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  1. Uh oh, now you've done it....wait until you get your mitts on a Pro Dancer sul..... bt
  2. It's not going to make the kite go faster, but with shorter lines you're going to greatly diminish your reaction time as things will happen way faster and a hard crash will certainly occur. Longer and heavier lines will increase your reaction time and add some more drag to slow it down a bit but really you'll need "brakes" as suggested. bt
  3. +1 on the two wraps....I have a "cool" Sedgwick 1 with 2 wraps...low to no...no problemo.....with varying length's of 50 and 75 lb line. Also have a Robertshaw 1 with a black race frame which works as well. Even though I have more 1.5's than 1's...the 1 size is my fav by far, especially in lighter winds. You'll also be quite surprised in how low a wind a 1 with a 3 wrap frame can go. bt
  4. mebeatee

    Vented Kites

    I got vented versions of kites I already had and are my favs to fly. Sometimes this comes as a "set" of kites per se....as any serious competitive flier or team does. I have no interest in kite competitions btw, but I know someone who does and has two different kites, but 4 versions of each one..sul, ul, stnd, vented. He is often in fly or die situations but that's competition. I have a "set" of Pro Dancers....sul, ul, and vented....alas no standard, plus two standard and one vented Aerie Air fx's. The flight characteristics are similar across the board. I have heard however some vented versions of standard dualies do not share these similar characteristics....be forewarned. These are the only vented versions of dual liners I have experience with, although I did have a vented Skyburner ADX I quite enjoyed, but sold it to someone who wanted to complete their "set". Quads are a total different story, but that's not part of your equation per se.... bt
  5. I'm coming at this from a different angle....the kite "writing" the music rather than flying to the music per se. I'm a musician and if I have to learn material then I'll fly to the music I have to learn for whatever or whomever I'm working with/for. However this isn't choreography really, as I'm reacting to the music or mixes of the music I'm working on, concentrating more on the musical parts and learning them. On the other hand I video the kite's flight and use that as a graphic score. I can play the vid on one computer and on another computer compose the music in accordance to what I'm seeing the kite doing....ie....if the kite goes up it could mean either up in pitch or up in tempo. I would assign musical moves to kite moves and work within these parameters. Keeping in mind I'm not composing songs but pieces of more abstract music....like an ambient film score using hardware or software synths. I used this technique when I was doing sound design for a video game company years ago....ironic as I detest video games but they paid me really well...so I could buy more kites!!! When I'm learning music and flying, or just flying to toons I'll do free or soul flying. When I'm in graphic score mode I sometimes may have a motif or idea in mind, or just improvise the kite moves with no music. Then as stated before I'll watch the vid and score from there, sometimes in real time depending on the sounds I'm using. On top of that I'll fly to no music except the natural soundscape so I can leave my job at home, but it sure is nice to incorporate kiting as part of my job. bt
  6. Oh man you've hit the jackpot!! Not only more kites but now more linesets.... As well as going out with enough kites to handle any wind speed and my flying mood, I always have multiple linesets in the bag, both in strength and length. Changing out kites and frames is one thing but changing lines can do the trick.....sometimes even better than changing frames. At least the option is there. The difference between flying on 70 ft vs 100 ft can be like night and day especially in a good wind, and reverse in low wind. I usually buy line in bulk and cut to length..... There's 50, 75, 90, 100, and 150 lb strengths in 30/50/75/85/100/120 ft lengths. Not all bought at once mind you as that would break the bank...... One more thing...handles. Over the years Rev has made and supplied different handle lengths for their kites. "Generally" longer handles in light winds and shorter handles for higher winds....at least for me. Then there's the leader lengths...... Others here may be better attuned to this than me as I have found my sweet spots on different handles and leave it at that. I can't stand the little extra bits of string flapping about if I was to shorten the top lines. Ah yes, the more options and the more idiosyncrasies for these wonderful kites....what a great dilemma to have! bt
  7. A lot of this depends on your flying style. I enjoy light winds and have a slow with a light touch style. I rarely fly when the wind gets to double digits and if so I would have a rev 2 in the air.....so there's a good excuse to get another kite right there!!!! Yes Wayne you are right in that it is a "feel" thing re a 2 vs a race frame as you have to be careful when using a 2 wrap. I will always go to the race if there is any doubt, however because of my touch I prefer a 2 but will change immediately if it's borderline, or put up another kite.....another excuse for another kite!!!! Of course there is the good ol' standard 3 wrap which would work in the lower wind range but then you'd have to be careful when those 18 mph bits come in.....a reversal of sorts. So this also means another frame so ya might as well get another kite to go with the new frame..... I have a friend who flew with iQuad for years and they used to do the doubling up for the leading edges....a 3 and 2 was their choice if I recall.... I've never done it but then again I've never been in the fly or die situation they were in all the time. It boils down to getting more frames and more kites more or less....lol. bt
  8. Changing out frames is another option. All of my revs have multiple frames in the bag, with a 2 wrap in every one. You'd be quite and pleasantly surprised how much lower the wind range in any of your kites will be when you put a 2 wrap in. A 2 wrap in a full vented will take it down to a regular sail's wind range no probs and will improve your flying skills exponentially.... A 2 wrap in a Rev 1 is just WOW!!!! I know folks will chime in with a race frame....weight of a 2...strength of a 3....yes...but no because of this. A 2 has advantages over a race because of the lighter touch you'll need. I have a full sail 1.5 with both 2 and race frames in the bag and they feel way different than each other. bt
  9. Right on Eric!!!!! Nice to see them flying again....or in some cases flying period...went to the right place!!! bt
  10. BMK (and Aerie) kites rule....for me and my old school style....end of story... Yeah they can do all the tricks but there is something about that "Blue Moon feeling" that who cares about flippy flopping.....they want to FLY!!! I have by Aerie....a K2, a K3, 3 AirFX`s (2 standard`s/1 vented). My all time fav is the Air FX.... By BMK a Mojo ul, Mamba, Mongoose, and Mantis....all standards. Given this...some BMK/Aerie standards can go into UL territory no problemo. However my Mongoose, Mantis, K2, and obviously the vented FX being the exceptions as they like a little more wind....the ones you folks have...lol... Have fun!!! bt
  11. I have a few Revs I will be parting with real soon......however they will not include lines or handles. I'm in transit so I can PM you later when I get home....waiting for a ferry at present..... bt ps.....forgot this part....I haven't posted or sold very much from this site but have bought and sold many kites through the GWTW forum over the years......
  12. When I lived in Vancouver many years ago there were a bunch of us flying at Vanier Park and one Mr Ray Bethell would put on "shows" all day long to cheering crowds. I'm certainly no Ray Bethell and I don't live in the city anymore and also kiting was in it's '90's heyday.....ya had to be there. Now I live outside the city right across the street from a great beach at low tide and personally I could care less about what the general public thinks about my kiting as it is my "alone time", which is precious to me. Sure there are a good number of folks who take pix and I've met some wonderful people while flying which is way cool....but I don't fly kites to put on a show or engage folks. It is quite nice to explain to what is happening with the kite(s) and why I bring a number of kites to the beach. I also go as far away as possible from the crowds more for safety reasons than anything else.....the walking on a huge open beach directly towards a moving kite constantly astounds me. I am also very lucky in that I can use kiting as part of my work which is a musician. I can listen to and learn music that has to be performed or mixes of things that have been recorded. So in that case I generally don't like to be bothered however will engage if approached.....ya never know when someone will actually "get" kite flying and get one or three for themselves. bt
  13. If you have the kiting bug big time....ask the same question in a year from now and you'll have probably answered your question by counting your kites. Not to mention how many line sets you have..... bt
  14. mebeatee


    Yup that's what happens... The other is when the kite arrives, the conditions are perfect and you have something else that gets in the way of flying......and then when you have the time...the weather says nope..... Both of these scenarios happened within a couple of days about a week and a half ago when the weather was flip flopping.....raining now as well....go figure. Like the old ketchup commercial.....anticipation..... bt
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