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  1. Nice, see Larry you didn't need help after all, lol. Now hurry up and get out there. The wind is phenomenal today!!!
  2. whtmtn


    dang sir, some beautiful wings.
  3. Very nice kites. I really like the variety.
  4. @LookuPLars hey its t. I used to use an old fish scale i had to stretch out even new linesets. I'd usually set 'em out in the afternoon and leave them overnight. More often than not I wouldn't have to touch them again. BTW I went out this afternoon it was nice.
  5. whtmtn


    @riffclown OMG! That purple fade is stunning... hmm never realized what a fan of purple i was till i saw that!
  6. @breezin, that would be john chilese. Not there all the time, but always nice when he shows up.
  7. @breezin, that would be john chilese. Not there all the time, but always nice when he shows up.
  8. whtmtn

    New Kite

    After flying at the beach be sure to rinse your sail the salt can be harmful.
  9. whtmtn

    New Kite

    I wouldn't worry about it. I would however release the stand offs though, don't wanna leave any tension in the sail.
  10. @Lookuplars Where in vegas are you? I'm in vegas also. Theres a small group of pilots that gather at the silverbowl on fri nights. With all the spares i have lying around we should have your baby up in no time. I'll dm all my info.
  11. @makatakam I can relate, one of my favorite spots is right across the street from an international airport. With a good pair of binoculars I can see the facial expressions of the air traffic controllers. However i'm usually more concerned with the drivers on the road. Any road for that matter.
  12. persistence, and creativity... i flew on the roof of building the other day.
  13. After consulting with the oracle."I see erratic vegas winds in the future of that prize pack." Her words, not mine... sounds reasonable right?
  14. Wow, those are awesome, and the only kind of shirts (performance) I wear. I first tried one, must be 20yrs ago, to this day still the only material I like. Come home to daddy my little babies!
  15. Snagged my new kaiju (#48) from the mail yesterday. Of course the wind will be howling for the next few days ...
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