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  1. I know a little bit about target arrows, less about hunting arrows. There are arrow spine gauges. Better arrow shafts are generally sold in lots of 12, but you may be able to buy individual shafts that are "less" professional. I would try to get a shaft with a known spine to test on your testing rig so that you can compare what you rig gives verses the "listed" spine. Many target arrows are not actually 100% carbon. They are often cored with aluminum, and the style that are shot in the olympics are actually smaller diameter at the ends than in the middle. I believe that quite a while back there was someone who measured spar deflections of all the popular spars at the time, you may be able to find it and measure the same way. Good luck.
  2. I bought a large number of kites a while back and am still going through all of them. This one looks like a sting ray. It may be home built, however, the build quality is quite nice. It uses Revolution Advantage spars. I can't for the life of me figure out how to assemble it. Any ideas? The tail spar seems straight forward. The main spar doesn't make a lot of sense. There are some small pockets for spars, but the Rev spars are too large to fit. One of the rev spars looks like it has a dowel in it, I tried to tap it out, but it wouldn't move. The other one is open. There are vinyl tubing fittings, I am assuming that they are for the whiskers. I have no idea what the tubes are with the red tape. I thought at first ferules, but they are the same outer diameter as the rev spars. I don't really know which is top and bottom, I just figure the bridle is the bottom of the kite (what we see from the ground). Also makes sense to me that the eyes are on the bottom. Any help would be appreciated. Web searches seem to only find inflatable sting ray kites. Thanks, Brett
  3. both have broken about couple of inches outside the T, however, it is kind of hard to tell and the splits go quite far. I may just try gluing in a plug, although I hadn't really thought about it before now. Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. Oh, I enjoy it very much. I have mixed feelings about it lately, but not in the way that you think. I tried it out towing an 80 foot tube tail the other day, and loved it. I just feel sad about using it for that kind of duty, when clearly it is a much more capable kite. Thanks for the input! Brett
  5. I'm pretty sure that is for new Outerspaces. Mine is an old one. Maybe it is a direct swap, but my guess is that I will also need to replace the center T if I switch to skyshark. I guess its time get out the mike and start measuring.
  6. I have an old Benson Outerspace, a very nice kite. I have one spreader that is marked Excel 6. The other had no markings (I bought the kite used). I bought a pultruded rod of the right size, and it lasted one outing and splintered just like the first one. As far as I can tell, these Excel rods were something special, I just don't know what. Obvious stronger than normal pultruded carbon. Funny thing is, I can fly it pretty well splintered, go figure. Any insight would be appreciated. Brett
  7. Sorry, not a chance. If you are ever in the Seattle area, you can give it a try
  8. Why, then are you not out flying? Great picture. Brett
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  10. Have you flown a rev? You may not want an EXP, but the first real rev I got was an old 1.5, pre-SLE. I think any rev will give you lots of things to try and work on and be fun. $195 with lines and handles isn’t really too bad. I’ve bought most of my used ones for around $100, but never with lines or handles. Good luck and enjoy. Brett
  11. Yes, that is a nice video. Thanks for posting.
  12. Blue Sky at Boxcar Park in Everett, WA
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