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  1. Honestly I have a Zephyr and once it hits 4ish mph it can be difficult to keep in the air especially if the wind is pulsing.  I have a Widowmaker Pro that honestly flies way better in basically the same conditions.  I am looking for sometihng for the low low winds.  Not sure what to get yet but in my opinion the Zephyr is an OK low wind kite.  There is much better out there for a similar price and if you are willing to spend more there is way better out there.

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  2. So I have got the funds together.  Now I just have to choose custom colors.  I am debating whether I should have the community crowd source my decision.  I have like 20 variations but have narrowed it down to around 5.  I would like to know what people think of the 5 I have narrowed it down to,

    These are the 5.  Which one does everyone like?






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  3. So I am thinking about my next dual line purchase.  I have a Quantum and a Zephyr.  I am looking to get something on the higher end of the spectrum that has high trickability in the sweet spot of 7-15 mph.  I live in Montana so the wind does not stay super consistent.  If wind is low I can always fly the Zephyr.  I was looking at either a Benson or a Sky Sport Design.  There are so many options for each in this wind category I am having a hard time zeroing in on which kite.  Benson Superfly looks pretty sick but so does a Deep Space.  The Sky Sport Designs kites are so customizable it is hard far me to figure out which kite to even look at.  

    Any recommendations?


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  4. Does anyone know when or if Skyburner is going to start building kites again?

    I know that they are reorganizing due to a head sewer falling ill which is unfortunate.  Hopefully they get better... 

    Anyone got any info?  Or a timeline?

  5. Hello all!

    I have realized that I have a special situation that most would drool over and should probably take advantage of it.  My day job is at Mystery Ranch backpacks and I have access to just about everything needed to build kites especially the most expensive things.  I probably should take advantage of this opportunity...

    I was wondering if there are any digital patterns out there for dual line framed kites?  Like optitecs files etc?  Or are their just hand patterns?

    It looks like everyone uses a zig zag stich which is smart.  Has anyone made any Cuben fiber kites?  What fabric characteristics should I be looking for?  Did you also glue the seams?  Where do you get all of the fittings for the carbon rod?

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