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  1. JB, I certainly hope that what I am attempting to point out isn't seen as vitriol? And my reference to my subscription was merely in reference to money allowing criticism to be expressed. I would also like to think that there is some integrity in restricting slamming of any business related to the kiting community. My whole point in posting wasn't to antagonise, rather it was simply done to highlight that negativity and he said, she said mentality only serves to create division. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  2. And as a result of your experiences, regardless of how right or wrong they are, you feel you have paid a due that gives a right to mock? Excuse me if I don't see the logic behind your thinking. Perhaps as a KiteLife Subscriber I should cash in my allowance of mockery and aimlessly belittle for the sake of making only myself feel better. You can spit on a rose, but it's still a rose. Soggy. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  3. I have been reluctant to post in this thread, and perhaps I shouldn't as I am only new to the scene and unaware of the history surrounding much of what has been said. Nonetheless, I do have to say that I honestly find much of the negativity towards Revolution Kites tasteless, and unnecessary. In business or in personal life, I feel that problems of any capacity remain between only the parties involved. Their product has enabled so much joy to so many people that to simply deride them on any level only creates division and do the kiting community a disservice. I respect that politics, opinions and difference are a part of any community, but when those elements combine and someone's integrity is not only questioned, but seemingly mocked to an extent, I am truly saddened. Soggy. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  4. No longer for sale. My amazing fiancé, who I have the pleasure of marrying on the 17th said that she would rather me keep them than get rid of them at a lot less than what I paid. Yep, she's a keeper. Play on. Soggy. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  5. No real interest so far, and both still available. Anyone looking to get a bargain just PM me. Never been one to try and sell gear at top dollar...would much rather just get them out of my hair now that I have a few things on the bike to get sorted. As such, I am letting both of them go quite cheap for how new they are. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  6. If anyone interested, this is the bike I built and have fortunately got back. Attached is also a picture of the saddle with the latin phrase for My Father, My Hero.
  7. A long story short...in 2012 I built a custom motorbike dedicated to my dad who was suffering from Parkinsons at the time. Won best in category at a show, and in a moment of madness I sold it shortly after. Needless to say, a decision I always regretted, only more so with my father dying last year. Anyways, last week that very motorbike came up for sale from the guy I sold it to. A few mountains moved later, and I am blessed to have it back. The catch...not without a price. To afford it (a loose term coined by the financial institution who lent me the money), I am having to sacrifice all other hobbies for a bit. As such, I am selling the two B-Series Revolution kites that I only purchased in December of last year. Each kite has only been flown about 3 times. For sale, hopefully as a package is the following; 2 sails - purple standard and a blue/grey full vent. 2 sets of handles. 2 sets of lines - each 90lb x 80ft. With the standard is a 2 wrap and 3 wrap frame. With the full vent is a race frame and a 4 wrap; PLEASE note that with the 4 wrap, one of the regular spars is broken at the end. This didn't occur in any flight, and I am sincerely annoyed that it has happened. Both kites come with standard carry cases from Rev kite store. I would genuinely love to keep these kites, but to get my bike back is a bigger dream come true. I would rather sell the entire lot as one package, but if need be, will separate them. Pricing? I only want what is fair, and would like to assume that people can know what I paid in Australia and make a sensible offer accordingly. Please feel free to message me with any questions, and I really do hope they go to a good home. Should you be interested, just PM me with an offer and a location for me to find out what postage might be. Thanks for your time.
  8. One set. Can't make it too easy [emoji12] Soggy Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  9. By Tom Lochhaas, Sailing Expert Definition: Noun: The luff is the leading edge of a sail. On a mainsail, the luff attaches to the mast. The luff of a head sail, or jib, attaches to the forestay. Verb: Luffing refers to a shaking or movement of the leading edge of a sail when it is not in trim. For example, if the sail is let out too far for the wind’s direction, the leading edge may shake or start to blow inward. Tightening up the sheet usually corrects luffing. Verb: To “luff up” also refers to the act of turning the boat more into the wind, thereby causing the sail to luff. This may be done deliberately, for example, to slow the boat down to prevent crossing the starting line too soon in a sail race. How that translates to kite flying I shall leave to those better informed than me. Soggy. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  10. We got plenty to share lately Edmond as it hit 107.6 today in Perth [emoji91] Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  11. Ok, we shall assume that all food is catered for and the kite can't be used as a form of escape or travel. Has to be the one kite you get the most pleasure from and would want with you... Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  12. So if life were to put you on a deserted island where you were to live out your days eating coconuts and talking to Wilson, what kite would you want with you? You can only have one, and no stacks[emoji12] Soggy Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  13. Sounds good mate. Got news that my two B series left today so not long now. Santa flies quads this year! Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  14. I can completely see the appeal of 30 foot lines and at the same time also understand how longer would be more forgiving. It is very much a case of creating subconscious muscle memories, and the few times I did well I was almost just 'doing' rather than having to think and then act. I found that in the middle of the window I could complete very simple movements with success, but that to recover it from a dive on the edge required more than just a repeat of what worked high and in the middle - apologies as I am probably not using correct terminology. Learning will very much be a case of repeating movements over and over and creating new neural pathways for success. A challenge but one I also found much easier with the support and encouragement of an experienced flyer being there with me. As a motorbike rider who has done some track work previously, I also know that soft hands are what I need to work on. A death grip completely masks any feel that you have and the kite almost reflected the tension I had in my hands and body today. I guess what today also allowed was an absolute respect for those of you who are able to make the kite do exactly what you want. We used to often talk about our abilities being less than those of our motorbikes as a way of explaining how much room for improvement there was with the bike we had. With Rev kites I sincerely question whether anyone has reached a point where they are outflying the kite and needing more from them. Let the fun and learning begin. After all, if it isn't continually fun then you won't improve much at all. Soggy. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  15. Just got home after meeting@SparkieRob and flying my first Rev. A few thoughts going through my head ATM; 1. Completely hooked already. 2. Learning curve meet Everest, Everest, learning curve (Best of mates for the moment) 3.@SparkieRob - Top bloke and cheers for letting me smash your kite all around the foreshore. 4. Can't wait to get the Standard B Series and the full-vent B series I have just ordered. Yup, had a blast. Soggy. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
  16. So the initial confusion of what kite to buy didn't last as long as I thought....joined the forum very recently and @SparkieRob was enough of a legend to not only get in contact with me as we live in the same obscure part of the world, but also help me in deciding what first real kite I should buy (not that the Transformer kite I had when I was 10 wasn't cool). So, without hesitation, I have just ordered a Revolution B-Series bundle (standard)...in purple and white no less!! Cannot wait for it to get here, and a big thank you to Rob for generously lending his time and for offering to catch up. Soggy.
  17. @makatakam After a day of trolling the net, I really do see this as having a huge potential for GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). Little bit daunting as to where to start, but am hugely appreciate to yourself and @SparkieRob for all the advice and recommendations.
  18. Cheers SparkieRob. Appreciate it mate. I hadn't even considered parafoils but after YouTubing them they look like a blast. Not entirely sure which direction to go, but at 6'4 and 120kgs I doubt kite size will be an issue? Lol Soggy
  19. My apologies as this question must get a little boring to the experienced flyers in the forum. That being said, I can only ask... I am for all intensive purposes a beginner other than a basic single line past that most adults would have. Nonetheless, I have always loved kites and with my impending mid-life crisis and inability to buy a sports car, a flash kite should do the trick...truth be told, kites tend to make me happier and I am not entirely sure why. With them in the air, I just tend to forget about the world and smile as clichéd as that may seem. Now...what to buy so that I don't destroy something in its first few flights and hate myself for it. So, any recommendations for a dual line stunt kite that I can have a real blast with without fear of destroying it in its maiden flight. I am sure in time I will want to learn tricks and stunts, and I am prepared to do the study and take my time, but initially I just want to zoom around in the window. Budget...anything up to $500 dollars really. I did read that a Prism Quantum Pro could be used by a beginner, but I am not sure of how much truth there is in that? I wont lie when I say that I do want something impressively BIG; shallow? Maybe I am completely wrong in wanting that, and it wont meet my needs...please tell me if so. Either way, any recommendations or advice would be hugely appreciated. Thanks again. Soggy.
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