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  1. You can check one of the forum sponsors.... Not exactly what you're looking for but....does shed quite a bright flowery light... https://intothewind.com/wind-art/lawn-spinners-decoration/19-inch-yellow-sunflower-lawn-spinner.html bt
  2. Just like revs of old they got ya!!!!!! Most excellent. Wait for it....the .5/.6....coolio! Then....like the minergy deca the .35....double coolio!! Nice kites...... bt
  3. Lam Hoac sent me a small card winder and line with one of his Magic Angel’s....like in Outlaw’s pic.... I also bought a couple of these little kites from the local toy store for the “winder”. bt
  4. Great kites....glad you found some...;) I have two....iflite’s....one non vented in orange and a vented in white, as well as an iflite ll in white. I like the super slow float of the iflite ll....vented and larger, although not quite as portable(ish). The two iflite’s fit perfectly into a (drum)stick bag(s). Pre covid I toured a lot as a drummer.....I kept a Switch kite in a snare drum case and an iflite in a stick bag, and have flown in very interesting places. The vented iflite is a little more “forgiving” than the non vented version and floats more as well, especially when initially flown during the learning curve. If you can scoop a non vented you will be a happy camper as well!!!! bt
  5. Yeah right....good one....the “essentials”....reduce?....bwahahahahaha!!!... (un)fortunately the essential list is still quite large....as it gets quite specific...the seasons are changing and the tides change as well so that means it is essential to have summer kites and winter kites....;) It is also essential to colour the sky differently depending on the colour of the sky....more “essential” kites....yay...... Quads....especially older revs....have yet another essential quality that is sort of lacking as well these daze....the different sizes. To me a 1.5 sized quad is still, after a couple of decades, a compromise between a 1 and a 2....music interlude....which in fact it is...but now the “accepted” size. So for this old fart flyer it is absolutely essential to have and keep the 3 “classic” sizes and of course all the sub categories....vents, frames, bridles et al..... And that’s not even touching on the other wonderful quads out there with the Rev styled sail....and the others....yeeesh. Darn essentiality.....maybe you’re right....;) Also I love the glider pix!!! I have gotten the glider bug hugely...hence more essential kites/gliders!!!!!!!! bt
  6. Learning to crash....very softly...was the best "trick" I ever learnt!!!!!! bt
  7. Don't want to be a downer, but I hope everything goes fine with this purchase. A few "red flags"....material listed as "fabric", quasi disclaimers on measurements/colour with please understand/mind if different, spot on translations....;)..... Even when sold without line, the recommended line strength/weight and length are usually listed. There are folks here who have and fly that kind of (way kewl btw) kite and would know..... bt
  8. A classic (Skyburner) kite....simple as that. They may not have been as popular as some of the kites of that era....depending on where you live(d).... Tica, Eclipse, Spectra Edge, Pro Dancer, Firedart, Air FX, Neptune, etc etc. Great old skool kites!!!! bt
  9. I stand quasi corrected....not an 'Indoor 0 wind" sail" (no bridle as well)...however....doh as I have 2 and used to have 3...there was a dedicated 1.5 sul sail in that particular sail pattern. I had one that was red and blue of that era and also still have 2 1.5 sul`s....lighter sail, le material, and bridle, 2 wrap frame... Folks were flying these and Rev 1 sul indoors and the cool thing is the customization of sails/frames. I`ve vented a few revs and am thinking of venting an indoor sail like #100...;) Also all my revs have at least 2 frames with each kite and they all contain a 2 wrap for that sul feeling!!! Also the Stinger.....#12 can be found here on page 15. I remember this kite as one that got away....there was a wonderful colour combo....and I procrastinated.... http://www.kitelife.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/v2-2.pdf This and a lot of info and some reviews of your collection may be referenced here as well..... https://kitelife.com/library/ bt
  10. Oh my!!!!! That’s one of the most doubly....no triply....no....amazing collection of kites ever!!!! I’m literally drooling onto this iPad......... There are some absolute classic kites in that bunch...yoweee....as I wipe more drool off...... The only discrepancy I see is #80 which isn’t an indoor....see #100...but a vented 1.5 size like some others. Agreed on the Guildworks stuff....I sold a bunch of them to a fellow who fixed them all up real good as the fittings weren’t basically...;) What can I say.....you have every wind and flying style (more or less) covered in this collection and many sub choices. I’m also sure you have a bunch that some of us....especially old skool fliers....have been looking for......ooops....drool again....;) Your Dad and this collection rocked....as well I’m sure you do!!! Much thanks for sharing this collection with us!!!!! bt
  11. This will come over time and experience. Like wind speed ratings, line strength ratings can be fudged. I like to fly on the "lightest line" I can get away with generally, but also will put up heavier line to slow things down a bit. This applies to all my kites....single, dual, and quadliners. A good way to do this is to not worry about any line laundry initially, and fly the main or lifting kite on different line strengths and winds to gage the pull and speed of the kite and how it feels to you and your comfort zone. Then add stuff on accordingly while repeating the process....and it is a wonderful process!!!! bt
  12. Well whatever it is it sure looks kewl!!! Sort of like that Branson carrier plane from the other day....;) Good luck in your hunt!!! bt
  13. Beatchin’!!!! bt
  14. Most excellent!!!!! You realize you have (now) opened a can of worms......I can see Airbow’s, Deca’s, et al in your searching and acquisition future......;).....!!! bt
  15. Cool advise and query, although flying flexi's in the rain could get interesting. bt
  16. You've answered your own question as with a turn you provide the acceleration needed......with no turn you have to accelerate the kite yourself. Not to worry....reversing/mirror imaging/going from the dominant side/hand to the "weaker" side/hand can be initially tricky in any maneuver....no biggie. In this case you have the double whammy of the kite upside down which reverses things again. These things aren't neccessarily given away so just fly and practise more and it will come when you least expect it. One thing to do is to "own your inverted hover" at the wind windows edge after the slide across. Hover the kite at the edge, and experiment with little push/pull motions to change the way the kite is facing the wind as you'll need to get the kite accelerating (what the turn did) back the other way. You can also invert the kite in the middle of the window and slide back and forth a bit....say...20 ft one way....back to the middle...then 20 ft the other way with these small push/pull motions....yes just like a dual line push/pull but very very slight.....while still maintaining the hover. As you refine your movements widen your slides until you're able to slide across the whole window back and forth without any turns. Own your hover..... bt
  17. If it makes you feel better....I'm "old" to this and it is indeed a work in progress!!! There's always something new to discover and is also relative to the amount of time you spend with handles in your mitts. +1 to what has already been mentioned previously.....OR....if you really really want to fly fast in reverse acquire a Rev Super Sonic.....whahaha!!!! Pretty difficult to bowtie that one!!!! bt
  18. Hello Thomas, Were you in or around the Eaton Center or whatever it was/is called in downtown Vic? If so, I, and another flier visited your store a few times when we were in Victoria on tour playing music at Harpo’s back in the day(z).....;) If not...hello anyway! I also noticed you are in Sooke....way kewl place. Don’t know if he’s around anymore but there was a fellow from Sooke who would come to Harpo’s with a few Talking Drums he made from pvc pipe and fittings. He did all of the “heads”, etc. himself. A very eccentric and wonderful person. I still have and use the two I purchased....... I’m up on the Sunshine Coast (for the last 20+ yrs) and got started in kiting hanging out with Ray Bethel at Vanier in Van.... These daze mostly fly my BMK/Aerie’s, Rev 1’s, and single line glider kites!!!! Again welcome!!!!! bt
  19. In transit you only need a couple of kites to more or less cover all the wind ranges. However it is nice to have a whole bag and this also provides more justification for more kites...;) Until this past year I toured as a musician for many many moons and kites always came along in all seasons. No probs at all....just had to make sure they didn't get wet. The last few years have been perfect for keeping kites in travelling unit(s) especially with 0 wind glider kites. As a drummer by trade, I keep an iFlite in every stick bag. Revs are great because of travel frames and with interchangeable frames you don't need many sails. I took the aforementioned iflite's, a Prism Zero G, and a mid vented Rev 1.5 with a both a 2 wrap and a 3 wrap travel frame. Handles and a few linesets and voila....a small touring kite ensemble. Of course if driving locally(ish) I would keep more more in the car but when at home my flying spot is across the street...lol. I wouldn't leave any not broken down dualies in a small vehicle though. Besides the kites are a lot tougher than us....well me anyway. I've seen kites being flown in the snow....not me...no way....I ain't (that) tough. bt
  20. Kudoz at ya!!! “x”number of builds later...;)...a snap. I hand sewed some venting onto a Rev 2 I had vented myself. The hot cuts are fine but there are tons of bumps and wiggles in the sewing... I’m fine as you can’t see the sew....age hack, but it has held together for many years and ain’t going anywhere. bt
  21. Indeedly....how right you are!! I'm sure a whole slew of us have been lucky in acquiring some nifty flying units that just aren't around or made anymore. Some being cherished more than others....I have some kites that I will not let go even though they may be flown very rarely. Having said that.....never say never. I always said I would never sell my old Moog Minimoog, or a '63 set of Gretsch drums....but I did so there ya go. These were tools of my trade and were looked at a little differently than kites....lol. For example an email addy I have goes kites and drums.....NOT drums and kites....;) I never got to experience any R Sky kites and I've obviously missed out on the Bird X glider, but good on the folks who ran the company....had a pretty good run at that!!! bt Most excellent pic btw!!!!!
  22. Wow.....your builds (and techniques) are getting better than they already are!!!!! I can’t even see the framing.....or are there new translucent tubes on the market..... Wait a second, is it Apr 1st already or am I late......;) Other than that kewl pic!!!! bt
  23. Akin to the ol' candy drop at a kite fest...bad enough being bonked with a tootsie roll let alone run over by kids....or the parachuting teddy bears... bt
  24. Interesting how things are fine until they break...;) To the right of your post are some site sponsor folks...an excellent place(s) to peruse! bt
  25. What about 9” Rev 2 handles.......too short? I may have some around, as well as maybe...??...some 11” ones lurking around the kite closet.... bt
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