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  1. frob


    I was surprised at the CTC solve of that puzzle. He would directly state where something went, then proceeded to not mark it. Then he would mark something and fail to clear all the old related marks. I suspect he had a little too much "Christmas Cheer" before recording the video. Great puzzle.
  2. Good luck. Any of the old Jon T. models tend to be snapped up quickly. The Widow NG (next generation of the kite) is widely available for sale.
  3. I'm not sure why you have the burst of rapid posts, or what you're trying to get from them. I only see one question across multiple posts, basically: are people interested? I think the answer there is that yes, some people are interested in fighter kites, but it isn't the main focus of the people who participate on this board. Most people on this board discuss sport kites, although many of us have experience in a broad range of kites including fighter kites. I've tried them, but I don't particularly care for fighters. I understand they're most popular in regions across Asia.
  4. Kitesurfing is an interesting mix of two sports. You need to be competent at both of them in order to do the combined sport safely. If you can mix the two successfully it can be breathtaking and exhilarating. So when I see this, I have concerns that it might not be the right sport for you: While setting up the gear can be boring, it is something absolutely critical to get right every single time. If you're doing extreme things like jumps or flying in higher wind it can literally be a life-or-death concern. One mistake at the wrong time can mean your chicken loop or other safety won't release, and you or someone else will become trapped. The same with the safety of being away from crowds. One wrong move getting your kite into the crowds is dangerous, and potentially lethal. It is even more dangerous for beginners who have less control and less familiarity with what to do when things go wrong. One part of training should be practicing all the safety techniques until they're part of your muscle memory. You might be better learning to first fly power kites at the beach or the field if you haven't already. The water and surfing components are missing, many steps are easier to learn and become proficient at. You don't need to leave the crowds very far for safety, just a hundred feet or so. It's also cheaper up front. You can still get powerful kites that can pull hard at your upper body, but avoid those so strong they may drag you or lift you into the air, as aerial landings on ground can (and will) break bones.
  5. Yup, that's the only thing that stopped me when I saw the post initially. That's a lot of beautiful supplies. Shipping would probably cost about the same for me as making the 1300+ mile trek, and back again.
  6. I bought a set of Mystic 10 for exactly that reason. It doesn't make much difference in low wind conditions. You can fly with the 12's, including using a bit of oomph on a standard sail with 12's for flying indoors. The big thing I noticed is the 10's are more bendy. It isn't good or bad, just different. On the one hand it makes flight more squishy as it absorbs the initial strike to the line. This means you'll get a gradual buildup rather than a quick start since the initial energy is absorbed in the bend. It also gives the kite a bent look in stronger winds while your neighbor's kite will be more straight. They have a faster recoil that is more difficult to leverage with multiple fast actions. On the other, it enables a kind of one-two punch if you leverage the recoil. You get a delayed initial action then a surge on the recoil, and you can time your own second input to coincide with the recoil. While it does give a slower start, a double-tap or triple-tap with the recoil can act like a turbo button. Pop-pop-pop with great timing can get you moving rapidly in any direction even in dead air if you strike on the recoil. However, if you miss the recoil the energy will be absorbed and ignored.
  7. There are several brands of Spectra / Dyneema kite line out there. While there are some differences between the brands like Laser Pro Gold, Shanti Warp Speed, Shanti Skybond, Level One Matrix, all of these kite lines are good. You can find them wherever you get your kites. If the store is selling your Benson, they will also know what line to use. Avoid line material like nylon, polyester, cotton, dacron, or Kevlar. Also avoid fishing line. While they can work for single line kites, they are problematic for sport kites.
  8. I can speak on half of that... Line lengths are a personal feeling and flying conditions, you could choose basically anything from 2 meters (a length used for indoor flying typically) to 40 meters. Some common lengths are 15 meters, 20 meters, 25 meters, etc. In lighter wind shorter lines are more common. You won't be doing much team flying on a Hypnotist, but if you do team stuff 25 m is fairly common and 40 m slightly less common for team dual line flying, but ultimately it is whatever lengths people have between them. Whatever kite store you go to can cut them to length, or you can buy spools of bulk line and cut them yourself. As for were to find a mostly white Benson kite in or near France, that's going to take someone from a different part of the globe than me.
  9. Another day, another practice. Trying to add a stall at the top as well makes it look less like it's bobbing out of water, but makes it even that much more tiring. Stalls at the top and the bottom need a tug on each for the power/depower/power/depower cycle. Turning clockwise is slightly harder than turning counterclockwise. Also I noticed I was powering with alternating arms, more power on the bottom when climbing, more power on the top when powering downward. It may be just because I'm focusing the practice on this high-energy move, but I'm only able to go around 20 minutes rather than the 45+ I could maintain before. That might be why I only see people doing one or two rounds of them rather than practice. Or it might just be the nature of practice is difficult. Oh well. Thoughts from the crowd? What areas do you see for improvement?
  10. New Tech is still running, they are my local shop. Kites are a smaller part of their shop, they love kites but stay in business by selling assorted sporting goods. I don't think they do much with their website, they aren't much of a web company. If they aren't replying, call them directly. (512) 250-9454 is the main store number, rather than the kites in the back.
  11. Same reply I gave you on Reddit. 😀 It really is a hard thing to recommend as there are many wind conditions plus your own skills and style. If possible make the drive to try other people's kites. You can quickly find out how you like soft vs firm, forgiving vs precise, noisy vs quiet, and other differences. Otherwise there's a bunch of options, all good but up to personal taste. Like clothes you ultimately want a variety for all conditions and for a range of moods.
  12. Another day another practice. Feeling my way through what I feel like I want to see, I think I've got something that gives a little sharper corners on the bottom. This may be even less efficient, plus it kills forward momentum, but I think it looks nicer. (Toward the end of the clip I'm getting the corners more consistently.) I'm still not happy with it, but at least it's got corners now.
  13. Sounds like both needed more wind. Try again on a stronger day and compare experiences.
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