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  1. Not many fliers can say their first exposure to a quad was night flying. Thanks for the great pics you took for me as well.. This one is still the background on my phone. Lots of fliers up in your area but I'm not sure how local. IKE is represented well in the forums and I'm sure a few of them will respond here soon.
  2. Welcome to KiteLife @stickerbush1970. Looking forward to flying with you again sometime in the future.
  3. @Wayne Dowler A bit bigger than the regular standard but not significantly.
  4. Honestly, if it hadn't been for the crowds arriving, I'd probably have left those out all day. It was fun flying with people near that area and watch them try to find who was flying the kite. I was at the top of the dune, near the sound tent, sitting in a chair. Really hard to pick out from 250ft away.
  5. It flies pretty well on 240' lines too..
  6. New Drawing is up. locking this one down
  7. There were some attempts by a few people to take the forum and press forward but that option was not allowed.. He did allow it to stay open long enough for someone (we don't know who) to preserve much of the content..
  8. @Paul LaMasters Indeed you do. I'd love to get your take on that sail after you fly it. Jim promised me you'd get to try it out. Hopefully you'll think of it as a mid-vent that flies like a full sail.
  9. I did receive one closing sentiment late on the 8th.
  10. This kite has a new home. It's headed to the DC area.
  11. Sadly GWTW Forum closed as of Jun 8. It was heavily publicized on the site.
  12. @RobB Congrats indeed.. Nice Score!! @cerfvoliste Great Prize.
  13. My numbers have changed slightly. The Revs I sold have been replaced by homemade sails. 9 Revs 6 Freilein Vertigo 2 Freilein Exodus 29 Homemades 8 Symphony 2.2.4 1 Djinn 1 Bazzer Phoenix Midvent 1 HQ Mojo 8 True Power Kites New Total is 65 The Home-Made list 29 Homemades (up from 23) From Tails 2 RWB Full Sails 5 The Spectrum Stack (72") 1 Yellow (84") 1 Purple (72") 1 Plaid RWB (72") 1 RWB Mesh (72") 1 Mesh #2 Yellow Green Blue Black 1 Mesh #1 Blue Black Lime Scratch Builds Diamonds Jester II Yonder (72") Scrapestry Crazy Quilt (Scrapesty II) Scrapestry III Gray II Gray III Halloween Tangled Web Diamond Mesh Mashup Midnight Ride Lighted Kite Midnight Diamonds Vented RWB Vented Touch of Purple MidVent
  14. Anyone else hitting the Rogallo Festival this weekend at Jockey's Ridge??
  15. @Breezin I very much appreciate the sentiment.. FWIW, it's getting more difficult for me to choose as well. Each sail seems to have its own unique flight personality.
  16. Definitely worth your time to do. I've done a lot of these conversions and I'm of the opinion the 1.8 Sport size is the absolute lower limit for these conversions. Here's a video on John Barresi and Scott Benz with a Rev and a Symphony 2.2(.4) I converted.
  17. The Snapshot 2.5 comes prebridled as a 4line and only needs lines/handles to complete the transformation.. You might want to take a peek at this topic.
  18. From the album: Riffclown's Homemades

    White with a touch of Purple MidVent. Latest Build, First Flight..
  19. riffclown

    Riffclown's Homemades

    Photos of my home made kites and accessories. Many made from Gomberg Kite tails.
  20. I've had a few people suggest the blocks pattern but doen't fit with my technique very well. It requires a lot more individual piecing than I'm doing now.
  21. @Corey Bell Winds were 10-ish.There were a few gusts to 15 and occasional lulls to nearly nothing. Framed with P300 spars. Pretty happy with the choices I made all the way around.
  22. Had some breeze today so took it out for a spin or two. I really like the way this kite feels. The center vents make the overall feel of the sail more like a full sail balance but still the venting of a midvent.
  23. @Frob Given that you are the original poster, that's 100% your call. Nice flying in the video. Low wind flying is almost an art form all to itself. Small suggestion. Try giving yourself even more brake. I know it sounds counterproductive but you'll be astonished at what you can accomplish with it.
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