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  1. When I make a kite to sell I of course only use top quality material but when I am experimenting with new designs I try to go as cheap as possible that way if I have to scrap the idea I don't loose much. Overtime I have found some cool cheap ways to get a kite in the air. For sails I may use a plastic bag or tarp from Dollar Tree or once in a while I may find a fabric that is that is thin and light enough to fly at Wal-Mart on sale for 1.50 a yard. For spars I use 36 in. bamboo fire skewers. Usually found in the camping section at Wal-Mart. You get ten in a bag for less than a dollar. For connectors I use the ones you get in a pack of glow Sticks at Dollar Tree. For line I use the braided bead string you find in the craft section. In the spring I have also found a variety of kite spools or winders at Dollar Tree. For end caps I simply dip my spar ends in high temperature hot glue. For Ferrules I simply take a pipe cutter and cut thin water line pipe I get from a hardware store. So basically I can make a decent looking kite for about 5 dollars with parts to spare for the next one. I give most of these away once I am done with them.
  2. This is my first time at the Mile High Kite Festival and not really sure what to expect but my kite bag is packed and ready to go.
  3. Not really sure what stained it or when it happened. It had been broken for quite a while and I just got around to fixing it when I noticed it. I will try the woolite and if that doesn't work I guess I will just "let it be".
  4. Ok my kite building studio is in my Garage and somehow one of my kites got stained. How can I clean it without destroying it?
  5. Yeah I've seen kites made out of Tyvek before. I used to get my Ripstop from kitebuilder. com but since the shop isn't open now I have been shopping around. I know some kites are made out of polyester taffeta (my red white and blue is and it flies great) maybe that is a way to get this done.
  6. I made this one to take out to the field. It currently holds 8 framed kites, 3 inflatable kites, all my tails, line laundry, reels and tools for repairs if needed. Still has a little room to spare but filling up fast.
  7. I found this manufacturer in China that sells waterproof "kite fabric". I can tell it isn't ripstop from the pictures but it only costs 2.00 per yard. I also found a closeout site that has ripstop at 1.00 per yard if you buy the remnant of the roll but I am not sure if it is "kite" ripstop. I just want to make a huge inflatable without going broke. Could either of these be an option? Just looking for the best deal out there.
  8. Okay I know that Ripstop nylon is the fabric of choice for most of you but I can't afford what most people are charging for it. Is there a way to get a major discount on ripstop or is there an alternative material that doesn't cost so much.
  9. Another great place for kites. I fly "Jack" (my avatar) there sometimes and I have met other kite flyers there as well.
  10. This park is still quite new. There is a great open field near the memorial site and though there is a disk golf course in the park you won't have to worry about dodging disks out in the field.
  11. I have an inflatable kite that lights up. I only flew it once at night though. I know your line has to be lit up as well after so many feet but I wasn't sure what the measurement was so I kept it low. [/img] Sent from my SCH-I545 using KiteLife mobile app
  12. Haven't been involved much in the kite community since 2008. But I'm back now with a lot of fresh designs brewing in my mind. Sent from my SCH-I545 using KiteLife mobile app
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