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  1. FrostyDogs

    Getting Going

    SegelFlieger Thanks for the info. Had that idea yesterday when working with lines to stretch then with a light weight. So lines take a set.
  2. FrostyDogs

    Getting Going

    Yep from about 8 to 11 clock it pulls like CRAZY but right over head it just sits there. Working left and right up high not bad at but get close to ground and going left to right ya better run or let go. If had a buggie with skates on it on lake would be tons of fun this winter.
  3. FrostyDogs

    Getting Going

    Ya 1st time up with the 5 had brakes on 4th knot and now have it moved up to 1st knot I only fly it right now in like 10 mph winds or under. It wants to fold up in two in low wind and not fill the air channels. YES it truly is big kite but in lower winds great fun need to pick up like a 2.6 think that would work great. Have a small 1.3 from HQ that got a few moths back in strong winds thing is like a dart left right great fun and not like your going to break anything on it like on a frame kite. Trying to post a pic but it not letting me.
  4. FrostyDogs

    Getting Going

    WOW 8M that must pull like a Train !!
  5. FrostyDogs

    Getting Going

    Been good nock on wood. LOL and your profile pic what you flying a REV with big handles LOL
  6. FrostyDogs

    Getting Going

    Yep find it interesting that 1/2 inch in 65 feet can make that much diff but it sure does. Think from now will just do the check then fly.
  7. FrostyDogs

    Getting Going

    Got a SkyDog 5.0 also wind is picking up some almost scared to fly it now WOW it pulls
  8. FrostyDogs

    Getting Going

    Thanks riffclown just took the lines and put screw driver in ground and walked them out 10 times to make them lay nice and flat... Then found out that top left line now is like 2 inch longer it must of stretched out Thursday in the high wind day. Just went for a fly and now on launch it goes almost straight up still some dog wag to the right. Thinking of making a plywood test stand have kite lay up on it and then goto end of handles and just see what the deal is. Iam very lucky got to rent the farmers field so just have to grab kite and cross gravel road and FLY on top of 40 acre field. makatakam my location is just north of Cedar Rapids Iowa about 30 miles keep me posted if there is something by the river so it be half way drive would be cool. THANK YOU BOTH FOR THE HELP !!
  9. FrostyDogs

    Getting Going

    Thanks will look them over again it is wild how just one inch diff in them makes huge diff.
  10. FrostyDogs

    Getting Going

    Hi, just starting off with kites and picked up a REV EXP and three days ago had so much wind had to put kite away. Or was going to break it. And now the weekend is here and we have 0 nada ZIP not a gust of wind LOOL. Have downloaded all videos and want to fly but just not going to happen this weekend. Can see ya need a few kites one for 0 wind and one for 15 or more wind. What is game plan in summer when winds are low ?? Think my EXP kite the right side always wants to drop and not total sure why playing with string length but it just always has less power with right wing. Have maybe 10 hours total fly time could be just stretching some and the left and right are not same. Time will tell on trying to understand just what the deal is. Thanks for any pointers on why right wing is low on power.
  11. FrostyDogs

    B-Series VTD Package (4/1/17)

    Yahoo Just what Dr. ordered a vented B send it !!