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  1. That thought has crossed my mind...to learn with the 4D with little to no wind. Then flying other kites would be easier given the wind conditions. I just don't want to break it, like one of my other ones I seem to not be able to keep in the air. Thanks.
  2. New, never used, with 50 ft lines Prism 4D / Berkely Custom Color : JADE NEBULA asking $120
  3. Hi, I am in search of a new owner. Since arriving at my current home sometime in Nov of 2016, I have been out flying a few times. During these occasions, I have been flipped, twirled, dragged, flown a little, but mostly crashed. Yeah mainly crashed, not too much fly time. Results of these crashes have caused a few things to break, tear, or get lost. To begin, I have a tear in the center near the tail section. This tear has been taped with kite repair tape. Seems to be holding ok. Next we have had a broken center spreader that has been replaced. Not sure of the brand, but it’s the red/black ones. Another flying occasion, my owner lost my tail weight…again by crashing. The great people at A Wind of Change were nice enough to send me a replacement. My tail weight is now taped on as so my owner will not lose it again. For my last time out….thinking this would be better! You guessed it…another crash. This one was really bad. The replacement center spreader held up nicely, but the center T broke this time. As you can see in the picture, it has not been replaced. One time, while out flying, one of the lines broke. I was hoping the other one would break so I could fly away from my owner that couldn’t fly me. Well he managed to get me back down, probably crashed… I don’t remember. With my story, comes a ransom note from my owner… Please pay $180 OBO to have me shipped to your home. Summary: Kymera dual line sport kite – Blue – Condition – almost like new except for: Tear that has been taped near tail section. (Will send black kite material for section replacement) Broken Center T (I don’t have this repaired) Sky shark center spreader is broken – but have replacements (includes both, broken and new) Instruction manual and tag Carry bag
  4. kite bag sold and on its way to new home. Thanks
  5. Skydog Deluxe 6ft kite bag. 4 side pockets. Like new, never used outside. Asking $40 - shipping to lower 48 states included.
  6. Will do, It would be the warmer time of year. I don't think I would enjoy the Chicago cold.
  7. I do want to see the cloud gate in Chicago, and the city. It is the windy city after all.
  8. Thanks for the info. Stated flying in October 2016. Still have a lot to learn. I learn best when shown or taught by someone. I can read something (or watch a video) 10 times and still not figure it out until I see someone actually doing the motions. Flying with company will quickly increase the learning curve. I have looked into some kite festivals within driving distance. Maybe plan a summer trip to an area with a festival.
  9. An area close to you is the Tailwater access area at Old Hickory Dam. Its on Cinder road. It on my list of sites to check out. From the map, if there is wind coming from south / southeast if will be coming across the lake. I did a quick lookup of the kite, and it is similar to one of mine, but lighter. . My Prism Jazz flies in 10 MPH inland winds or above (with longer line) due to the wingspan size / weight. I tried in 6 MPH wind in Murfreesboro and it plainly showed me that it wanted more wind.... or shorter lines.
  10. I am in Murfreesboro. I usually go to Gateway Island. I have been looking for places on aerial maps around Nashville. I have a list, just need to get out and check them out. Also have been scoping out churches with open area next to them. They usually keep the grass cut in the summer time. I have several dual line kites, which haven't all been in the air yet. Two Revolution kites that seem to crash more than fly...but that will change in time.
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