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  1. Well I've been flying for about 25 yrs and still don't know that many "tricks"....but then again that style of flying I have little interest in.....so it's all relative. However you should reword your query, as this seems to be a common occurrence....learn the basics and then tricks. I say this as it seems folks want to go from getting a kite in the air to doing all the fancy flip flapping they see the kite do in the online vid right away. Not saying this is the case here as that is all relative as well. The best "trick" I learnt was how to crash very gently ;). You didn't mention the kite (and lines) you are flying as different kites have their own idiosyncrasies.....but ya got it right in that one needs more kites!! bt
  2. mebeatee

    Line sets

    One thing I've always done is alternate the lines every session. I do this in the winding up at the end of a session so the next time the top lines are now the bottom and verse visey.... bt
  3. Ya can't go wrong with a Skyburner!!! Glad to see them back.... Yours is in one of my fav colour scheme's......but that black SF vented is real nice!!!! bt
  4. +1 Never had or used one as I was very, very fortunate to learn about kites and wind from Mr. Ray Bethell. He also stressed the gear...so I always take enough kites and line sets to cover all bases as conditions can change in an instant. You must also know your kite(s) and line(s) well enough to make the appropriate choice(s) and this comes with a lot of time (and loot) invested...but what a great way to spend time (and loot)!! I live right across the street from the ocean so obviously the waves will let me know how windy or not it is. Now don`t go "oooh those lab grade ocean winds" as they certainly are not!!! Things also get to the point in wherever you are...you are aware of the wind and imagine what kite you would be flying... bt
  5. Interesting and who should argue with the "instigator".....however I thought the B2 was not a down scaled B 1.5, but a B version of the 2.....same but different.... Am I wrong in thinking of the Zen as a 1 sized B then? Not to me as I just go by the original 3 sizes of Rev.....with the sail panels different, with a deeper middle panel in the B's, Zen, and Robertshaw 1, plus the smaller finishing refinements et al. I will disagree in that the 2.....( never flown a B2, but still have 4 Rev 2's in the bag. One single panel/self vented, and 3 Sedgwick style sails)...can have consistent slow control. Check out Paul's vid a couple of posts prior for example. One of my 2's has a 2 wrap frame and yowee....not as slow as a 1 (w/2wrap) or a true 1.5 sul, but pretty slow. I learnt on a Rev 2....thank god that and not the Backtracker....and then bought a Rev 1. This a couple of years before the introduction of the 1.5 and sorry folks...to this day I still consider the 1.5 size as a compromise between the two. Which it is I guess, however everything is geared towards the 1.5 size and that's ok.....don't get me started on line lengths.....lol. Even though I have more 1.5 sizes, I still like to fly the 1's and 2's. btw....there is a Rev 2 in the for sale section, and I may sell one of my Sedgwick 2's. You can also find the Rev 1.5 "classic" with the B series panel layout online. Or as John says....just buy Djinn as they are quite beautiful kites.....but a 2 sized Djinn would be a blast and a 1sized Djinn would be sublime.... bt
  6. All revs have their verticals on the backside of the kite....however the Speed Series...Super Sonic and Shockwave....have a little frontwards curve on the LE when assembled.... bt
  7. iirc the B2 was/is a Rev 2 sized version of the B 1.5 et al..... bt
  8. Welcome (back).... All excellent suggestions above.....interesting though as one kite....Mamba is about 20 yrs old but still, for me anyway, is the best out there....along with the Skyburner Pro Dancer sul....(plus the UL and vented of which I have). Mind you I'm not a trickster by any means, so flying style is paramount. Sometimes it boils down to (custom) graphics and right there the Mamba rules imho.... Another huge thing.....even though this forum is quite fantastic....Steve Hall setting the GWTW forum to rest was a HUGE factor. I guess some folks went to Facebook et al, but there were/are bunch of folks who have/had no interest in that platform. bt
  9. Sad to hear. His works of art were kites... bt
  10. mebeatee

    New York Minute

    No buzzing/vibration here....except for the buzz of flying and the good vibes.... Don't know how old my NYM is as I bought it off the old GWTW site just before it shut down. The kite was virtually unflown when I purchased it, and I've flown it a bunch. Nice kite.....w/green race btw.... As with any Rev though, any trailing edge buzzing is the bottom bungee's stretching, so ya just tighten them up. bt
  11. The holes were indeed hot cut and left as is..ie "sealed". I traced around a salad or dessert sized plate. There was a thread on the old GWTW site about venting revs and I figured I'd give this a try. (Anyone remember the guess the number of holes in the cigarette burned vented Rev?) There were a couple of many small holes vented dualies as well..... I had previously vented a Rev 2 like usual....vertically, and sewed....very badly...some mesh screen and has held up for many years. I didn't want to do the same with the Rev 1 sized kite....sew very badly....as I bought both hot and cool Sedgwick's with the idea of reframing the cool one with 2 wraps and venting the hot one. I have regular vented and mid vented 1.5's as well. Keeping in mind I'm NOT a high wind enthusiast at all....very rarely will I go out when there's whitecaps on the water....however I have had this vented Rev 1 out in about 15 mph winds for about an hour and the sail and holes held up. It came with the SLE and I do quite like the stiffer LE in a good wind...and I did put an extra 4 wrap LE in the case just because. It hasn't really been flown that much as usually when the winds are higher I'll go with the vented 1.5 or a regular or vented 2. It was just nice and handy to have a "set" of Rev 1 sized kites...the 2 Sedgwick's, a Zen, and a Robertshaw on hand as the 1sized Rev is my fave to fly for the most part. bt
  12. I have one that is self vented...pic below...I am thinking of letting go..... Has a 4 wrap and an SLE. I'll message you later this evening (on west coast) with details.... bt
  13. No wonder these kites are loud....they come with speakers!!! Good ol' spellcheck....... Sorry can't help in with spreader info but that's a wonderful kite you've acquired...however check the sponsors listed on the right of the page as well. bt
  14. Never got around to stacking them but had thought about it. I was however doing a lot of one in each hand dual line flying, so tried a couple of minergy's....one in each hand (your white one plus another in grey/red sail sold earlier) hence acquiring the matching set(s). I remember twiddling with different handle designs as I never really liked the Deca handles...but that sort of fell by the wayside. As a touring musician I would take a minergy and a 0wind with me and fly inside appropriate venues but only singly, and upon returning home there were too many other kites to explore...!!!!.... Found an old pic of an old pic.....a local fellow had a huge telescopic pole with a camera mount that he used for forest photo's. That day he was at the beach... bt
  15. Again....wonderful... That's a real nice place you have to fly in!! That was the size(d) kite that would literally float and glide ever so slooooooowly. bt
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