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  1. That is my favorite feeling. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Thanks for the info. I've delayed leading edge construction until ... well, until today. I've had tons of interruptions and real life events that pulled me away from this project, but I managed to get a good chunk of sewing in. https://photos.app.goo.gl/2jYS3MUgZXcb9mbq8 Stretch strips sewn on the back, reflective strips sewn at the same point in front (which should be visible with some lights at night), then as part of hemming sewed in the tip reinforcements and middle V reinforcements. Finally, double-stitched the rolled hems along both kites. Along the way applied fray ch
  3. While it is a common question, it is quite open ended. What is the wind normally like for your area? Where do you normally fly? How often do you plan on flying? What is your budget? Do you have others you can fly with? What you describe might not be you or your kite, but might be related to where or when you are flying. Turbulent air can cause loss of control and instability even on an amazing kite. If you're looking for a quality beginner kite, there are many good ones out there. The Flying Wings Beetle has a reputation for being quite durable. The Prism Quantum is also begin
  4. Such a great prize. I fly my Extra Vent relatively little, about once a month, but it is so nice to have when needed. (Same with the hardcore. I don't pull it out often, about every 2-3 months, but when I do I am so happy to have the equipment for such strong winds.) While I have duplicates in lower wind ranges so I can fly with someone else, it would be great to win to be able to fly with a friend in strong winds, too. Whoever wins, thank you so much for the drawings and prizes.
  5. Try Flying Wings Kites if no stores closer to you can get them. Calling is often better than web sites. Toll free 1.800.728.0704, they are in the San Jose area.
  6. Yeah, I remember that. The film broke Chinese box-office records, and government entertainment groups started research and offered funding to animations studios because they wanted to know how an American animated comedy could push popular culture farther than any of their home-grown movies could. A few people sued, but I think when it comes to movies, a few people always sue. IIRC, people sued Warner Brothers over the Harry Potter broomsticks, saying the pointed the wrong way. I recall they offered to remake the broomstick scenes if the group could demonstrate actually flying on br
  7. Okay, both the "standard" and vented sail bodies are done. Am I the only one who thinks of "standard" as "full sail"? The vented one has fewer puckers, fewer variations of wide/narrow zigzags, and the pieces with venting are slightly short but still within my tolerance. https://photos.app.goo.gl/rYSTcd5kdQXmoYcu8 When I took the pic I was surprised at just how much the perspective changes their apparent size. Dragging them atop each other, they're the same within a few millimeters, except for the vented panels where I must have overlapped by too far or maybe had some other issue. Whe
  8. Occasionally someone comes into a collection and wants to sell the unknown kites here, such as after a collector dies. Usually the first thing is to identify what all of them are and figure out their value. It requires clear pictures of each kite, with closeups of wear and tear and damage, along with knowing all the pieces are present, if any spare parts and the bags are included, etc. If you know them more exactly, you can come up with a list like this person did here and here, listing 39 "items" for 51 total kites being sold, then take pictures of details as needed. If you don't
  9. And of course, can't forget the vented version because nobody knows what the wind will be. https://photos.app.goo.gl/gBcbZ3hiDEMQYPTN9 Vented version of the body is now cut and taped together, sewing will take place later in the week. And after sewing this second sail body will be the leading edge creation, I think. Originally I thought this would be better than buying two premium kites used and modifying them, saving myself around $500 or so, plus whatever effort went into the modifications. Now that I'm doing all this work, I'm wondering if it is all worth the work. I'm
  10. More progress, figuring out sewing tension and stitching the body. https://photos.app.goo.gl/4jbcQgKVa4ugHuqe9 There are some puckers and places where the zigzag ended up longer or shorter based on the feed, but more progress. I figure with the first few flights those will more or less settle in as fabric stretches and takes form, but I worry it might make little cups or bumps for a while. I guess time will tell. I will need to study my other kites for insight, but what are preferences for ordering for stretch strips, wingtip reinforcements, leading edge attachment, and hemmin
  11. The same can be said and asked for many products. How can you tell how a different shirt design will feel? How can you tell how a different vehicle will feel? How can you tell how a different restaurant will taste? How can you tell what a different fabric feels like? How can you tell how enjoyable a different music or movie will feel? Consider that ten people can use the same ingredients to make the same food, like all ten making burgers or all ten making tacos, and each person has results liked or disliked by others. None are wrong, or necessarily better or worse, but even with th
  12. Pieces of the sail all cut, and taped together. It looks like a quad... https://photos.app.goo.gl/k73fSZdMBvs1VG457
  13. Dark panels cut, but the rest will need to wait for another day. https://photos.app.goo.gl/EzzLyD3h742L6M2m6 I guess in my wish list I should include unlimited free time, and no need to be up before the sun. Anyone willing to give up a few million bucks so I can retire tomorrow? 😂 I think a lot of us would wish for that.
  14. Ouch. True, but painful. Thankfully this isn't for competition. If I was comfortable with the cost I'd rather modify a professionally made kite. It's just a side project grown bigger and bigger. Sadly I can dream far better than I can create. In my dreams it's all laser cut, perfectly stitched by professionals on high end equipment, with better lighting pieces than I could ever create, and is the luxury model of everything. In practice, I'm just hoping it mostly flies okay, isn't too lopsided, and is something I am not embarrassed to show off.
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