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  1. eric67m

    IFlite beats me

    The short lead that comes from the spine to the spreader goes straight up and down on mine. Yours seems to tip way back. That length is about 7/8" long on mine, and the spreader is 9". I'm not sure what would cause it to lean back.
  2. eric67m

    How to do a handle wrap?

    The bigger body of my primary post starting with "for power foils I do it differently" and continuing all the way down describes how I leave the kite connected and wind the lines around the handles. Sorry for the confusion.
  3. eric67m

    How to do a handle wrap?

    Line management video.
  4. eric67m

    How to do a handle wrap?

    I believe John B. has done a nice line management video based on quad lines for a rev. I have used this concept for revs and quad indoor kites. It works great. Video below. For Power foils I do it differently. I leave my handles and lines attached to the kite. Stake the handles. Secure the kite to the ground with sand and go back to the handles. As a right hander, I hold the two handles aligned and together in my left hand. I use my right hand to wrap the lines as a straight wrap around the top end of the handles. When you approach the kite or the end of your lines take several loops around one of the handles to "lock it off" and end it. On longer lines or thicker lines you sometimes notice a twist happening between you and the kite. I loop one handle to lock it and then loop both handles the other direction. This helps take the twists out. What ever you do, unwind in a simular fashion to avoid twists and knots. I.e. Handles in the left hand and unwind lines with the right. I do this during the flying season and then at the end of the year I wind to a winder card to allow the foam handles to not be crushed by the lines for as long. This method can be done on a rev also. Good luck.
  5. eric67m

    DIY Kite Stake

    I have heard that you will find some golf balls with a liquid in them. It's kind of a surprise when you drill into them. Hopefully you don't run into those. I have made a variety of kite stakes over the past few years. They are fun projects. When I ride my buggy I carry mine on the buggy. When I fly static I shove it through a belt loop on the side, but I've been warned. I was warned on the power kite forum about carrying it on your body. This picture was someone's else's reason. It came from this posting. I have found my local fabric stores only have flat webbing (single layer). I only found the tubular stuff at the REI (mountain outfitters supply). I found that I could cut a piece of polyethylene hose (the clear plastic tube they use for pumps and the like) and put that down the middle of a piece of tubular nylon webbing. It holds the opening wide open and makes the holster a little more rigid so I can scoop up my stake and slip it into the sheath without fiddling with it.
  6. eric67m

    My first attempts at indoor

    Where is the indoor king, John barresi when we need him. I think moving backwards in a circle (which you were doing in the end) vs straight back. Everybody moves differently both in walking and arm movement. I tend to keep my arms in too much not allowing me arm space to pull and accelerate the kite out of a stall. The indoor kites I have played around with are home made garbage bag kites (2 patterns) i-flites, i-naks, darts, revs(freilin and watty works). They are all fun and provide challenges to work on. Also the kites set up can change how it flies. Sometimes changing the bridal slightly to adjust how the kite angles into the (AoA, angle of attack) can effect it's flight characteristics. Some people set up their quad kites with this in mind.
  7. eric67m

    My first attempts at indoor

    Looks like you are doing well. When I was first learning I was taught to try to back around the center circle of the court. I end up doing smaller circles (as most people do). I love getting out and flying indoor. It's a lot of fun. Keep it up.
  8. eric67m

    OSK Classroom Sticker

    I have one in my cubicle at work. They also have this print on a shirt. When we are in ocean shores my young daughter has often worn the stickers around town on her shirt.
  9. eric67m

    Want To Try Quad - Which One?

    Very true, from power foils to outdoor and indoor revolutions, quad kites are my favorite ways to be at the end of kite strings. The number of kites needed in your quiver is N+1.
  10. Welcome back Walt. I hope you don't mind that I made a few kite stakes inspired by your original beautiful ones while you were gone. Sincerely, Eric
  11. eric67m

    waist harness

    We should also mention that in power foils there are beginner, intermediate and race kites. Small kites do have less pull in general but can move extremely quickly compared to sizes as the kites get bigger. I have heard some smaller foils described as an angry wasp on a string. Several advanced buggy riders over on the power kite forum have been injured from sub 3m int-race foils. What I did... Start small (fixed bridals). Take my time. Go a little bit bigger. Get some wheels (buggy for me). Slowly fill in the kite size gaps. Start going bigger (depower) for the low wind days (still with many bigger sizes to go).
  12. I totally agree. I have never met Walt but have only heard or read good things about him. I wish him the best. I have only sold kites to Andy to keep something similar in his shop until Walt returns. I have given one or two kite stake to a few friends. I'm not trying to step into any toes..
  13. Hello, I'm Eric. I actually made the ones that Andy is carrying currently at Ocean Shores kites. I got into this sport when Andy was carrying Walt's and remembered how cool they are. I gradually got into bigger kites needed some cool stakes. I asked Andy about the custom stakes that he used to carry. He mentioned that Walt was currently not making them. I offered to make some as a stop gap until Walt starts making them again. Andy has had mine there for two summer's. Mine are simular marbles (i have also done mini pool balls) a machined aluminum connector with a 1/4" stainless shaft 12" long. The shaft and connector are pressed together. The ball adhered on with epoxy. I radial grain all of the metal parts (sorry not polished). I believe Walt also made holder sheaths, which I have not done. Below are pictures of one's that i made previously (on ocean shores kites counter). I am away from my house so I cannot post pictures of what I currently have.
  14. eric67m

    waist harness

    Wow, this forum is more active than it first appeared. I apologize for not thinking about the, "you will hurt yourself side of it". That hook is definitely not the best option. I was doing the big guy with a relatively small kite math. The lack of padding, support and leg straps are great points. Finding a large enough harness may be challenging... I have flown static for years and never had flown hooked in. I mainly fly fixed bridals. I got a buggy a year ago but have primarily flown "strong arm". I did fly once or twice with an old quadrfoil harness but didn't like the concept of no way to let go and a potential out of buggy experience (OBE). Just now I am just about done rigging up a automatic quick release (AQR) to a peter Lynn divine harness my with some assistance from Jeff earl (bigkid) from power kite forum so I have the option to fly hooked and have an added level of protection or I can always continue to strong arm it.
  15. eric67m

    Welcome eric67m

    Where are the people on this forum located? Are they generally from the United states, Europe, Australia? I haven't seen a trend, but like many forums people come from everywhere for a common hobby.