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  1. From the East Coast originally. Did live in NW IN for a bit growing up and got a great silver box kite from a place called, "Go Fly a Kite." Loved it but could never seem to get it to fly well...
  2. Mike, I'm in Springfield, IL. Looks like there is one person by Peoria and only 2 people near St. Louis... Susie
  3. Riff, Thanks for the advice and map. Unfortunately, there aren't any people nearby. It looks as though I could go about 120 miles and find a few (which is worthwhile if there's more than one or two and they're willing to help!) Is there a list of clubs anywhere? Thank you again!
  4. Hello! I am looking for a first dual line kite. I have no experience, but could always get those those old plastic grocery store kites to do loops, etc. I've been looking a bit and I thought that Prism Nexus looked like something that could take me from beginner into entry-level intermediate. After reading on the forums, I'm not so sure. I'm in the Midwest in the USA, so wind can be a problem, but there's lots of open space in which to fly! Looking for thoughts, recommendations, and maybe even someone who has a great used beginner kite for sale! I appreciate any advice and direction you're willing to provide!
  5. Thanks for the welcome! Have always loved kites and am embarking on getting my first dual line. Going to ask for advice. Looking at the Prism Nirvana...
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