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    "=^.^=" aka Cat an UL custom Polo
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    Being still new to the kite community I'm interested in everything kite related. From just fun flying to crafting to ballet and competition. Dual lines, quadlines and indoor.
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I'm originally from California and currently in Central Illinois. I decided to take up kites as a hobby a couple years ago because I didn't have anything I truly enjoyed doing anymore. I remebered going to San Francisco and seeing kites out on the marina and how much I wanted to do that. So I decided it was time to give it a go. Now I'm super serious about it. Before kiting really entered my life I had been suffering from depression and I am happy to say that isn't as big of a problem for me anymore. Whenever I start feeling depressed I know I need to just get out there and catch some wind. No pills or therepist needed. Also I love that my daughter now gets to spend more time outside with me and away from the screen and hopefully I have planted some good memories for her like my parents did for me.

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