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  1. Hi Rob

    Not quite sure how to 'post' but here goes :-)

    Got my first 'real' dual line stunt kite for Christmas!  It's a Maelstrom by Kevin Sanders... nothing like a genuine Aussie Yeah!

    Had my first flight on Boxing Day in a very gusty Southerly - see short video taken by my wife Jan on her phone.  I was stoked that she also had some good fun watching me and helping set up to launch.  

    2016 12 26 - Maelstrom Kite by Kevin Sanders.jpg

    2016 12 26 Maelstrom Maiden Flight @ Warwick 1 Compressed.mp4

    1. Exult


      Thank you - you just answered my question (if videos can be directly attached and not only via a video site) in http://kitelife.com/forum/topic/7657-video-help/#comment-61926 ! It also seems like that the 3MB limit is raised to 5MB (allowing for longer videos) when becoming a member (as well as storage area). Good luck with your future kiting! 


    2. SparkieRob


      That's awesome!

      Nice kite btw. I really like those colours. I have 4 of Kevin's kites.

      2 Temptation's, Std and UL dual line freestyle. A 6 foot rokkaku and a 3 meter delta. He's a class act. Very giving of time and information. 


      Yes the wind wind over Christmas time was quite gusty, I got limited flying done but it was with the kids so that was good. 


      Definitely have to organise a meet and fly day. There is getting to be a few Perthites with kites now. On our way to "start a festival"...

  2. Almost mesmerising... Great job on the video too [emoji4] Sent from my iPad using KiteLife mobile app
  3. Love it! Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  4. Good for you Leslie! Look forward to hearing what you get up to with that diamond frame [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  5. Hey Rob
    Just wondering if you went ahead and bought the Skydog 'Dream On' kite you mentioned in a previous post?
     If so, are you happy with it?  I'm currently looking at what to buy next - do you have an update?

    1. SparkieRob


      I ended up getting a Skydog Jammin instead. More a freestyle kite than the Dream On. Still going to get one as the sail is just glorious! Very happy with the Jammin. As its a bit cheaper than my boutique kites I tend to throw it around more. Even fly in car parks with it. 

  6. Hi Rob
    Where's the kite fest you're going to at the end of August ?

  7. Hi Rob You look like a seasoned kite guy :-) Whereabouts are you in Perth?
  8. Correction... That reference should have been Tim Parish of my-best-kite.com Apologies Tim
  9. Thanks JohnI've only just started exploring the world of kiting so I'm a real novice.Recently made a delta, a diamond and a soft sled kite using plans by Tim Frazer of My Best Kite here in Australia.Looking forward to learning more... and keeping an 'eye on the sky' for good winds!
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