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  1. JWharton

    First Time Out With Rev

    You won't need luck you got the bug😎 Plenty of videos about and I'm sure others will chime in, enjoy🤗
  2. JWharton


    The leading edge is the same size as a 1.5 that's the only part that comes apart, and it folds up like an accordion 😎
  3. JWharton


    Here's Bruno (with his students😉) just about to convert it, basic explanation is several pieces of Icarus with bungees and clips attached to the outside frame stretching the material over the holes, no picture 🙃
  4. JWharton


    It's a quadline kite built by Bruno Cocandeau, he was kind enough to let a few of us fly them at Basingstoke kite festival (UK). It would of been nice to fly them in some better wind (it was quite light and shifty). It will fly forwards and backwards at the same speed like a Fulcrum, but also side slide the same speed, limited flying time limited knowledge be nice to try again. There's also another part which closes the holes up, I'll see if I've got any pictures.
  5. JWharton


    Thankyou, lol no photo assistant it's a screen grab I just leave my phone recording, then check it when I get home, I get lucky sometimes😎
  6. JWharton

    New to quads is this kite a place to start?

    It all starts with one, then they become like mushrooms 😂
  7. JWharton

    Have you seen this ?

    Lot of energy going into this, at the end of it all it's up to the end user what they want buy, I got what I needed think we can all tell the difference😉
  8. JWharton

    Progress so far

    Yes and yes😆
  9. JWharton

    First look!

    Is it early next month yet🤔😂
  10. JWharton

    Progress so far

    🤣🤣I don't know about that, I do love it though 😋
  11. JWharton

    Progress so far

    Short video of some of my progress after flying quads for nearly 2 years give or take a couple of months. Thanks to all the people that have helped and continue to do so along the way. Really has opened a whole new world, an amazing community [emoji847] Sent from my [device_name] using http://KiteLife mobile app