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  1. Hi all, I am part of a mechanical engineering design group who are taking part in a design project. The objective of this project is to design an airborne system which can provide a small amount of energy sufficient to power a communications device, a camera, a LED signalling device or even charge batteries. Our aim is to design something on a similar scale to a portable phone charger, that can be fixed to your kite, or be used in other outdoor sporting activities. I would greatly appreciate it, if I could get some help in answering some questions as to what exactly would be required of such a device. What type of cameras do you typically use for KAP? and how much would they weigh? What is the total weight a kite used for KAP could typically support? what would be the typical power inputs required to charge cameras used? What other electronic equipment would you typically use alongside your camera? where on a kite do you attach your equipment? Do you use waterproof cases for your cameras? and if so do they hinder charging access? any other thoughts on the subject, or anything you think the device should be able to do please comment all info will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! Clara.
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