project - New Mix

    Thank you..Bag was made from the trim of the center panel and mockup stages. Added a bit of the Challengemax Poly and the bag kind of designed itself. The actual purchase of this kite has fallen through. (Life Happens) I decided since I had already allowed for it to go with the full 96" LE.. This is several inches bigger than the 1.5 standard but not Zen size either. I'd say it is about a 1.3 size given the way Rev defines their sizing.. The Advantage of additional sail area is enhanced low wind performance.. This will be (hopefully) a very good 1-5mph kite.. Framing in P2X camo and P4X camo. I've just completed the LE sleeve and hope to attach it to the sail this afternoon. Edge Binding will be in blue for this kite. (FWIW, the reason for this size choice is it allows me to frame the kite without having to cut the spars. Glue 2 Ferrules and the frame is done.)
  8. riffclown

    Facebook and Riffclown

    I do the same but changing the music kind of detracts from the original feel of a perfomance when it comes to dual and multiline ballet performance..
  9. riffclown

    New Project - New Mix

    DEcided to go ahead and finish the bag while I wait for the answer..
  10. riffclown

    New Project - New Mix

    Center panel completed. Larger than the template due to possibility of a longer LE than normal. This kite may end up with a 96" LE per commission owner. The panel sewing is done.. waiting to hear back on LE length before I can continue.. At this point 96" 91" or even a 72" are all possible.. Additional trim work will have to be on hold until that decision is made. The Decision, LE, Edge binding and finishing is all that remains.
  11. riffclown

    New Project - New Mix

    Panels are basted.. this will be SEW much fun!
  12. riffclown

    New Project - New Mix

    Sail is still very oversize at this point but only half the piecework and none of the sewing is done.. Center blue is just scrap to cover the mish-mash. Center will roughly look like the colorizer when done.. Still a long ways to go on this sail but you can see the pattern taking shape.
  13. riffclown

    New Project - New Mix

    This commissioned sail consist of the ChallengeMax Poly (Navy) with Silver and Sky Blue Icarex. A bit of a different look combo than I typically do but the combinations work in the colorizer so it should work in mockup.. More to come in a bit..
  14. riffclown

    big buzz flexifoil line material

    No concerns.. That is a common line material for sport foils.
  15. riffclown

    Facebook and Riffclown

    I've been using Youtube but the Music Rights over the past few years are crazy.. A song playing in the background can get your video flagged so I just mute my video... I've been on youtube for a very long time but I can use pretty much what I want as a username there.