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  1. "Another thought is trying to turn your nose up at the edge of the window so you stall and fall into the window in a slide. It won't look super pretty but is a good way to start!" Happyspoon, thanks - this I have done, I just figured it wasn't an "authentic" slide, since it didnt originate with the turn. Everyone else, thanks so much for these tips. I will try it with my E3 (confirmed, now that I am sober) - instead of the Nexus.
  2. Thanks, Rob. I'll try the slack. When I do give slack, i feel like it just stalls and doesn't slide. But i'll keep at it. I'm using the same kite as in the video (I think). It's a Prism Nexus. I have tried with the E3 as well. Or E2, whatever it's called. I've had a few drinks. :-) I'm also doing at a beach where the wind dies about five to ten feet from the ground. Tough to figure out if that's part of the problem too.
  3. I have been trying to do a side slide for about two summers now (at least 30 hours), by following the instructions in the video attached. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiedO45vmso Almost every time I get to the edge of the wind window, then do a 1/2 turn then try to turn into a slide, the kite just stalls and doesn't continue sliding. Sometimes it goes up a little, but always all the momentum is erased. Sometimes I get it to slide maybe a foot? I am able to do regular stalls and landings but I just cannot get the slide. Help! I can post a video of my attempt
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