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  1. JWharton


    Djinn and dog-stake.
  2. You can take them out, they like a bit of fresh air😃
  3. Lines can get a bit sticky, wet sails next to each other not good either (colour bleed). Enjoy😎
  4. Yes definitely go fly, you won’t even realise it’s raining, wear the right gear.
  5. It’s all your fault😅
  6. JWharton

    Dog Day

    If you want to see some dog stake flying.
  7. I went down the exact same route didn't have anyone else's kite to try, just went and bought one spent 2-3 months on my own trying to figure it all out, enjoy your journey it's a source.
  8. I know nothing of springs.
  9. JWharton


    Mikey Devereaux builds them, lines are 120ft.
  10. JWharton

    Djinn Day

    I’m glad all that messy stuff has disappeared from the leading edge, I’m getting zero snags, and seems to be launchable from any ground position, be interested to see what you do to an already incredible sail to make it ‘better’.
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