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  1. riffclown

    The Hive is Complete

  2. riffclown

    Inverted Kip to 2 point landing

    Full Speed, SlowMo, Full Speed of the Inverted Kip to 2 point landing
  3. riffclown

    Inverted Kip to 2 point landing

    And the Full field Test for the Hive
  4. riffclown

    Inverted Kip to 2 point landing

    The Hive, The Wright festival and a camera rolling at the right time.. about 8 seconds in and slowed to 30% to show detail..
  5. riffclown


    Diamonds Flights form the Wright Memorial
  6. riffclown


    First Flight of The Hive
  7. riffclown


    Pretty Happy with all the results so far..
  8. riffclown

    Riffclown's Homemades

    Photos of my home made kites and accessories. Many made from Gomberg Kite tails.
  9. riffclown

    Crazy Quilt.

    I'll know more after flying it tomorrow at the Wright Memorial.. 🏁
  10. riffclown


    Would you believe Crazy Quilt is done!!! Ready for the Wright Memorial first Flight tomorrow..
  11. riffclown

    You might be a kite nut.

    I can tell you've never been around me and Snow Crab..
  12. riffclown

    You might be a kite nut.

    if you don't think that's strange at all.. A Golf Ball stake will definitely crack Snow Crab..
  13. riffclown

    Crazy Quilt.

    I truly try to learn more and more with every sail. Ones like this which I'm doing for me, I can play much more widely with the variables.. I don't want all of my sails to fly the same. I want each one to have its own personality.