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  1. Oooo yeah!!!!! Good on ya!!!! One of the first things I learned when starting this long kite journey was how to crash very gently. Best trick/maneuver ever!!!!! Today....tide’s going out and wind is picking up a wee bit. Kite(s) will either be BMK dualies if winds are lowish and Revs if it picks up, and of course a single line glider if the wind goes somewhere else..... bt
  2. Kewel......a mylar sail!!!! That’ll probably take a good wind...it will be beautiful in the air.....great to play with (the) light. I always wanted an all mylar Rev, and still have a 1.5 with mylar panels. I know there was an all mylar Prism Radian made that I snoozed on and loosed..... I owned this kite at one time......a mylar Enigma ul by the late great Steve Tapp of Tappestry kites. bt
  3. There were a few kites where the upper spreader was optional depending on the windspeed. The Trick Tail SUL did not come with an upper spreader iirc, and I remember a couple other sul’s where no upper spreader was added. My Aerie AirFX’s came with two upper spreaders to change the aspect ratio for example. So given that, over the last few daze I have been flying some Aerie/BMK kites as Ken is building me a 61/49!!!!! Again I’m not in the habit of taking pics, but from past pix here is a BMK Mojo (showing it’s “lines”), a trio of Aerie Air FX’ (I flew the two standards), and an old vid of a BMK Mongoose that I’ve put a “soundtrack” to as I’ve been experimenting with some sound design thingies....lol. These, along with a Rev 1.5 NY minute, and an Emong have been flown this past week. bt Hear kites here.... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJzmAJbawZyfstvn2QW8WSw
  4. They come/came from Dave at the Kite Connection shop. I had a few of his “shop customs” over the years. One was in these colours but vented....long gone now. Check with him and he may be able to help. I was perusing the site and the ones he has now are NYM in the colour scheme. The B ones are probably long gone but ya never know...as he has found kites tucked away...;) bt
  5. First off it’s always a good thing to have a few sets of lines in different weights and lengths. In your case, as you have found, an 80’ lineset will accompany a 65’ just fine and give you a wider window to fly in....;) If there is no kite store in your neck of the woods then check out this forums sponsors to the right of these posts.....fine kite shops with great folks.....one of them has your kite listed with a different weight of lines.... You can check out their pre made linesets or buy bulk and make your own....I’m sure there’s tutorials on this fine site as well....re making linesets. There are also shops that will custom make any weight and or length you want.....but this will be spectra line (not dyneema) which is better anyway....another can of worms shall we say....;) bt
  6. mebeatee


    I use three different length(s) of handles…..BUT….they are for three different sized kites…;) Longer handles…or known as ul handles are used for bigger kites and/or for no to low winds. A change to longer handles plus a change of frame to a 2 wrap will lower the wind range a bunch. Rev made some indoor handles as well….I like them with a Rev 2 sporting a 2 wrap frame. The original Rev 1.5 sized, and shaped, quad kite seems to be the norm across the board these daze and has been for quite some time irregardless of the amazing companies….note the plural!!!!…that are producing some real nice kites!!!! This…1.5…sized kite is quite lovely, but I like a Rev 1 sized kite the bestest, followed by a 2……then a 1.5 size. A couple of each size and generally…15” handles for the 1; 12/12” for the 1.5; 10” for the 2 and have an original 9” set for a 2. All old school…not knotless…;), some foam a little thicker and some not, steel and graphite…. All stock Rev handles, and except for a couple, are a fixed leader with no adjustment knots. Over many years I have dialed in the handles for each kites size and bridle, and more often will change frames or change handles…going to a smaller handle in strong wind or a longer handle for no to low wind. Besides I can’t stand a knot/length or two of leader line flapping around at the line attachment….even with knotless handles…..there’s still a knot…a small quirk… bt
  7. Yep....can’t go wrong with an Air FX or three......;) bt
  8. The ol’ adage...practise practise practise......lol. A lot depends on the windspeed along with the kite itself, so different “pull and punch” techniques and timings may be involved. All of your references and methods will work....but all must have that back to neutral, and depending on the wind...a step or two forward, more in a goodly amount of wind...;)....as the kite is stalled to properly paste it to the sky. bt
  9. Flew a couple…almost out of their wind ranges….on purpose…..a Prism Zero G and a Flying Wings Grace. Wind was about 5 mph or so and both kites handled the wind just fine. I like the Grace in next to nothing as well as up to about 5 or so….the big wing vent being that ticket, and it “skates” more than glides. I don’t enjoy the Zero G in zero wind, as I have other much more enjoyable glider kites for the literal no wind to wee puff daze. However for me the Zero G comes alive at about 3-4 mph…and today was waaaay fun!!!!! No pix as I don’t have a cel phone and did’t bother with my little cheapo camera….a break in our Juneuary weather lately…..better a memory than a pic…;) bt
  10. Well they are generally called precision kites....a little bigger and more slower.... These daze kites are a lot quieter than in the past....I have a JS Neptune like in your pic and it is the only one I have that will make some noise...like a flying fish farting.....lol. Still an amazing kite after all these years!!! It has to be a real Sky Delight though...;) I am a no wind glider, an all wind Rev flier, and a low wind dual kitester myself. I’m also an old school flier that’s not into tricking per se as I fly kites to slow down and have no interest in the yank and spank flying....although I do admire folks who can do really kewl “tricks”....but whatever...to each their own. Ken Mcniell.....aka Kmac.....Blue Moon kites....makes amazing kites.....I have a modest collection...;)....that bridge the gap perfectly between old school/new school and precision and trick flying....my fav dualies by far!!!! bt
  11. Howdy do and welcome!!!! Yoweee……that could be a Buena Vista x4i…??? A most excellent kite btw……. bt
  12. Like frob says….depends on the kite……however generally….yes the LE will slide to the rear or bottom of the kite for flying, and then slid back up to the nose for packing up. The spine and cross spreader will keep the tension on the nose and front while flying. Most kites will fly if the LE are not pushed down with a bunch of flapping but only if you like it that way… ….or if the kite is/was designed like and for that. Also, pix are most welcome here….as are you!!! bt
  13. Yep...the setting is quite nice.....the beach across the street from my house...the tides dictate the size of the flying space....... Winds were probably 4-5mph or so...probably 90x90 lines...a long time ago but I rarely fly any kites when whitecaps are present....I’m an old skool low wind flier.... I’m a longtime “kitist” who doesn’t like a lot of wind....the less the better!!!!! To be honest I never really care about the windspeed and just go with how I’m feeling that day and how fast or slow I feel I like flying. The Revz this size...9’x3’....Sedgwick 1, Zen, Robertshaw 1 (all with multi frames) get put away when the wind gets to about 7 or so....but I rely more on the pull of the kite rather than windspeed.....if too much I’ll change to a 1.5 or a 2 sized Rev....or pack up, go home and make funny sounds. I’m a drummer and sound designer by trade so aleatoric principle of music composition could be as “relatively” simple as a polyrhythm or polymetric rhythms. What I also do sometimes is design a sound and then add in or on another disparate sound and see what happens. As far as this vid goes I found some old vids of the blue/yellow kite and then wanted a stark(er) soundtrack because of what’s going on across the other side of the world. The music is an excerpt and by chance, randomness, and the aleatoric principle they just fit per se.....given I put this together real quickly to lend a “voice”. The only non aleatoric thing was I removed an audio track to make the excerpt a little starker to more act as a juxtaposition of the kites dance, the spiffy sky, and flying area. I’ve also started a series of works where the kites movement will dictate the movement of the soundtrack....like a graphic score. Please check this vid link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xabYn35ngaY as it scratches the surface of aleatoric music....and as well, in the mid ‘90’s while still in the city, I was working for a vid game company doing R and D as described more or less in the vid. I would put my vid game ditties on a cassette and then go flying to see if things worked....was almost like getting paid to fly kites..... Ironically I have absolutely zero interest in vid games but was way kewl to partake in the R and D as they didn’t want any of the normal action soundtrack stuff. As for a live performance example please check out this bit of lunacy...we were conducted by cue cards and were instructed to play whatever we wanted as to what the cue card suggested.....I’m one of the drummers....with glasses.... bt
  14. I'm working on a series of kite flying vids and sounds/music's, and was pretty well ready to do some online testing....however when perusing vid material I remembered a kite I had many moons ago.....a blue and yellow Rev 1. With a situation at hand I quickly changed course and put this together as the test.....aleatorically...as that's the way I work sonic wise....and now video wise as well...lol. btw I still have a few Rev1's about.....my fav quads!! bt
  15. Crossed posted to vids as well...... I'm not saying anything except I was/am in the throes of a kite flying vid/sound design project and in my perusing I remembered I used to have a blue and yellow Rev 1...... I quickly changed course from my test runs and put this together instead as it is/was a little more appro these daze..... btw even though I sold this one many moons ago, I still have a few Rev 1's about....;).....my fav quads!!!! bt
  16. A 400 buck budget is a nice one..... Contact Ken at Blue Moon Kites......he’ll build ya something real nice...;) Or please check out the (retail) sponsors on this fine site....they have some nice one’s there as well... bt
  17. A stall would precede mostly anything.....not just any stall but a good pasted to the sky stall. Still though, after decades being more of an old skool flier, the first “trick” I learned was and still is the best......how to crash very gently...;) bt
  18. I’ll answer your query with a little story....... A couple of bulls were on a hill looking into the valley where a bunch of cows were grazing. The impatient bull says...”I’m going to run down the hill and “get” me one of those cows.” The patient bull says....”I’m going to walk down and “get” them all......” bt
  19. Two kites come to mind....with collapsible frames or the kites being collapsible.....the Switch and the Pop Can. Not the same as you describe but...... bt
  20. Good luck with that....shipping to Canada... I had inquired about some Q flaps amongst other stuff, and was dissuaded as they had some huge probs with a couple of deliveries to southern Ontario.....BUT....that was about a year ago now iirc...;) Could have been time of year but their shipping woes were from the summer....... I even had postal probs with a package from Lam Hoac who is about 40 miles away from me..... This was during a lockdown and I know mail issues were huge....as to be expected. But things could be different now so hopefully it will work out...great folks at the shop btw!!!!! bt
  21. Oooooyeah...let’s hear it for old skool kites!!!! I have a One of Jerry’s 3/4 Peregrines, and a well flown JS Neptune. There is a single line JS Neptune and Butterfighter around here somewhere... I used to have a JS Jaws and a matching pair of JS Neptune’s as well. There also is a single line Parrot that flew like....well it didn’t...but was pretty bashed up when I got it....so it’s hanging on a wall. I sold the Jaws as well as the matching pair. I was flying one Neptune in each hand but got tired of my arms being pulled from their sockets which was not good for my job as a drummist...lol. I wanted to fly the Neptune and Jaws at the same time but they weren’t a matching pair and flew way different than each other. The Neptunes, Kestrals, Jaws, and Hummingbirds were, and still are fantastic kites....as long as they are the real deal Sky Delight ones...not the “licensed” ones.....;) I’ve missed out on a couple of JS Luna Moths as well but that’s ok...... I fell in lust with these kites (and Pro Dancers) when I lived in Vancouver many many moons ago as Ray Bethell was my (and many more folks) mentor!!! There is a fellow locally who has an old Hawaiian but he rarely flies. I tried it out once but was too windy....for me...to enjoy it. bt
  22. Yowee zowee!!!!! What a find!!! Basically....they are invaluable.....😃 bt
  23. You can check one of the forum sponsors.... Not exactly what you're looking for but....does shed quite a bright flowery light... https://intothewind.com/wind-art/lawn-spinners-decoration/19-inch-yellow-sunflower-lawn-spinner.html bt
  24. Just like revs of old they got ya!!!!!! Most excellent. Wait for it....the .5/.6....coolio! Then....like the minergy deca the .35....double coolio!! Nice kites...... bt
  25. Lam Hoac sent me a small card winder and line with one of his Magic Angel’s....like in Outlaw’s pic.... I also bought a couple of these little kites from the local toy store for the “winder”. bt
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