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  1. riffclown

    Travel Frames

    That's the main reason for the travel frame.. It breaks a Hadziki Wing into smaller segment for travel.. Will fit in a backpack, suitcase or even some lunchboxes.. The Added benefit @Paul LaMasters mentioned, is you can tune the individual segments of the frame for the proper flex and stiffness you want. Like putting a 3 wrap in the center with race or 2 wraps on the ends.. Now you have 6 segments to play with and you can focus the strength (or flex) only where it is desired. You can do a whole other level of tuning for your sail. My Travel Frame is all Skyshark Camo (P2 and P4) and has a few extra segments so I can adjust the size of the frame to work with any size from B2 to my 96" size and everything in between.
  2. riffclown

    Hq Symphony Pro vs. Prism Synapse. And130 vs 170

    Poses to use... Downward Facing SkyDog Fly the Triangle Half Moon pose for Night Flys Dolphin inflatable Kite Avoid the Tree Pose and Intense Side stretch as that can damage your kite
  3. riffclown

    Travel Frames

    Noted and agreed. Here's what I came up with. Spars and Spares in the small green bag. Everything fits in the larger green bag which has an internal partition to separate the kite and spars from handles and linesets. Thanks for the feedback and advice on this venture..
  4. riffclown

    Riffclown's Homemades

    Photos of my home made kites and accessories. Many made from Gomberg Kite tails.
  5. riffclown

    Trick or Treat

    Field Test was successful. Added a very quick clip of the ground view for the Inverted Kip Landing at 23 seconds in (75% Speed.)
  6. Field test went well .. a few quick snaps and and short clip. The Inverted Kip landing was successful
  7. riffclown

    Hi all from the East of England

    Keep in mind, there are facts and there are opinions. Size, and specifications are the facts. Almost everything else is opinion and has to be weighed against personal preference and experiences. IMO, Kites are kind of like shoes, what fits one person may not work at all for another.. You also will likely outgrow what works today in lieu of something that works better for you tomorrow. You may find a favorite that does EVERYTHING you want only to find that model is no longer manufactured or has been replaced with an "improved" model that may or may not meet your needs. And like shoes, it's all about the proper fit first and opinion and performance take over from there.. That's also why so many of us strongly advise newbies to fly other people's kites first (OPK). You might find the perfect kite for you and even better it might even be for sale on the spot.
  8. riffclown

    Karma 10/20/2018 Jeff Howard

    @Gladders Unfortunately, no. It's not personal. It's a logistical issue.. Per the Karma Rules.
  9. riffclown

    Trick or Treat

    Bridle Check Complete. Ready for Flight Tests
  10. riffclown

    Trick or Treat

    Maybe??? I guess it wasn't the weekend any more.. Hoping to finish this one up and get it equipped with a travel frame to fly in New England in a few weeks.
  11. riffclown

    Trick or Treat

    I redid the center section of the LE attachment and the pucker is gone.. This sail is hybrid size. Vertically, it's a standard 1.5 size. horizontally, it's a 96" LE..
  12. riffclown

    Trick or Treat

    Framed and ready for bridling.. I will need to redo the center of the LE..attachment to the sail. I used a bit too much camber in the sail and the LE doesn't flex it out..
  13. riffclown

    Trick or Treat

    Everything is done but the framing now.. Putting it away for the weekend.
  14. riffclown

    Trick or Treat

    LE Attached.. Edge Binding and finishing remain. I do seem to have a pucker near the center of the LE which I need to address but will wait until framed to see if that makes a difference.. I also needed to add a bit of build to the TE to give it enough belly..
  15. riffclown

    Trick or Treat

    I decided to stitch with white.. If the Purple will act a bit as a black light it might pop at night.. I can also try to find some Blacklight LEDs. Either way, I think the white offsets it pretty well. LE will also be white. Edge Binding (and wear strips) will be orange. The sewing on the panel is complete.. LE is made.. Time to marry the two and start finishing up this project.