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  1. We still have a Classifieds section for just such inquiries Images are not required..And there's no charge..
  2. Photo by @Ejay Thanks for capturing this moment.
  3. riffclown

    Rogallo 2021

    Pics and Links from Rogallo Kite Festival 2021
  4. Maybe this one? 😉
  5. riffclown


    Pictures and links from the 2021 Wright Kite Festival
  6. This kite gets to stay in OBX now
  7. Absolute First Flight. (thank You Chris Shultz for recording and documenting this flight for me.)
  8. This Kite has a new home
  9. This kite has a new home
  10. Finished it up today.
  11. Not sure if it will make the cut before the weekend or not. There's still a lot to do.
  12. Leaning towards Neon Green for the LE on this one.. LE will have Mesh and not holes.
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