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  1. zuul64


    hi hey would either of you { riffclown or acrop } consider making some kites for other ppl I E me
  2. hello    hey just saw your post on kites for  sale  do you still have the TOTL Hawaiian , the landyork spider  and the little yellow  quads i dont see a  pic of the yellow . can you tell me if it the same size as a b2 . if  so  what would you be willing to talke for all 3   ty 

    zuul 64 

    1. mystainedskin


      Kites are returning to owner. I will relay your interest too them.

      No Hawaiian was ever listed.

      Small kites are different from b2 it rev 2.

  3. zuul64

    Kaiju by Kite Forge (June 10th, 2018)

    dorts lol its a good thing : }
  4. hi  hey do you still have your zen for sell ?

  5. zuul64

    B-Series MID Package (12/25/17)

    a big GRATS to paraglider : }
  6. zuul64

    B-Series MID Package (12/25/17)

    MY fingers are crossed prayers have been made it will go well in a stack with my b2 and b st of the same colors
  7. hi  john   hey sry  for buggin ya  but can you tell me where i can go in the site to find my member #   thank you  for wonderful site and your time  



    1. John Barresi

      John Barresi

      Not a worry Ed, you came to the right place - your subscriber number is 1460. ;) 

  8. HI do you still have the level one V-Max kites 

    1. Airfx


      Yep... I still do. I actually have three complete kites (two vents and one standard) Also 4 additional sails/rods.