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  1. In transit you only need a couple of kites to more or less cover all the wind ranges. However it is nice to have a whole bag and this also provides more justification for more kites...;) Until this past year I toured as a musician for many many moons and kites always came along in all seasons. No probs at all....just had to make sure they didn't get wet. The last few years have been perfect for keeping kites in travelling unit(s) especially with 0 wind glider kites. As a drummer by trade, I keep an iFlite in every stick bag. Revs are great because of travel frames and with interchan
  2. Kudoz at ya!!! “x”number of builds later...;)...a snap. I hand sewed some venting onto a Rev 2 I had vented myself. The hot cuts are fine but there are tons of bumps and wiggles in the sewing... I’m fine as you can’t see the sew....age hack, but it has held together for many years and ain’t going anywhere. bt
  3. Indeedly....how right you are!! I'm sure a whole slew of us have been lucky in acquiring some nifty flying units that just aren't around or made anymore. Some being cherished more than others....I have some kites that I will not let go even though they may be flown very rarely. Having said that.....never say never. I always said I would never sell my old Moog Minimoog, or a '63 set of Gretsch drums....but I did so there ya go. These were tools of my trade and were looked at a little differently than kites....lol. For example an email addy I have goes kites and drums.....NOT drums and kit
  4. Wow.....your builds (and techniques) are getting better than they already are!!!!! I can’t even see the framing.....or are there new translucent tubes on the market..... Wait a second, is it Apr 1st already or am I late......;) Other than that kewl pic!!!! bt
  5. Akin to the ol' candy drop at a kite fest...bad enough being bonked with a tootsie roll let alone run over by kids....or the parachuting teddy bears... bt
  6. Interesting how things are fine until they break...;) To the right of your post are some site sponsor folks...an excellent place(s) to peruse! bt
  7. What about 9” Rev 2 handles.......too short? I may have some around, as well as maybe...??...some 11” ones lurking around the kite closet.... bt
  8. Your kites and your kite making journey is waaaaay kewl!!!! “Good stuff!!”....as Mr. Bethel would say back in the day.... bt
  9. Here’s the oldest one I have.....from 1964. Some way cool kites inside and some early versions of some of today’s kites. I wonder if there are any writings....“scrolls”....of some centuries old kite designs somewhere....?? I remember the compendiums for boys and girls as a kid. My grandparents would send one for me and one for my sister over from Wales....late ‘50’s to early ‘60’s when (seemed to be more of an UK thing?) we were...body wise anyway...kids. I still am at heart...lol. bt
  10. Hello yourself flgrit! You must realize you are posting in(to) an area of salivating kitefolks awakening from our winter flying deprivation, who get quite excited when a bunch of kites are mentioned....so "too many" does not equate at all.....the more the merrier actually. Thank you in advance for the wake up call.....;) If anyone here remembers the infamous Mr. Fouts' kite list and pix on the old GWTW site, you can certainly attest to that! Indeed a lot of work cataloging said kites and a list at least.....pix later or by request...would/could be the ticket....of course posted
  11. The weights were/are mildly interesting. I like them a lot better with a Rev2, and one of them has the weights....haven’t had that kite out in a while.....soon though.... I tried them both on the le and bottom of the vertical rods....and kept them on the verticals. One thing I did do is wrap some TP around them so they fit snugly inside the rod, otherwise they would be clonking around, and you could feel that clonk clonk through the lines... They added a bit of “zestyness” to the kite and you can definitely feel the added bit of weight in any hovering position and slow inverted slide
  12. Not insinuated at all....as shipping is NOT cheap. It....shipping...has been a deal breaker before....especially out of country....then there's currency exchange....ouch!!! In this case the shipping would have been about the same as going there in person....bus, ferry, sky train. I live in a fairly rural area and travelling by public transit to and through the city during a pandemic doesn't appeal to me at all. During "normal" times this would have been a no brainer, as I used to go to the city quite regularly and worked in the city from time to time. I could have driven there but the fer
  13. I was talked out of placing an order with a US retailer because of delivery problems last fall. The US, Canadian postal services, plus Canada customs would come play and they were having delivery problems. Another retailer plain did not ship outside of the US at all. I’ve had customs hold onto and quasi misplace kites before as well. We cut the postal folks some slack last Nov/Dec because of sheer mail volume, plus I know my postal delivery person....he said things were nuts and understandably so. However it took almost 4 weeks to deliver 2 glider kites from Lam Hoac’s place to mine
  14. You are exactly right John re this....independent sails on the old Rev 1's, and for me that is an advantage as my Sedg 1 has a 2 wrap....the only Rev I have that only has one frame in the bag. I'm so used to flying this in puffs of wind using the independent engines as you say. The Zen and Robertshaw 1 have the bigger bellies and I like them with a little more wind and as you say comes down to personal preference. I'm a slooooow floaty flier as well so there ya go. bt
  15. As mentioned before re the original Neos Omega and early Rev 1's had different bridles and clip attachments. I removed the metal clips and added leaders to my initial Rev 1's for equal length lines. There were different panel layouts and sail materials over the years. I quite enjoyed the old "soft cloth" Rev 1's. Sold 3 of them....2 of the 3 panel ones and 1 "hot" Sedgwick that I vented and have kept 3. These daze I have a cool Sedgwick 1, a Robertshaw 1, and a 1 sized Zen. Check some history here... https://revkites.net/ They used to have a graphic timeline of the evolution of the
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