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  1. I`m changing my vote because of my "flying style", as today I took out the Mongoose and the Mantis...just because....thanks folks!! I`m not a "punchy" flier by any means....quite the opposite actually, so for me the Mantis was more "tricky", considering I`m not a trickster, rather slow and floaty. So I put up the Mongoose. yanked and spanked as well I dare and yup for sure I could see how this works with this kite and why I hadn`t taken to it immediately like my other BMK`s. I had a Steve Tapp Enigma (akin to an Exile iirc) and felt the same way....so I traded it as part of a deal that in
  2. Well I have a bunch of Aerie/BMK kites but am by no means a trickster of any sorts, so can't really answer your question.....and sorry they are not for sale.... By the feel of the the kite's flight in question....Mongoose....it does seem it could be more trickier than my ul Mojo, standard Mamba, or any of the Aerie's (K2, K3, Air Fx's). Then again my Mantis feels like it could be trickier than the Mongoose....both standards. Again I don't have any interest in advanced kite trickery per se, but can feel if a kite is a trick monster, so yes in my limited capacity I would go on record as say
  3. I have a friend who is a muralist and has done quite a few of our Regional Districts buildings. He did one in a (French?) style I can't recall and wanted to include me and a kite. He came to the beach one day when I was flying a Sedgwick cool Rev 1 and took a few pix. When he submitted the design to the powers at be everything was fine except they couldn't understand the concept of a four line kite, and requested the usual diamond with a kite tail....not that there's anything wrong with that at all....more the public's perception of what a "kite" is. So he changed his design but still lef
  4. Get yourself a Prism Micron....now Neutrino.... Yes they can do all the "stuff".... but yikes. When I lived in the city I flew pairs with another Micron flier and that was sort of silly but fun for a bit. He was an advanced "trick" flier and could do all the tricky bits on that kite. Another good one if you can find it....is the old Psycho..... bt
  5. That would be cool even for us non builders, as it is interesting to see craftpeople/artisans/artists....pick one or all....demonstrating their skills. it can give us even more of an appreciation of our kites and adds a/the human touch. I remember "sugarbaker's" super detailed build vids on the GWTW site that were quite fascinating. iirc Steve Tapp (rip....what a person!!!) had some cool stuff as well. What's even better is when you have in your possession a kite that you've seen being built!!!! bt btw you don't have to give us your exact measurements....as mentioned above....lo
  6. https://bluemoonkites.net/a-new-kite-a-major-update-and-more/ Thanks again...(and again and..)...Ken!!! Looks like I'll be back on the Mac and cheese.....KD up here in Canadaland...diet again for a while... bt
  7. mebeatee


    Those handles seem to be from the daze when Rev attachment points were metal clips...lol... They were also short(er) in relation to today's handle length(s). My aha moment was removing the metal clips and attaching short pigtails....I tried a couple of different leader length's and combos and...Voila!!!!....a longer one on top and a short one on the bottom..... No confusion caused...I'm already confused and have been for many years....welcome to the club!!! bt
  8. If I'm correct it is a Dream Machine by Lam Hoac...?? You can contact Lam here... http://www.skysportdesign.com/contact/ The standoff position can tighten or loosen the sail a bit. Also if there is a tensionable leech line in the kite's trailing edge, that may be the ticket. Is the kite new or flown as the sail could be stretched a bit over time or ?? I'm sure any of the builders here will know more as well... bt
  9. Well you've let your secret out....the flat of empties......lol. Kewl stuff and concept(s)!!!!! bt
  10. Dunno why but that reminded me of this.....they'll need to add another line or two about supplies....bring a kite!!! bt Hoops and YoYo rock!!!
  11. There was somebody on the old GWTW forum that was starting to make connectors et al..... This is a great idea!!! bt
  12. It sounds as if you may have twiddled with the bridle too much....??? It is a smaller sailed kite as well, and they can be a little squirrelly at times in a good wind. Also measure the bridle itself to be sure it is the same on both sides....something could be amiss. I would suggest setting the bridle back to it's original setting.....hopefully it will be marked....and start over. Fly without adjusting the bridle to get a feel for the kite, as Zuul also mentioned. Adjusting your flying technique is an acquired and mandatory skill and is better than twiddling with bridle settings unless ab
  13. Plus a kabillion....no to low wind flying is a different beast altogether. It's also a good thing to learn to fly a "standard" kite at it's lowest wind range....for instance the other day I was out with an Aerie K3 and the wind kept on dropping until a PD UL (have a PD SUL as well) would be comfortable, but I kept flying the K3 just to work on those techniques. I would much rather fly a standard in it's lowest wind range than an SUL or UL at the top of it's wind range. So when the K3 just wouldn't stay in the air anymore I put up a 0 wind glider kite...the PD sul was at home. I have a bun
  14. Or one could do the longest roll up ever....like the old Deca rolling and unrolling...that would be something. bt
  15. Ya can't go wrong with any Benson kite really. Amazing kites all, and very well built! Of course different models will have different characteristics....but it will feel like a Benson nonetheless and sometimes this is enough. (akin to that blue moon feeling....of which I am quite enamoured...) However I didn't appreciate the Gemini and the only reason was...to me a more non trickster...it gave away basic tricks too easily.... I had a Reflex at the time and again way different kites but they were Benson's and had a feel....which was nice!!! bt
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