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  1. No, guys, I got this one. It's the mid-brother to my full sail.
  2. Best advice I got for learning the divestop, is to start about "3 mistakes up".
  3. Hey, Will here. We chatted on Sunday at Clover Pt. Glad to see you found your way on here. Hope you get that Reflex out flying in Sidney. Cheers, Will
  4. 1 Rev B-series (full sail) That's it. Yay me.
  5. We're all crazy up here too. Come visit. Bring us presents. Actually, bring kites, with the shipping and the exchange rate, they're probably cheaper too.
  6. Funny. My first flight was on Terry's rev with the busted mesh. Once I got my rev, and went out for the first time, another local flier (Martin) gave me tips too, though the wind was too crappy to get going. The time after that, yet another local gave me tips on setup and flying with my own kite. Everyone is awesome there.
  7. @ronb If you are near Clover Point, there are people flying revs most weekends when the wind is blowing. Most would be happy to chat and give advice, and some would like let you take the reins for a while. My first flight with a Rev was on someone else's Rev at Clover Pt and I was hooked. I was even given an hour lesson on flying it.
  8. Awesome. Thanks for another contest John.
  9. Oh, you finally found my kite. Just send it out this way before these other jokers think they lost theirs too.
  10. My B series standard came with an instruction sheet, and a "how to fly DVD" featuring JB. The sound and video quality were quite poor, but you got the general idea of how to get it going.
  11. I follow JB's method, but lately I am always ending up with one line from one side wrapped around the other pair. So i end up having to loop a handle through one side to unsnarl my line. And after reading this, it occurred to me why this is happening. I am allowing the handles to rotate as I pick them up, and they're probably feeding through each other or getting tangled there.
  12. Merry Christmas everyone.
  13. DrZettl


    For Victoria lately, the wind is either "Kite won't fly" or "Kite will shred".
  14. Looks like you're hauling a water cooler.
  15. DrZettl

    My Kites

  16. I've found https://goodwinds.com/ has some pretty good prices for kite line and the bits required to make lineset. Check the clearance section for even cheaper prices. That said, I've never ordered from them, or had any experience making linesets. Anyone dealt with them?
  17. Thanks for the expansive answer. I'll definitely keep this stuff in mind next time I'm out flying. I think I remember Terry telling me one of the reasons he likes the rev vs a dual line, is that flying one is much more of a dance. I think that is summed up by your "don't be static" answer.
  18. Ah, thanks for the insight. So I guess in a dive, you want to add more tension to the top lines so the sail doesn't flop and still allows you to divestop.
  19. @John Barresi Is the sail farting at 0:25 a sign of not 100% control of the sail? or just too much speed? I notice I do that occasionally, and am trying to figure out if it's not having properly tensioned lines that is causing it, or something else.
  20. Nice. Always love your videos. So relaxing.
  21. Oh. I guess I didn't realise how big the SLE rods are.
  22. What is the purpose of the rubber washer?
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