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  1. @frob As stated, I use both sides of the fabric and have very little waste. I let my patterns work themselves out as you already know. I've played with the grain and created kites where specific diamonds flash in the sun at a different point than the rest of the sail. I'd rather have 3 great sails than one perfect one and a bin of waste. Especially at the end of 120' lines, the 3 Stack looks better. I've even started taking the trim from my mesh kites and making tails I hate waste so much.. Since I know this kite is for you and a specific purpose, I'll just say, given when you'll be fl
  2. Same here. I like the Skyshark P2x Camo and P4X Camo frames. I cut and ferrule them myself. Less than $5 a spar and comparable to Rev IMO.. If you do get to fly with @Bunduki Vlieger He has one of them you can look at or at his discretion, try out.
  3. I like the Djinn as well but these days I mostly just make my own..
  4. You do have the best all around kites Rev made. IMO better than their current offerings. FWIW, I sold my XX and Spider RX and kept my B-Series.
  5. Can't really show much right now but I can show you the beginning of the bag.. hint Hint. That's not Black..
  6. Intentionally misaligned it to see what it will inspire.. Will use this piece for a flag or a bag..
  7. riffclown


    Got some spare spars today along with new Icarex.. 8 Frames worth
  8. Bridle test in NOTHING was successful.. This will be a fun one for sure when the wind get higher.
  9. From the album: Riffclown's Homemades

    #82 Bridle Test
  10. riffclown

    Riffclown's Homemades

    Photos of my home made kites and accessories. Many made from Gomberg Kite tails.
  11. From the album: Riffclown's Homemades

    #82 Bridle Test
  12. From the album: Riffclown's Homemades

    #82 Bridle Test
  13. Sounds like you need a couple of C-Stoppers. They would keep each side from pushing the other side out.. You could also Make a sleeve from plastic. (Straw, Tubing etc) and glue it on at the appropriate spot.
  14. Decided to compliment the colors with the Leading Edge.
  15. I think I have the center like I want.
  16. 72" Mesh Sail started this morning..
  17. Congrats Again @Mike Klaiber Called it.. look 5 posts up
  18. wow... Maybe Mike did win and @John Barresi accidentally pasted the wrong image?
  19. Happy With the Zero Wind Bridle Test.. Kite #81 Complete
  20. From the album: Riffclown's Homemades

    Zero Wind
  21. From the album: Riffclown's Homemades

    Zero wind
  22. Everything done except a Bridle test..
  23. LE and Wearstrips in place. Starting the Edge binding and corner reinforcements..
  24. I like that except for the 2 panels on your Djinn, this looks like a black and white photo.
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