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  1. riffclown


    Quick mock up of what's coming for this purple kite.. No clue on the center yet until I take some measurements after basting.. Hopefully a full basted mock-up and back-lit shot by the weekend.
  2. riffclown

    Welcome LookuPLars

    IIRC, almost 2 years ago now..
  3. riffclown


    Here's the quick look. The camber will be taken out and replaced by the curve of the leading edge.. All in all my first success at a complete pattern of shape across the sail. Kite intentionally had a very deep belly to give me room to play with.. I think I finally have my pattern of choice..
  4. riffclown


    Looks like I'll be able to line up the pattern this time and not have a center strip or center panel.. Pattern will finally be continuous across the entire sail. Red LE isn't happening. I don't have enough fo another LE in red and they no longer have the Red Dacron.. Only White and Black..
  5. riffclown


    I've been working on a glider too. Definitely a delicate touch required for that..
  6. riffclown

    Diamond Sunset Fade

    @happysuperbutton For Ripstop Nylon https://www.flymarketkites.com/ For Icarex https://www.flymarketkites.com/ You won't find these materials in a non-kite centered store. https://ripstopbytheroll.com/ has a bit of nylon as well but I'm not sure it's light enough for kites so I've shied away from that source.
  7. riffclown


    I really like the Eggplant color.. looks almost black until you get a little light behind it and glows grape from there.. definitely going to be in some prime accent spots.
  8. riffclown


    @kevmort PC31 is a polyester/polycarbonate fabric also trademarked as Icarex.. It's is more water resistant than Nylon and seems to be lighter.. IT's the fabric of choice for high end kites. We refer to it as PC31, Icarex or commonly Poly. http://icarexpolyester.com/ @ACrop They are all PC31 but some are scaps from older runs that may simply be different dye lots. From the front one almost looks black but turns oberjin (eggplant) when backlit. Two very similar purples, a lavender, an Eggplant and a purple wine are the pieces I have.. These all came as scrap pieces so I don't know the proper color names.. FWIW, some of these are the much older Icarex that had a rectangular grid instead of the square grid we are more familiar with.
  9. riffclown

    Icarex Clippings

    This all came from Kites and Fun Things.. I also use Goodwinds and Flymarket..
  10. riffclown


    @ACrop I think you'll love the next one on the cutting board even more.. Purple fade with 5 different purples.. Silver and White for the neutral panels..
  11. riffclown


    LE will be Red, white or possible Yellow.. Not sure if I have enough Red though for another LE without making another order.. Also considering yellow LE like I had on Indigo Sunrise..
  12. riffclown

    Dark sunset fade Diamonds backlit

    @LeeBB This Started out as individual pieces and some scraps from another kitemaker's builds.. This is all pieced together from solid fabrics..
  13. riffclown

    Diamond Sunset Fade

    @LeeBB Thank You, I'm always planning a build..
  14. riffclown


    Second Panel is basted.. Ready to design the center and start sewing..
  15. riffclown

    Riffclown's Homemades

    Photos of my home made kites and accessories. Many made from Gomberg Kite tails.