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  1. Yeah....Mace and a BASEBALL BAT!
  2. Hey....Good to hear from ya Wufer! That kite looks great! Turned out very nice. Congrats on some great work. We always knew it was supposed to be a bit tricky to fly...but it looks great! Patrick
  3. Hey Wufer..hope you don't mind me stealing from one of your other posts in another forum to help those from outside the US find Design Masters paint. Elsewhere it is called Oasis! Check it out!
  4. Hey Baloo.... Watch this and pay attention around 4:30 into it! I have never seen this version of the Skydancer kite but I bet it could inspire a few modifications to your bat kite that would allow it to fly better. Send it to Derek and let him see what he thinks. Probably have make another kite but if they flew well I bet he wouldn't mind having one for himself! Check it out! Patrick
  5. If I'm reading it correctly....we still have a month to go! DARN!
  6. WOW another one already!!! Can't believe it!! You're getting up there. Better hurry up and get hitched before she realizes it!
  7. Hey Northwest folks. What ever happened with Erv's shop? Did anyone buy it and keep it going or is it gone? Thanks, Patrick
  8. Just heard tonight that Dave Colbert's shop...Above It All Kites in Long Beach, WA....Burned!!! Any of you NW folks have any info.....???? On his site he says he hopes to get up and running again in a new spot with limited inventory. I always liked stopping into the shop when I lived up there...both the Long Beach shop and the one in Oregon. Dave and his wife always seem to treat folks well. Big drag that something like this would happen just as the season starts!!! Patrick
  9. What about a thin but strong spar across the top and bottom of the kite attached at each side to the uprights? Would take a little away from the look in the sky but would definitely stiffen things up. ????
  10. YEP...it was commercially available quite a while ago. I lucked out and found a guy selling one. Mine needs a little work that I have yet to get around to. Nothing major and the kite is in great shape. I've heard people talk about trying to connect the wing tips to the head in order to keep it from flopping around so much. You might give that a try??? Here's an actual ad for the kite that was in Kitelines. Patrick
  11. I'll take it. I'm about due to win one!
  12. Hey...what's his name on Kitebuilder? I think I helped with that kite using the pics from the old bat quad I have. Nice to see it flying!!!! Looks great. The old ones were not very good fliers at all...but they looked cool.
  13. Still waiting for my turn to win!!!
  14. Here ya go...yet another color scheme. This one is pretty old.
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