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  1. So it wasn't just me... Ok it was mostly me! But it's nice to see that Prism has announced a redesigned centre T for the Quantum!
  2. Suddenly, it's May! The weather has been turning colder here over the last few (eight!) weeks. Work has been busy, and combined with the end of daylight savings time, it has definitely put a crimp on my flying! I finally got a chance to debut my new ribbon tails last weekend, they looked great! Unfortunately I can't show you any video, the GoPro wasn't working properly - operator error! Then I got rained on and it dawned on me that I now had to work out a way of drying 2 x 25ft tails... The answer I settled on was pulling each tail through a folded towel, that seemed to work pret
  3. This I get. This, not so much? Trying to relate back to the aerodynamics that I know: In unstalled flight, If I pull on say, the right line, am I decreasing the angle of attack on that side? Thus a decrease in lift compared to the left side of the kite, causing the left side to lift and the kite to turn towards the right? Assuming that much is correct, then in stalled flight, by pulling on the right line am I momentarily decreasing the angle of attack to the point where it starts generating lift again? Thus more lift than the left hand side and the kite turns towards the le
  4. That is about where I am at, to be honest. Still less than 10 outings, really only maybe 5 or 6. Still working out my lefts and rights! Avoiding the ground is pretty much the goal at the moment. I'm aware that I stand too still. I'll try to start moving some more. Again, still aiming to avoid that ground! I know that the videos are way too long, and I certainly don't think or expect that many (or any!) will sit through them entirely. Video editing is still painful at the moment, I'm still working out how to do it (I much prefer still photography). I'm just cutting the
  5. Thank you! I will investigate how much force is required for launching next time I fly. Someone else said I had lead hands, so I'm clearly just overdoing my inputs. Hopefully I'll get some kite time later today. You're right: I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of a few things, but I'm still way behind the kite. I am still working on the push/pull/combo turns but I have yet to work out those crisp 90 turns! Any slack line tricks are just luck at this point! I don't feel like I have enough finesse on the controls to actually attempt them at the moment. P.s. Don't worry, I am havin
  6. I messed up with the audio, still working out the whole editing thing! It was mainly wind noise anyway.
  7. Here is my YouTube playlist. All of my kite videos will end up here!
  8. Hello there, welcome to my blog! I've never really done one of these before... short story even shorter: I got myself a 2-line kite. Didn't know anything about kites. I found this forum and asked the following question: I received a lot of helpful information from the locals and the thread kind of evolved into me detailing my flying experiences. It was suggested that I should do that in a blog instead, and so here we are! I'm planning to put links to any videos that I have taken while flying. Beyond that, I'm not sure. Open to suggestions!
  9. I clearly am too rough on the ground recoverys, hence the T breaking so much. But I am learning this on my own, I don't have anyone with.l me to warn me about things that I am doing wrong, or to show me how best to adjust the kite bridle for each wind condition. At the moment all I am mainly trying to do is avoid the ground and get a feel for how much movement I need to use to control the kite. The light touch and finesse will come once I have more experience and control and can feel the differences between line set ups. Maybe after I win JB for a weekend, you'll see some improvements!
  10. New video is up! I went wrong somewhere in the editing and the sound was all out of sync, so I just got rid of it. Same with the next video as well. So enjoy part 3, in which I break my kite, fix it, and nearly break it again.
  11. Oh, look at what turned up in the mail today! I can also afford three more mistakes now...
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