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  1. Dark panels cut, but the rest will need to wait for another day. https://photos.app.goo.gl/EzzLyD3h742L6M2m6 I guess in my wish list I should include unlimited free time, and no need to be up before the sun. Anyone willing to give up a few million bucks so I can retire tomorrow? 😂 I think a lot of us would wish for that.
  2. Ouch. True, but painful. Thankfully this isn't for competition. If I was comfortable with the cost I'd rather modify a professionally made kite. It's just a side project grown bigger and bigger. Sadly I can dream far better than I can create. In my dreams it's all laser cut, perfectly stitched by professionals on high end equipment, with better lighting pieces than I could ever create, and is the luxury model of everything. In practice, I'm just hoping it mostly flies okay, isn't too lopsided, and is something I am not embarrassed to show off.
  3. Making the cuts tonight, using green instead of blue, and this feels like a lot of waste. I suppose following the fabric is essential, but @riffclown's patchwork designs make a lot more sense. I am trying various rotations to see if I can use less fabric or make better scraps. Between the two colors it hurts to leave that many scraps on the cutting board. The pattern pieces fit together nicely, hopefully it all works out. https://photos.app.goo.gl/dBZyDQSF4nd6MsfB9 Any last minute suggestions before slashing into it?
  4. Wireless connection that's good for about 200 feet or so, as well as sensors for gyros, accelerometers, and compass. I have patterns that respond to each, and combinations of them. They add about 100 grams. It's quite a lot, as the kites themselves weigh about 230-250 grams. I could probably trim off another 10-20 grams with a narrower light strip, but it's difficult with 300 LEDs on a 5 meter strip. I first saw lights back in the very old kite magazines in the late '80s when I was young and couldn't get to anything kite related. I was disappointed that everything was static lights
  5. I've grown tired of attaching and detaching my lights, so I'm building one for a permanent home. Fingers crossed. 11 panels (5/1/5). Based roughly on the B-series because of the straight lines, but slightly different dimensions to help with the weight of the rig, plus some other refinements. Planning on midnight blue, fluorescent green, and white/reflective trim. The lights will ring the kite and be held in with the sheer trim. Here are the lights in action, held with packing tape on a Djinn.
  6. This is normal, and not just kites. There have been tons of social experiments around it. World-class violinists performing and ignored, sometimes a person will stop and listen. World-class singers out busking, singing at the corner. Groups like the Harlem Globetrotters play around by a crowd, but are either ignored or asked to move along. Without the context most people ignore others, don't give them a second thought. Occasionally some people notice and comment it is good, but it is rare.
  7. This will make a great kite for someone, and green shows up great against blue skies and clouds. So exciting.
  8. Looking online I only see one person doing it, Riff who just replied above, with his kites flown by others but saying converted by Riff. After some quick web searches I only see results showing kites by Riff and his real life name posted in various locations. In addition to "making of" and flying videos, he posted instructions: http://www.riffclown.com/kites/HQ2.2.4Conversion.pdf I'm curious if it has quietly become a bigger conversion, or if the ones already done all come from Riff despite publishing the instructions.
  9. Image to show it: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ktG4W98qK8bUhmUk8 Even at rest you can see lines in the fabric from tension. It takes no effort to fill the sail.
  10. Regarding the tension mods... As shipped the kite had almost no tension. The leading edge was completely slack, and the verticals had only the slightest tension. My tension increase on the verticals requires a bit of leverage to install them. After the second round, putting endcaps on the leading edge now requires a significant ark (maybe 15-20 degrees) to get the slack to slip it on. Now the sail is taut even at rest. The effects are dramatic. In order to fly there must be tension on the sail. For a loose sail you must be supplying effort not just to keep it moving, but also
  11. What are you working on now/recently? Most recently for indoor quads it was getting consistent with reverse 360. You can see my posts here on the channel with this as my first video asking for help trying to unlock it back in February, and compare that with my entry in Windless 2021 this month, about ten months later. You'll notice that even though I've got a back injury in the recent Windless video, I can now transition into a reverse 360 from just about any orientation/position, and I can usually stay in it as long as I want, such as until I get dizzy. Currently I'm working on cement
  12. I use latex tubing found at the hardware store. 1/4" internal diameter stuff takes some doing to stretch over the endcap, but is cheap and since it comes in 10-foot tubes but only used an inch at a time, doesn't feel bad to replace as it gets chewed up.
  13. Same on all counts, it isn't just you. I've pushed the Kaiju beyond those limits, but as I wrote above, it was after first getting comfortable with the kite and being in a position where if something broke it wasn't a big deal, plus a lot of fear and worry. It is small, it feels somewhat fragile (especially compared with full size kites). I've been more impressed that it survived some of the abuse I've given them. When compared to putting down a kite with sturdy spars (e.g. SkyShark P3X's) and putting together something with the tiny thin sticks (the website says 0.098 and 0.118 microcarb
  14. Then what you described is the opposite of what Club 38 offers. While the other levels they presented are somewhat of a progression, they aren't linear. They won't tell what the other "skills" are when asked, saying you must progress through each level before unlocking the next. When I've asked a few times over the years I've been told that I could easily work through the videos to be declared a master, but they won't disclose what they all are. I was one of the first people to publicly view the program, one of my kites included their flier and I posted in their forums about a month
  15. This type of In Search Of post works well for old, out-of-production models. Sometimes it can be the only way to obtain a decades-old model that is gathering dust in someone's closet. It doesn't make as much sense right now since it is the current production model. You can easily get them direct from the manufacturer in any color you want. Is there something I'm missing? Is this post just because you don't want to buy one new?
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