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  1. I just bought an NOS NYM, but unfortunately, the dealer didn't have the original handles, so sent me the 'new' rev handles, with the stone-age leaders (no adjustments). I note also that the metal 'clips' you normally larkshead your leaders to are also gone, in favor of line through the handle, a washer on each end, and a couple of stacked knots on each end (apparently to keep it from shifting in the handle), then a rubber cap, and the end of that line comprises the leader with a single knot. Wanting to install the leaders I got from KL, I noted the end knot you would normally larkshead flying lines to only has aboht 1/8" of loose line (sealed to prevent fraying) after it, and that is considered good enough to hold. Extending this idea back to the handle, I cut off the end acting as the leader a bit over 1/8" past the knot and sealed it, ran the KL leader through the cap, and larksheaded it to the knot at the end of the handle (they have just enough slack to get below the knot), and replaced the cap. This appears to have the leader at the right length, and easily replaceble. So, my question is this: Am I asking for a failure here, or do folks think is is OK? (and if not, what would you do . . . )? - Tim
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