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  1. Nekoshi

    Custom RevoPolo by PoloKites (2/15/18)

    Thanks so much! PMed ya. I'll be around I'm sure. I'm pretty new to flying. This one won't be flown till I've gotten a chance to learn more. I just got my first rev (an EXP) for Christmas and it's been pretty cold so haven't had but a few flights so far.
  2. Nekoshi

    Custom RevoPolo by PoloKites (2/15/18)

    I just can't put into words how grateful I am for the opportunity. Thank you to everyone for the congratulations! I will treasure this kite forever. Much love!
  3. Nekoshi

    Custom RevoPolo by PoloKites (2/15/18)

  4. Nekoshi

    Custom RevoPolo by PoloKites (2/15/18)

    It's a face...It's a's a cat face! =^.^=
  5. yep they sure are and thanks again everyone let you know how she does next time I fly her.
  6. I had to mark it but I moved it this far towards the nose. I'll keep playing with it next time I'm able to try it out. Thanks so much everyone! I also put that other larks head knot that I had moved back to where it was originally.
  7. It's an Airwave Zero by flying wings. So UL/indoor. I had been using it outdoor in light wind but recently took it indoor and figured there was something I could adjust to allow for better indoor flight. Course maybe not. I have the top let out all the way already. When I was flying it indoor it was set like the first picture but it did look like it laid more flat when I dangled it with the setting like the 2nd picture so thought it might help but wasn't sure if that was right. Thanks for your help guys.
  8. Been reading the Andy Wardley page on different bridles and trying to figure out what I have on my kite and how to adjust this thing for different situations, but I think I ended up more confused. Could someone here point me in the right direction? I know the basic nose in/nose out adjustments and how it affects flight but I think this one can adjust it's pitch? I'm not sure if I'm doing this correctly.
  9. Nekoshi

    My first attempts at indoor

    The secondary adjustment points? I've not yet seen this on any of my other kites. There's the typical ones near the nose and that's on the last knot setting (nose out). But I noticed this knot. I had it on the inner setting as shown in the first picture. New setting in the second. When I just let it dangle, there is a definite change in the way it lays and it looks like the new setting will be much better for indoor. Been eyeballing John's Kaiju though I must admit, even if I don't "need" it.
  10. Nekoshi

    My first attempts at indoor

    I had thought I had it adjusted all the way out but I think I found another adjustment point on the bridle after looking at it again. Going to try that out next time. Looks like hangs more flat after changing that point so in theory it should be better.
  11. Nekoshi

    My first attempts at indoor

    Thanks everyone! I will try to keep a more centered area next time and work on getting comfortable doing more of the basic maneuvers. I'm not sure if a different kite would be better at this time or not. I bought this kite (Airwave Zero) for light wind and even though it CAN do indoor, I think it may be better suited outdoors. In your more experienced opinions, what would you suggest? Should I stick to learning with this kite or get a new one that was designed for indoor use only? I would like to eventually be able to trick with it and indoor ballet is I think where my primary goals are at. Whatever would make learning easier as I'm teaching myself from online info and from watching videos. I have a birthday coming up in April so a new kite can be arranged. 😁
  12. Nekoshi

    My first attempts at indoor

    Found a nice little place in a nice little town to practice and learn indoor dual line. After an hour of trail and error, I started to get the hang of it. Can't wait to go back again! Here's a video of my progress today. I just felt like sharing.
  13. Nekoshi

    Creating club

    I put together a Facebook page for Champaign, IL. I'll post stuff related to the area. Feel free to follow if your interested.
  14. Nekoshi

    Beginner kite selection information guide

    Hello fellow flyers! I've been flying for 2 seasons. I don't have a lot of knowledge but I will share my experiences for cjay and anyone else who might be interested in my noob experiences. Thanks for doing this post. I'm following. So I started with the Freebird by Skydog. It was a good price and a good teacher. It took a beating and I love flying it. Makes a good sound and flies fast but not too fast. I've been told it's a decent all around kite that can do tricks (although I haven't really tried) and it handles pretty good. The only down side is that it takes (correct me if I'm wrong) solid carbon spars that are 6mm diameter and I cannot find them anywhere. A few people from here and a couple of facebook kite groups suggested I contact Dodd Gross and after trying every other option, I did but it didn't get me anywhere either. For this reason, I wouldn't recommend this kite as a beginner kite unless your ready to accept that you will have to purchase a new one once you break a rod which could be rather quickly after you buy it. You will crash...a lot. You will probably fly it in too high of winds or be too rough with it at times. You may not know how to adjust the bridle for the winds and put too much stress on your kite. A lot can damage your kite and as a new flyer, expect to abuse your first kite so consider how you will be getting replacements and repairs done. Most the time if you buy from an actual kite shop they will sell kites they have access to repairing. I bought my first kite from the closest store who had a stunt kite for sale and it was just a hobby shop and the guy didn't know anything about kites and didn't have parts or a way to service them. My second kite was a WolfNG by Premier Kites. I got it from a kite festival but they have a storefront and only sold kites they could get parts for and service. Parts are not too costly on this one and are indeed easy to get. It's a little heavy being a little bigger of a kite than my Freebird. I get some oversteer and it's a kite I would imagine a person who has flown before could handle but a novice might have some trouble getting the hang of. I think it's a good one for just flying. I've tried stalling and axles but it just seems to do that oversteer thing when I try it but I'm still attempting to get the hang of the tricks so maybe I just need to practice more. It does claim to be able to fly in some low winds (4-25mph) but I feel it flies much better if the wind is steady and around the 10mph-15mph range. It might be possible to do 4mph but you'll be doing a whole lot of exercise to make that 4mph wind work for you. It's just a little too heavy for that low. Really hard to get it up if the wind is under 7mph and especially if it's a gusty day where you may have moments where the wind dies off to under 7mph. I personally like flying this kite with my 100ft tail on it when the wind is good and steady and just doing casual loops. My third kite was a gift for my birthday. I discovered I wasn't able to fly on most days I would think I could because our wind just drops off so hard. It'll be a 10-15mph perfect flying day but then I'd have moments where the wind was nothing and I'd stand in the field waiting to lift off once the wind picked up and then crash when it dropped off again. This was not fun for me so I started shopping for an UL that I could use outdoors in little wind but could handle the 10mph gusts. I found the AirWave Zero by Flying Wings and it's my favorite kite to date. Smooth flying even in gusty winds. It has great response and it's just a dream to fly. If the wind starts making it buzz too much I stop flying it because it is very lightweight and the sail is very thin. Frame is very thin also and being my favorite, I really don't want to break it. I have tried a few stalls and axles and it does them when I do it right and it seems to be the easiest for me to get that to happen with. It doesn't oversteer and will just hang there or slowly drift down. Parts are easy to get an also not too expensive. The price was decent for it's class. If you need a kite that can do 0-10mph, this is a good buy in my opinion. I'd love to try it indoor as well but I don't have anywhere to do that so I cannot speak of how well it'll do indoor flying but I'm sure it can because I have tossed it around in the house a little and it seems to be doable. This is not a kite for a novice. Get used to flying in all sorts of wind conditions and comfortable with your flying. Once you have confidence in your flying abilities I'd recommend this. I sometimes feel I could break it just by trying to break it down at the end of the flying day. It's very fragile so try not to crash, but if your gonna, don't crash too hard.
  15. Thank you all so much for the help! SHBKF had some great detailed explanations on those tips. I was primarily concerned with getting the measurements right and how to go about the standoff so I feel pretty confident now. I'll let you know how it goes.