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  1. I believe I figured out how to assemble it. The larger diameter forked end goes towards the bottom and can adjust tension between the various beads. I stopped by Ocean Shores Kites and Andy said it is a "rokakku" Japanese fighter kite.
  2. http:// [/urlurlI I was just handed this by a friend of my dad's. He used to be way into flying kites and could not figure out how to put this one together again. The bag is hand labeled "Tetra" on one side are for points that connect together into one point. There are six spars two sets labeled top and bottom. The third set is larger and is forked at one end. I assume the star is at the top and the beads are below the red and white on the bottom. Who knows how to put this together or any information on brand or model. Thanks in advance. Eric
  3. I also picked up a Singer 500a "Rocketeer" from facebook marketplace. Only has a couple of chips in the paint. It is one of the last all metal gear machines built by Singer. I like that the multi step zig zag on the Singer is more adjustable than on the Phaff.
  4. Hello Colin, I think you may be the Colin I kite buggy with. If so see you at SOBB buggy camp during memorial day. If I don't know you welcome to the forum anyways. Eric Miller
  5. I recently picked up a pfaff 1214 from craigslist for $200. So far it seems to work fairly well. I have been working on heavy duty projects like a fur suit for my daughter and some thicker material for covering my kite buggy while transporting it on the back of my car.
  6. Is the original post concerned about the kite flying high up (past its zenith) or bypassing other bystanders heads? These are two different subjects.
  7. It is possible to blow out cells in a foil. I've crashed a lot and haven't done it yet, you'r results may vary. When you crash nose down the air has no place to go and the fabric can RIP and give out. You could go to a single skin foil kite like a NPW (NASA power wing), dfo or flysurfer peak. No cells to burst.
  8. The short lead that comes from the spine to the spreader goes straight up and down on mine. Yours seems to tip way back. That length is about 7/8" long on mine, and the spreader is 9". I'm not sure what would cause it to lean back.
  9. The bigger body of my primary post starting with "for power foils I do it differently" and continuing all the way down describes how I leave the kite connected and wind the lines around the handles. Sorry for the confusion.
  10. I believe John B. has done a nice line management video based on quad lines for a rev. I have used this concept for revs and quad indoor kites. It works great. Video below. For Power foils I do it differently. I leave my handles and lines attached to the kite. Stake the handles. Secure the kite to the ground with sand and go back to the handles. As a right hander, I hold the two handles aligned and together in my left hand. I use my right hand to wrap the lines as a straight wrap around the top end of the handles. When you approach the kite or the end of your lines take several loops around one of the handles to "lock it off" and end it. On longer lines or thicker lines you sometimes notice a twist happening between you and the kite. I loop one handle to lock it and then loop both handles the other direction. This helps take the twists out. What ever you do, unwind in a simular fashion to avoid twists and knots. I.e. Handles in the left hand and unwind lines with the right. I do this during the flying season and then at the end of the year I wind to a winder card to allow the foam handles to not be crushed by the lines for as long. This method can be done on a rev also. Good luck.
  11. I have heard that you will find some golf balls with a liquid in them. It's kind of a surprise when you drill into them. Hopefully you don't run into those. I have made a variety of kite stakes over the past few years. They are fun projects. When I ride my buggy I carry mine on the buggy. When I fly static I shove it through a belt loop on the side, but I've been warned. I was warned on the power kite forum about carrying it on your body. This picture was someone's else's reason. It came from this posting. http://www.powerkiteforum.com/viewthread.php?tid=32044#pid309537 I have found my local fabric stores only have flat webbing (single layer). I only found the tubular stuff at the REI (mountain outfitters supply). I found that I could cut a piece of polyethylene hose (the clear plastic tube they use for pumps and the like) and put that down the middle of a piece of tubular nylon webbing. It holds the opening wide open and makes the holster a little more rigid so I can scoop up my stake and slip it into the sheath without fiddling with it.
  12. Where is the indoor king, John barresi when we need him. I think moving backwards in a circle (which you were doing in the end) vs straight back. Everybody moves differently both in walking and arm movement. I tend to keep my arms in too much not allowing me arm space to pull and accelerate the kite out of a stall. The indoor kites I have played around with are home made garbage bag kites (2 patterns) i-flites, i-naks, darts, revs(freilin and watty works). They are all fun and provide challenges to work on. Also the kites set up can change how it flies. Sometimes changing the bridal slightly to adjust how the kite angles into the (AoA, angle of attack) can effect it's flight characteristics. Some people set up their quad kites with this in mind.
  13. Looks like you are doing well. When I was first learning I was taught to try to back around the center circle of the court. I end up doing smaller circles (as most people do). I love getting out and flying indoor. It's a lot of fun. Keep it up.
  14. I have one in my cubicle at work. They also have this print on a shirt. When we are in ocean shores my young daughter has often worn the stickers around town on her shirt.
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