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  1. I received a Lam Hoac Magic Angel 2 in the mail just before Xmas and holy kamoly...... First off....Lam is waaay kewl....nuff said! I've only managed to toss it around the living room, and yowee it's quite a bit different than any 0 wind kite/glider I have.....it's like an aerial boomerang or yo yo, and will glide forwards and backwards.....this in glider mode with no line attached! Lots to learn about this unit!!!! I won't know for a while how it will be outside because of the weather....finally stopped raining today..lol. I'm sure it will be phenomenal. However I can't judge i
  2. I've only had a chance to toss it around the living room and try a couple of "Lam" moves......wowee!!! I'll start a Magic Angel thread and show vid links et al........ bt
  3. I was able to get a Grace, along with another kite, and it came this past Mon.... Haven't had a chance to fly it except to toss it around in the living in room....lol. The other kite is a Lam Hoac Magic Angel which literally floats in the air...wow!!! Did manage some pix to show the different shapes and sizes. The Grace has an interesting two sail system and should be quite fun. I have a collection of Wala's, Emong, Skates....ITW and Focus, Zero G, and iFites. bt
  4. Not negative at all.....just the way it is. I'll keep it to online stuff....as the quasi "waning" of kiting is another topic altogether, keeping in mind the culture of kiting and our "western" style of kites/kite flying is but a small portion of the kiting world....which is pretty big considering where one resides. The Grandaddy of all online kite forums was the old Gone With The Wind forum which ran for many many years and was a hive of activity and information...of course dropping off a bit this time of year...weather/season in our hemisphere....but would pick up when flying seaso
  5. Today at the beach the wind was steady at 0 with puffs around 2 mph off the water. I had a blast with a Wala and a Skate. Two days ago we had a storm/wind warning so I stayed home. Yesterday was about 4...no.....10...no 2...no 20.....I stayed home as well. I love kiting!!! bt
  6. Short answer....Never ever...... I have a number of kites that will handle tons of wind....vented Rev 2 for example but do not like flying in winds above 12 mph or so when the whitecaps start forming on the water. I live right by the ocean and those constant ocean breezes I've heard about certainly don't know about this place.....😃 My fav winds for flying are from about 7-8 to 0 so none of any standard or ultralight kites flight would be approaching top wind ranges. Very rarely will I fly a dualie over 8 mph even though I have a vented airfx and a pd vented. I would switch to a vente
  7. There have been many kites offered with different sail cloths over the years, mostly dual liners....ikky vs poly versions for example. There were slight differences in performance.....at least given manufacturers specs...ikky versions usually had a lower wind range. Some Skyburner/Premier kites, Jam Session, Stranger and more. iirc PBSK offered up a few sail options for his line of kites.... Some sails just feel different in the air. I have a couple old "soft cloth" Rev 2's and a couple of newer "crispy cloth" 2's, and the soft cloth ones feel "smoother" in flight. Same with a new 1.5 sai
  8. All most excellent suggestions....but really there will be another and another and.....well you get the idea....😉 bt
  9. Yup apples and oranges....DS and Mamba. Both amazing kites...just get both!!!! bt
  10. Have you crashed it yet....sometimes that sound is "whump". bt
  11. +1 to what Wayne has mentioned above. If you can swing it get a whole frame not just the two verticals....as then you'll have 2 frames....well 2 LE's at least. Your wind range has just been expanded!!!! Every Rev I have....except the Rev 2's, and 1.5 sul's...have at least two frames in with the kite.....a 2 wrap plus whatever else depending on the sail. One of the Rev 2's has a 2 wrap travel frame. The only SLE I had was with a REV 1 I vented myself. I quite liked the SLE in that kite only. bt
  12. Go for it!!! Sounds quasi counterproductive as to the "function" of weights and where they go....but ya never know! The only way to know is to experiment and find out what works for YOU. I found out by experimenting I don't like any weights on any of my dualies. I did tape some weight onto the wing tips of a dualie many moons ago and knew about 20 seconds in I wouldn't like it/them. Took me about a minute of flying with the tail weights to go ugh...not for me.....but then again I'm no kite trickster at all but do understand the concept of tail weights. You may uncover a whole new set of m
  13. There is a good chance the bridle may be stock. By your pic you have one of the old 1.5 SLE sails with mylar panels...??? I still have one....blue, black, white, mylar (w/o SLE .......regular 3wrap) and the stock bridle is red upper and black lower....just like your pic. Revolution seemed to change bridling material...or colours of anyway. I have and have had red/black, all black, all red, all white, all grey. iirc I had another mylar panelled SLE 1.5 with the red and black bridle....so maybe this bridle is native to the 1.5 mylar paneling era????? None of my all cloth 1.5's of any incarn
  14. It is interesting that design (choices) evolve and also come full circle, and this almost begs the question which came first...the kite or it's capability? In the day of NSR's, Spectra Edge's, Hawaiian kites et al the LE's were straight, then kites LE's became more curved as some flying styles changed and "tricks" became popular. For instance I could axel a Spectra Edge but it was not easy....especially in comparison to a Jam Session. I'm sure there were a bunch of folks/designer/builder's who figured if they experimented with a more curved LE these new found tricks would be more accessi
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