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  1. View Advert Some sort of mid sized foil Wanted some sort of mid sized foil, any condition will do. Advertiser mwp Date 07/05/2020 Price Category Kites (Dual Line) Brand Model

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    Wanted some sort of mid sized foil, any condition will do.


  3. I fly skybond mostly. I find it actually stiffer than LPG. LPG seems to soak up sand at the beach and can get completely jammed after a few wraps under these conditions. It has been tough to get a roll of skybond in the past but now they should be available.
  4. WOW this is amazing. Please make a video!
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    Lumokites Vital S UL

    How do you like this one?
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    Flying shots

  7. Hey guys, heading up to the bay this coming week. Please ping me, would love to fly with some dual and quad line fliers.
  8. For Sale, some great Benson kites, by far some of the best workmanship found out there. I would prefer to sell them together but may consider splitting them up. The standard has been flown once on grass and has never been to the beach, it is in excellent like new condition. The vented I usually take out when the wind picks up, it really helps on those heavy days. It does have a little bit of discoloration on the leading edges from a recent trip to the beach, I am sure it will wash out. I am selling as now I go to the beach earlier in the day and do not really need this. I am also building 2 sixth sense kites right now which will take up some funds. When I purchased these from Tim, I ordered 2 extra bridles (as I go through bridles a lot) and an extra lower leading edge, these will be included as well . Thanks!
  9. I think once you move into more performance line sets the weight is more recognizable as the quality control is better. The most standard weights are 50, 90, 150. For the quantum I probably wouldn't go below 90 unless it is a very light day as this kite is pretty heavy. I have a few 50 sets but just stick with skybond 100 and change length depending on wind and flying locations. A good set of lines will really help in improving touch/feel and how connected you are with the kite, especially when learning more advanced tricks down the road.
  10. Yup and I happened to get the second to last, had a kite on order for 3 months and Marianne called one day and asked if I wanted white with black pin-stripping or a black/white sail as they were the last 2 sails they had. Still very thankful that I got one at all even though it has not been flown yet and is awaiting a very special occasion if it ever does get flown.
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    Love this one...
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    Wow thats cool
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